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12-31-2016, 02:54 PM
Portal 2 is a really great game, both a puzzle solver and a dark story line, with wonderful music everyone should try this game.

With community addons, it's still running.

This game, along with other Valve games have had a direct impact on stories of many of the titles we love.



Mac and Win7/vista/xp
I find it odd that while this can still run on newer Macs it is essentially obsolete on the PC.

SPOILERS>>> Don't watch if you don't own the game... it's really worth it to live through these story jewels.


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12-31-2016, 03:10 PM
My Steam Recommendation for Portal 2:

This game represents why gaming can be brilliant. Filled with a story that is full of twists in an full throttle environment that can be mind twisting, with a sense of humor that'll keep you entertained, it pushes the boundaries of what a great game can be. Spectacular environments that are fully engaged throughout the journey you will undoubtedly appreciate the comprehensiveness of Portal 2 and how it will surely endure for decades to come. To call it a puzzle solving game is really to minimize it's greatness as a true journey into another world. Be warned though as my 10 year old felt motion sickness, so strap in and hold on for the unexpected.