View Full Version : I Am Alive - RECOMMENDATION

12-30-2016, 12:53 PM

My first impression, don't get this game. The mechanics make it a frustration to complete levels which are autosaved. So when you don't complete the level using binds that the game says you have to use rather than your own, you're given a few 'retrys' to complete it and if you don't you're actually thrown back to the beginning of the level to try to complete a part at the end. Hence, there have been a few times I've just totally stopped playing, even considering for the first time to try to get my money back. What were they thinking to punish their gaming 'fans' in this way?

It's a 3rd person game except when pointing a gun unlike the impression I got looking at screen shots.

So here's the deal, I'm on the 3rd level confronting 3 thugs, I get one or two killed and the third does me in. I've had to replay this part from the beginning of the level twice now, with about 7 retries as well. Now I have to run though the same areas, collect the same items, watch the same cuts scenes...