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05-26-2008, 11:23 AM

PBBans accepts DEMO's from Server Admins who are streaming PBBans:
Demos are accepted from most games, including CoD 4. Demo catches are only added to the MBi if they were recorded on a server streaming to PBBans at that time. You can view how to submit demo catches here (instructions for submission).

The link on PBBans 'for instructions on how to submit a Demo' is private (streaming game admin) access only.

They accept them because they can cross-reference the Demo with the log data gathered from their streaming PBBans software. If you are a player, we'd advise you to play on a PBBans protected server so that if you do find a cheat, you can demo record them, give that to the server's admin and have them submit it.

If you are a PBBans Server Admin, you can find the instructions for submitting demos here: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/How-to-submit-your-demo-catches-t22663.html

Be sure to check their site for updates to their policy, links or instructions.

DEMO TUTORIALS: To learn how to make a DEMO for your game with our -HH- guide, check out our tutorials HERE (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=78.0)


So, what's the answer? YES

06-13-2008, 04:58 PM
PBBans Master Streaming Index.

The PBBans MSI will show you wish server you should be playing on in regards to using Demos to help catch cheaters. The Demo, along with PBBans Streaming Server Logs on the server you are playing is what they'll need to consider a demo for evidence.

From PBBans home page, you can access their Master Streaming Index for the following games: http://www.pbbans.com/msi.php

Game Streaming Total
Total 4,060 4,687 1
Americas Army: 197 225
BattleField 1942: 6 9
BattleField 2: 457 485
BattleField 2142: 200 211
BattleField Vietnam: 1 3
Call of Duty: 37 38
Call of Duty 2: 151 160
Call of Duty 4: 2,248 2,351
Call of Duty UO: 70 75
Doom 3: 0 0
ET: Quake Wars: 79 80
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate: 1 2
Frontlines FOW: 16 22
MOH: Airborne: 0 1
PREY: 0 0
Quake 3: 10 10
Quake 4: 2 2
R6 RavenShield: 4 4
Rainbow Six Vegas: 0 0
Rainbow Six Vegas 2: 1 2
RTCW:Enemy Territory: 522 538
Rtn To Castle Wolfnstn: 17 17
Soldier of Fortune II: 40 42

The above is a search tool.
What it needs to be is an integral part of all game browsers.