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04-27-2014, 09:34 PM

Rising Storm
Game of the Year Edition


To celebrate the win of PC Gamer's "Multiplayer Game of the Year 2013", we have update Rising Storm to the Game of the Year edition. This already includes all the previous content updates (Island Assault and the Counterattack mapping contest maps) and now adds in the following:

2 transport vehicles for the RO2 factions - Universal Carrier for the Russians and SdKfz-251 halftrack for the Germans
3 existing maps updated for the transports (Arad 2, Barashka and Rakowice
New map - Maggot Hill, featuring Merrill's Marauders at Nhpum Ga, April 1944
New Search & Destroy gameplay mode - a single life game-type in which teams take turns attempting to destroy one of multiple objectives by planting an explosive. A full set of 10 maps configured for this new game mode
3 new community maps now official - Phosphate Plant and Otori Shima featuring US vs Japanese and Myshkova River featuring Russians vs Germans

And don't forget that Rising Storm contains ALL the Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad mulit-player content, for free.

05-03-2014, 02:32 PM
So I bought this, heck it's so cheap, and there's a ton of game play in it with a lot of refined gaming features I wasn't expecting.

First, there's no single player, all multiplayer. And if a server isn't full the server admin has the ability to add bots to keep each server full.

Second, there are lots of maps, set in WWII, there are the American, Russian, German and Japanese campaigns. It's set up sort of like King's Push style of gaming, where you push the enemy back to gain access to further objectives. If you win, the winning team picks a new map, eventually capturing all maps and winning the campaign.

Third, there are some map throw backs to old Medal of Honor Allied Assault maps, but the majority seem like modern maps.

I have to say I like the squad and commander play, the team effort is loosely there if one wants it. And the newer maps are modern in technology using the Unreal engine. There's an easy to use cover system to keep you hidden, overall it's a great working game with an open world feel.

This game is essentially old game technology that has developed into a new modern version, giving gamers the best of the things we expected gaming would develop into and not that experimentation with everything that Modern Warfare did to gaming.

At $5, if that is still available, you better grab this game. It's fun, but I do miss the single player experience.