View Full Version : Battlefield 4, first impressions.

11-05-2013, 04:52 PM
So I picked up Battlefield 4 and am tackling the single player.

While there are some beautiful cut scenes there are some aspects that I'm not thrilled about. Let's see, my first impression is this game feels more like a tweak of the game than a full blown new game. That there are some mechanical things that are different, like being able to hide behind an object and when pressing the zoom key you 'peek' around the object, which is certainly a great new feature. I also like that you can tone down the graphic icons on the game although I still need to play with this setting before I can fully comment on it's success (as seeing icons for objectives and players was really annoying when you're a mile away and they block your view of the enemy that's standing in front of you just yards away).

The single player was pretty easy to get through, even on hardest game mode, and there were a few aspects that reminded me of Crysis, like the new 'spotting the enemy device' or a few scenes, like the dam which is part of Crysis 3, and, some cut scenes. The single player was only a few hours long, unlike FarCry3 which took me a solid 5 days to complete, so these other aspects left me thinking this was more of a technical exercise then one in which we were in for an awesome experience.

There were also a couple of aspects that I didn't care for, like the feeling of being in a straight jacket when in some cut scenes (being able to barely move one's head side to side), and the story itself wasn't fully developed or set up (again you jump into the action from the beginning without any introduction to the characters, scene, etc.). Finally I really want to see more civilians, not a smattering of people here and there, having the rest alluded to with sound tracks.

While this is a brief review, one in which I'm not recommending it or not, it may be the beginning of a larger effort at reviewing a few of the best games out there.

So what do you think of the game so far?

11-11-2013, 02:09 PM
yeah, after hearing a few things and reading a bunch of reviews. Im going to hold off on purchasing BF4 atm. Plus I still have quite a ways to go on BF3.