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12-25-2012, 02:38 PM

Okay I bought this one a little while ago, but got stuck on a glitch that prevented me from finishing the single player. Basically the glitch has to do partly with my video card setup, the driver not being able to be upgraded and the ingame message window recommending me to upgrade. I don't need the recommendation as the graphics are just fine, but the window interrupts the game because for some reason every chapter is like loading the game for the first time.

So after some time I came back to give the Single Player another try. The level of frustration went through the roof, not only with glitches like this but also just stupid ingame cut scenes, not the one's that tell the story as those are rendered really well and convey the plot, I'm talking about the one's that grab you and move you to a location, for instance, to shoot a sniper rifle. And then when shooting the sniper you have to stay in scope unless you're reloading, thus it's very hard to find targets in the time limited allowed. I call this sort of game play 'straight jacket binding.' The game developers don't give you enough credit that you'll find where you're supposed to go and want to force an experience on you. I hate it.

So, in another 'cut scene' you can drive a robot, but only for a very short time that itself ends in another cut scene where your bot dies... annoying to see MG's shooting at you but they can't be killed, and being forced to advanced so you can trigger the kill scene.

But that's not all, how about breaching doors... how annoying to have to select some 'what's supposed to be cool method' that essentially just stops the flow of the game. Or perhaps when you land on a beach and your weapon is forces into a relaxed position until the enemy shoots you (a cut scene) and then you are weapons free, except sometimes that cut scene doesn't work and the only keys that work on your keyboard are WASD.

One good feature I think is the sprint anti-zoom where when you sprint forward it zooms out a little. I'm not sure this is actually good as it's a little disorienting as to the distance things are, but one assumes it'll give you a wider field of view.

So, my single player experience? Well I can't advance the story just because the driver warning window keeps popping up and it resets my progress back at a previous way point. I think they must of had a different developer make the driving scene (which is actually fun). So in summary, this is the first game title I've purchased that I could not finish. What a waste.

I gave this a quick try and couldn't really control the weapons. The maps are relatively small in the Modern Warfare type game, close quarters, full of holes that allow gamers to out-flank you and shoot you in the back or side. The gun sounds and movement seem good, but I also felt I was in a maze a lot of the time.

Oh, and the worst part is the lobby... very over done and hard to navigate. I wish a game just presented all the weapons and attachments at the beginning, in a clear to use way, and allow the gamer to decide which one's he/she wants to try out, instead of earning them. I never really understood this as if you were going to war it's your country that would arm you with the best weapons they could offer. In this way game maps could offer certain crudeness of weapons to everyone equally. It's this layer of earning weapons and skills that allows cheaters to hide themselves as when shot you don't know if they have some sort of special weapon, bullet, armor or whatever that's giving them an advantage you just haven't earned yet. Besides, what's the point of trashing new gamers in MP when one of the main goals is to get as many people as possible to play multiplayer. That's right, don't beat the piss out of new gamers because they just might walk away from the game forever.

Single Player should work but failed mechanically for me, so I give it an overall FAIL. Of all the games I've played never has a single player game not been able to function. If it works for you I suspect it was a pretty good experience as the driving scene was totally fun, but the intro, the 'frozen weapon mode,' the 'breach a door mode,' and a couple of other 'experiences' really sapped some of the fun out of it. The MultiPlayer seems like an average experience, maybe better than the first MOH2010 but, with the original MOHAA, Spearhead and the others as the legacy of MOH I think they have a way to go in making a functional, gamer first, experience.

I also really hate the use of real photographs used in promotions, something MOH is doing now which is also being adopted by MW franchise. Just use stills of the game please.

I know there are HH members playing and enjoying this game, so I'll let them weigh in with what they like about it.

03-15-2017, 10:18 PM
MOH Warfighter - a disappointment. No medal for this one.

Unfortunately, the storyline and characters portrayals turned out to be weaker compared to MOH 2010.
When the Medal of Honor 2010 was really big and good by all means and it had a really powerfull story told in campaign, the multiplayer was special too. This was the first approach this franchise took on the modern day combat and did it right while maintaining the spirit of Medal of Honor.
Medal of Honour Warfighter however...such a blunt, default shooter washed until the true Medal of Honor colors have faded and so uninspiring without any reflection and resemblance to what MoH once was.
The game was developed to compete against the Call of Duty: Black Ops series and that was its only purpose...ever. And it actually followed Cod BO footsteps by loosing "its honor" and everything the MOH title ever stood for, because the last 100% legit Call of Duty game was the Modern Warfare No1.

But did EA learn anything from this? Not at all, because this is exactly how the Battlefield Hardline failed to compete with Counter-Strike some years later.
So here we are MOH Warfighter is not the Medal of Honor; CoD BO 123, Ghosts etc. - not the Call of Duty and BF Hardline is not the Battlefield.
They should really stop copying each other and instead learn from the example of CS, because CS is still the 100% Counter-Strike.

Anyway, how far did you get? I made it to lvl 80 or something. It was a very hard work because the thing is boring and doesn't get a tiny bit better when you reach higher levels.

03-16-2017, 03:02 PM
It sad, I went to view a YouTube movie of the single player and barely remember any of this game, but looked to the right and saw Battlefield Bad Company movie and remember so many scenes from that game.

On multiplayer I never liked the maps. I think this was a choke point issue for me that one could never really move tactically in the game and more often just became fodder at choke points.

Like you said, just a poor copy of a COD game instead of understanding what a combat sim should be like.

03-17-2017, 02:42 PM
It sad, I went to view a YouTube movie of the single player and barely remember any of this game, but looked to the right and saw Battlefield Bad Company movie and remember so many scenes from that game.
Same here.

Choke issue? You mean like in modern CoD games? Oh...what a coincidence...