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12-11-2012, 03:43 PM
So I picked up FarCry3 and the single player is a blast. I'm not sure what makes this a great single player experience over FC2 but Ubisoft certainly got the balance right, between rescuing your friends, taking over territory, ability to navigate a large island quickly with lots to do along the way, it stands as, in my opinion, one of the top single player experiences I've had, along with MW2, BFBC2, BF3, Crysis-1 and a few others.

The game has crashed twice, and I'm 2 days into the game and maybe just 1/3 through the whole map, so there's a lot of game for the money. I do have a couple recommendations: don't change the key bindings, just go with the default to avoid a glitch, and double click on skills and other items you will collect to put them to use (you'll see what I mean when playing). Get used to the map (M) and how to set waypoint so you know what direction to travel.

It's a great story so far, one scene put chills up my spine and another was very moving, and both of those are pleasant surprises for a game.

I'll let you know how the rest goes, and also how the coop mode and multiplayer turns out. Got to get back though, too much to do and too many to rescue! Cheers.

12-13-2012, 09:08 PM
ok, 4 days now and I finished the single player... so that should tell you there's plenty of game play. Even now there's still plenty of quests and other objectives I can still do. What do I think?


This game has brought together a linear story that was powerful, an open world environment that never seemed tedious, great AI imo that gives you plenty of options on how to attack a base including sneaking in, blasting the place or even releasing animals to do some of the work. Besides the main story, which was executed beautifully, so much so that at times I was laughing out loud baby, that it gives me a fully satisfied feeling all over.

The bad? Not really much, maybe the graphics could be better, maybe the interface for getting ammo refills could be more automatic, but I never felt those were too noticable and distracting. In fact, some models were really amazing, check out my steam screen shots. It claims to have nudity but I didn't really see anything except painted breats which I'll qualify as suggestive, and there's some gore you'll have to deal with skinning animals.

Of all the single player games I've tried, this might be my all time favorite. I hope for FarCry4 they just update the textures, make models destructable and add additional detail... they could keep the islands, outposts and everything else just as is and I'd play it again.

I'm looking forward to trying out online CO-OP and MultiPlayer. The intro animation for the CO-OP looks really great.

Oh, I should mention that this game is multi-layered, the main story, lots of quests of a varying types, radio tower's that are themselves puzzles that will give you that vertico feeling, and so on. The fact that this game can have so many layers, yet have a story that is so clear and motivating, even the 2nd level story of freeing these islands of the rift-wrath... and I suppose I could go on. Check it out.

12-17-2012, 09:49 PM
I want to play! will pick it up in January when wallet gets fatter :D

12-18-2012, 01:19 PM
yep it is expensive so fully understandable.

UPDATE for Co-op and Multiplayer.

First everyone should understand that this is a Mature title, that as adults you will put into perspective the violence that is implied and displayed. It is a graphic game with lots of unfortunate language (and I always think that being a little more clever in using choice words is a lot funnier than just saying something foul).

You can play between 2 and 4 people and the game's difficulty adjusts with how many players are on. Co-op is fun and I'm liking it a bit more than Co-op. You game against AI's, trying to achieve certain objectives, and can ramp up your XP points to gain more hardware for your weapons, so it's a great place to start before going into Multiplayer. I don't like that you can't select what coop mission you want to play (unless maybe if you host, not sure), and if the host gamer leaves then there's a delay while the mission is moved to another player (like maybe you). One thing is I like the missions and maps. AI are pretty good, and tbh the whole thing is a little like Left4Dead2 in that there are 4 characters taking care of almost hordes of pirates, later missions against soldiers. When you finnish a mission completely then you advance to the next one, so I'm not sure you can go back to previous missions as I can't find a way to select missions, so the game play might be limited, and, joining a mission in progress don't really give you credit for that mission except in XP, and if you advance well you'll have to replay until you get credit for the previous in-completed mission. So while that sounds like a pain, it's still fun.

As it always seems these days, you, as a noob, will get owned. That's because you have no body armor, terrible weapons, etc. until you gain XP to unlock mods and the like. The maps are pretty great, but are more akin to Modern Warfare post COD4 as they're full of holes that allow people to out-flank you all the time, so you'll pretty much run around getting shot in the back or side. It's still worthy and most will enjoy the game.

The graphics are pretty good, and in MP and COOP you'll think they're great, but in Single Player I know it's been dumbed-down to accommodate console players, the examples of PC only versus the version delivered which accommodates consoles is striking, as distant trees and thickness of foliage has been cut in half. So for gamers like me I can only wish that the game was as lush as Crysis 1, or as was presented during E3's demonstration. I actually don't know why they don't make it like this for PC's as it would only involve turning on certain layers of textures/foliage, so am rather disappointed they didn't make that happen.

OTHER: For kids too?
On a side note, after you've completed the Single Player, there's still lots to do on the 2 islands, and was thinking they missed yet another opportunity to make a game for kids, as it is quite fun to drive around, fly around on hang gliders or your wing suit, or zip around on zip lines. Again, if they removed certain layers, like blood, fighting, language and attack animals they'd have yet a second great title to offer they younger crowd. To put it in perspective, I think there must be at least a hundred unique caves and ancient ruins to explore, as well as small towns, houses, farms, forest, mountain tops, ponds, lakes, and oceans.

This game does have bugs, but I really didn't notice any. Once I accepted the games key binds I had no problem, no driver issues, no PB issues, nothing. This game does connect to a game server even in Single Player, so if it's down there's no MP or Co-op, and in SP it may not keep stats but you can still play.

a couple of images, more on my Steam Profile: GreenBeanHH




Inside one of the caves... there's some talk about the anti-emmersive graphics, yeah I agree, but guess it works for children at 13, but wait, they shouldn't be playing this game because it's definitely 17+ Mature.

12-20-2012, 07:24 PM
lol Im with you there Moreno,

Especially after all this christmas shopping lol.. I'm looking forward to playing it. I truly enjoyed the far cry series so far.

12-24-2012, 04:35 PM
I know, I love and hate this time of year.

12-25-2012, 01:46 AM
Excelent Review GB, I will have to pick this up on steam and check it out, the graphics do look allot like L4D forsure.

08-26-2013, 06:17 PM
Thanks wOOdy. I just stopped back to see what I wrote about this game, I see I covered a lot.

I replayed this game a couple more times, yes 2 more times, haha. You know I think this game must have the best acting of any game I've played. The game itself is great although you will have to run around (wOOdy) ;) but as you're running you're liable to get attacked by a tiger. There are vehicles, and ways to zip around from location to location. Back on topic, the acting is as good as any great movie.

I also really like the story, that you are one person as part of a group of friends, and that you are out there saving their lives and bringing them back, while also helping to liberate two islands. I think this is solid 'real world scenario' motivation to play the game and not completely far fetched. I do think this game could of ended with the islanders celebrating your triumph and, with your girl friend staying by your side (where's the loyalty?). Anyway, has anyone given it a go and how do you think it stacks up to other games?

For me, I'm a BF3, BFBC2 kind of a guy but like the variety a game like Half-Life or now FC3 brings to the table. I know I've also mentioned Crysis 1 (hate the nano-suit and being able to tag targets before the battle begins, tagging in FC3 too btw)...

You know we should find a way for people to rate their fav games in a pyramid form, the best at the top and so forth to put it in perspective.