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08-21-2012, 08:41 AM
Well it is amazing I have been holding out on going to the eye doctor for more than a year now and I finally broke down and went.
As I new my eyes were in real bad shape and the doctor said I should not even be driving.
Well I went in to pick up my glasses yesterday and man cannot believe that my eyes were in that bad, everything seems so clear and crisp now that it is scary I finally realized that I am getting old people and it makes you think were has time has gone.

My advice take a moment every day, sit back and just breathe take it all in realize what you have and that things that bother you or upset you are irrelevant and only take up time from the short lives we have.
Be thankful for all the great things you have and simply breathe and take it in, children, family health that is all that matters everything else is just time wasted.
Ok done preaching….

PS as a side note man I can really see my games now -@@- :), not to menschen the dirt that has built up on my PC time for some cleaning. hehehehehee!!!!

08-22-2012, 08:18 PM
Hehehehe i know the feel. When i first got my glasses it was "mother of hd!!!!"

As for the other part, i fully agree. ENJOY EVERY BEAUTIFUL MOMENT TO THE FULLEST, dont think "what to do when it ends"!