View Full Version : Medal of Honor Warfighter (MOHW) video preview

07-22-2012, 04:11 PM

PreOrder MOHW and get access to BattleField 4 Beta.

What do you think about Warfighter's new multiplayer gameplay?

07-22-2012, 07:13 PM
Looks Good well the preview does

07-24-2012, 11:36 AM
Well I have learned a valuable lesson with BF3 I will not purchase any more games until they have been released for a while, If anything BF3, MW3, and COD has proven that it is all about the money so if they (The game companies) want to make it all about the money I and most players should also do the same..
What I am saying is I paid $59.99 for BF3 BK when it was first released, now you can purchase BF3 Premium with All Five Expansion Packs with all the Weapons unlocked for $49.99.
This for me is like taking the challenges out of the games, allowing you to bypass the hard work and learning and go directly to the perks of the games instead of earning and learning the skill that is needed.

Like I said it is all about the money when you first purchased the game; you paid for the original version of BF3 and once they released the expansion packs it left you with very little choice but to buy the expansion packs if you wanted any chance of playing with skilled players.
Well I have ranted enough I personally will wait till these new games like MOHW and especially BF4 have been released for some time before I spend my money on them.


07-27-2012, 07:51 PM
You've got a solid point wOOdy, wait a little while and get everything. But one thing I think the BF Premium is admitting is that there are way to many options for each class... I'm still winning scopes and add ons that I have no idea where to put them (on which gun) or after a day, that I even have them to use. :)

I am enjoying trying to finish all the assignments, and for each one you finish you do get a new weapon. I also still haven't got some perks for vehicles so I think you still have to earn those, like the TV guided missile which is something I've wanted to try out from the beginning, so it appears that Premium isn't handing over everything... besides I'm a bit bored on the old maps so don't really use anything the premium gave me (if anything).

The thing about MOH series is I see them as a potential 3rd contender which might provide a new type of gaming... but to my eye the multiplayer is looking like a fail with all the icons on the screen and options available. Hard to tell at this time.

Speaking of icons, those pesky triangles above your teammates heads... I hate when starring at an enemy 10 feet away and he has a green (friendly) icon over his head that is in fact your squad mate who's actually a mile away, and then of course, the enemy turns and shoots the heck out of ya :) One of the biggest things on my wish list is that the icons do not show when behind non-penetrating walls and obstacles, and, that the uniforms be more distinguishable between friend and foe. Same goes for objective icons.