View Full Version : F*** internet download sites and surveys

04-05-2012, 06:10 AM
So i finaly get a dota2 cd-key that i have been wanting for several months already, but there is a catch!
In orderto claim it i must download it from Fileice.net a data storage site. When i click download it asks me to do a survey for which i must enter my phone number and fill out a bunch of stuff. I do this, i pay 3.5 euros(did not plan on this they said it is free but w/e il make a sacrifice). Operatio failed they cant let me download. SO NOW I HAVE NO CD-KEY AND NO MONEY!

Ok, now i start thiking the other way, hw do i bypass the damn surveys, i try everything(inspected the html code of whole freeking website to find a download link(didnt find it)). I download a pogram that is suposed to directly dl stuff w/o doing surveys, ppl on youtube seem to like it, i dl the program and it seams legit. When i click it it asks me for a password and gives me a "tiniurl" where to get it. It sends me back to fileice... so now i must do a survey so i can use the program for not doing surveys!!!!???? WHY GOD WHY?

So anyway i try downloading a bunch of other similar programs and passwords and i probably get a virus or something and my display driver is no longer responding.

i fixed everything somehow.

so anyway if anyone can download and send me this i would be very happy


here is a nother one http://fileice.net/download.php?file=r9to