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10-15-2008, 08:56 PM
Internet Surfing Tips: Advice, hints, suggestions, ...
I helped ppl so many times in the past than I decided to send this in case it can help someone here.

Recovering Broken Links

For example, the link you're trying to access is broken :

http://www.linerider.org/tracks/jagged (Just an example as this site has fixed the link).

So in case it's just a missing extension, or a temporary not available or a moved link, try to type what you figure should be the main page url. (ended by.com, .net, .org, .ca, ......)

In this case:


Okay, it's working, cool, so now you're sure the site still on the net. Now you have two choices. Try to find what you want with the main page menu or try to add more extensions. For example, in this case try :


Still working! Aaaaaaah good and now you can see the available choices. Click on yours and watch what is the exact complete url. In that case it was


Faster Surfing

BTW, just by taking a look to all the infos in a link sometimes you can find what you want more easily.

For example, when you have a link with a date, a version #, a lang version, a country, ............ you can try to change these values yourself by what you think fits the best with your needs and maybe you'll find exactly what you want faster than surfing in complicated menus.

A specific example is when you're searching for a user's manual or a driver for a printer or any other elctronic appliances. Most of the time, the model or the name of the appliance is in the url link. So as soon as you find the infos for one of the model you're interested by, you just need to change the model # in the url link by the other model(s) # you want.

Here an example with HP LaserJet :


Just by changing the last numbers (in green) you'll be able to find the printers series you want quickly. Example replace the 4000 by : 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000.





The cool side is occasionnaly you'll be able to find informations no longer available by the main menu. (It happens sometimes when companies stopped giving support for their old models. But curiously sometimes all the infos still available on the net but you have just no way to find it.

Well, well, well...... after reading my post I'm not sure it's so clear but good luck anyway.

Of course it won't allow you to access a restricted site or a site you need to be registered / logged first.

02-17-2009, 04:26 PM
I move this topic into the Tutorial Section as it seems more like a step by step instructions. You can always add a post with links to other topics in the Computer Technology section if you know of other related topics, otherwise I think it's good here.