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10-08-2008, 07:08 PM
sorry i have not had the time to get on ya fourm

i was hit by a car on my motobike on the way to work this has put a big dent in all my projects
naw i have recoverd from all my injeries i have some extra time to help HH with ya movie
so if you could send me some banners and logos you guys use i can start making some movies
for you any footafe you have from any game showing ppl cheting of hacking would be good i have some idears for
some anti hacking movies with a funny twist of corse hear is some of the script i have made for one of the idears
i have if you dont understand the script we can jump on a teamspeak any time and i will explane to you

script as follows

intro music

camera pans down to a close up of a cariture in a video game

voice over says [ are you tired of noob gamers hacking and cheating on your server? ]

camera close up of player in game [ player nods his head]

camera goes to ppl hacking and cheating

camera back to player close up, player says [ but what can i do to stop the hackers ]

voice over says "you could do the normal thing and kick and ban the cheater, but why not go to www.hackhunters.com { link will display on screen } and report the hacker with a Demo & GUID to the hackhunters websight
doing this the hackhunters are building up an arcive of hackers making it easer for server admins to
find hackers and stop them b4 thay enter there servers.

black out

camera goes into a game, some sort of FPS mabe armed assult or b42

camera chasing some spec ops or just 4 players running up tp a nother player that ia standing by himself
the 4 that the camera was chasing one of the calls to the player standing by himself

hackhunters [ where is he? ]

the player standing by himself says [ around here ]

camera chases all 5 ppl around the corner to see another player [ the hacker ] who is hacking something visable so the viewers can see he is hacking

camera back on HH team the leader will tell the other 3 hackhunters to flank him

camera seeing them flank

camera seeing all players in place

camera to HH team leader says over his radio [ open fire ]

camera seeing the hacker getting ownd and then disconecting

camera shoes the hackhunters team walking up to the player at the start standing by himself

then the hackhunters team say somthing like we got his GUID we will add it to the HH arcive be sure to ban him for good
then the single players says thanks hackhunters
then you see the hackhunters team spawn out of game

black out to www.hackhunters.com

let me no what you think sorry for my bad spelling if you dont understand let me know

10-08-2008, 07:54 PM
sounds great, thanks for the additon. I fixed most of the typos and changed IP to GUID which is what we really need. I might change some of the 'what hackhunters does' parts to reflect what we do :)

maybe there's something we can do to render him (the hacker) useless, like show that he's no longer able to play, like running in really slow motion (like you see sometimes when someone has bad lag) and that's how everyone is able to come up to him and 'have a chat at HIS expense'...

maybe if he's in slow motion, every gets to take a wack at him, he dies, then respwns in the same location and then someone else clobbers him :)

after reviewing it more, where the leader says 'flank him'... maybe something like Ghost Busters movie where they shoot him with special weapons that render him in lag's-ville allowing everyone to get their own special type of revenge (cover him in C4, bazooka him from multiple sides, set him on top of an exploding car...). The point to the hacker, that sometimes people do tolerate your cheating, but now you know exactly how they feel.

10-19-2008, 03:08 PM
yea sorry about my bad spelling im not good with words and numbers

back on topic i think i could do what you sead about the guns that hold the hacker in place

this could be done with some effects that i can do i like what you sead about everyone in the server getting there own back on him

arfter thinking about this a bit more,we could make a small seres


a bunch of adds that promote the HH
this could be fun

lets get some stuff on paper so i can start filming
what game are we going to use
who can you provide to help with filming actors

and voice over ppl easy to find real actors that will do the voice over for free
we can aproch student actors that will do the voice over and thay can use it in there

10-19-2008, 05:59 PM
a series would be cool.

getting ppl to help filming might be a challenge... once we produce one or two good films, it might attract more people to get involved. I plan on making an announcement on our XFire when we're ready to start.

I like: The HackHunter Files... sounds cool.

Personally I hope we can use COD4 but other games are good too... depends on who's filming/directing.

10-23-2008, 02:09 AM
ok well just let me no when you wont to start

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