View Full Version : Trolling, does it help AC services or hurt them?

05-23-2008, 01:58 PM
Trolling, does it help AC services or hurt them?

I can imagine that offering Trolling services takes time to process the submission which means less resources for other tasks (like hanging out at HackHunters :P). It also means that an Admin must set up a special secured server directory to protect the Screen Shots. There is also the time to upload the individual SS's and an Admin might just say, "the person left, problem over" and not submit. Finally, there is an extra layer of information the Admin must figure out, that is, do automatic submissions or do them manually.

Have I summarized the above correctly? Let me know if this isn't accurate or if you have any additions.

My point here is maybe AC services should not offer Trolling anymore and just focus their effort on streamlining the process. I realize that by doing so the AC service must provide storage space, but I think that with a universal policy for all AC services in place, that Admins will get better service, will not be confused by the choices, won't have to worry about submissions, will never skip a submission and ultimately, more cheaters will be caught.

Just my thoughts... do you think this would work. Do you know why trolling is offered in the first place... is it to provide an alternative for alternative's sake?

05-23-2008, 05:35 PM
I posed this question to Snoop at ACI (http://www.anticheatinc.net) (AntiCheatInc):

Question: Why is it optional for Admins to do things manually to a secure server? Why not just say "PBSS's are automatic"?, Sometimes I think giving too many options is not making it easy and therefore making it potentially not implemented.

Answer: When your break it down the process is not that complicated. For ACI (and im sure most ACs), once you gain access to the scripts all you need to know how to do is use an FTP and where to find a folder in your game server. After that its a simple upload, fix the settings to your likings and restart your server. Our scripts make it easy as possible for you. And if you still have troubles there are hundreds of people that are willing to help you out on the forums. There actually isnt that many options, the ones that currently are in place give our clients some flexibility to what you want...if you choose not to get confused in it you can just leave what we have set up for you.

A response by me for the sake of this thread:

I'm glad that as Snoop implies that if you leave the settings alone (ACI (http://www.anticheatinc.net)), the PBSS's are automatically uploaded.

I agree that fundamentally it isn't that difficult, but there are steps that 'fundamentally' are not required if it is done automatically.

Steps doing it manually:

1) Gain access to scripts (if you know what you're doing and where they are)
2) Connect w/ FTP (must know password and userID);
3) Search for the correct folder in your Game Server;
4) Upload file;
5) Fix the settings to your liking;
6) Restart your computer;
7) Addition: get help when you need it on the forum (this is a step(s) too.

Ok, that's not impossible to do. Certainly no big deal. Now here's the option to the above:

1) Stream in a way that automatically uploads your PBSS's.

I'm sure it's not this simple. There are probably commands you have to set as well. In fact you probably have to upload the script (once) to set everything into place.

Note: I am obviously not an expert, which is why I've started this tread. By exploring this topic I hope to not only understand the process but offer step by step instructions on what one has to do to get streaming. Fundamentally I do think that offering manual uploads is not in the best interest of the AC community or to a Server Administrator. If I'm wrong, let me know!

I'd be interested in knowing:
1) How many servers Stream Automatic PBSS and how many do it manually?
2) If they do it manually, what percentage of those actually submit PBSS's? (are we letting cheaters go with this method?)
3) Comparing Automatic to Manual, what percentages of PBSS's are received from both?
4) Does doing it manually create a loop-hole which cheats can hide in, especially clans that cheat but act as though they have PB enabled, but obviously, they'll never actually upload any of their cheat screen shots?