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10-03-2008, 10:59 PM
SightJacker... allows one to see and record what the person sees that you are specing.

HaloPC Sightjacker
Omegga let us know that he's created a 'sightjacker' for HaloPC - use it, and you can see what another player in your game sees. He suggests using it to detect aimbotters.

Where to get it:
Note: This utility may not work with version 1.08.616 of Halo CE


HaloPC Sightjacker by Goemitar
Posted By: Omegga <vanhoefm@gmail.com> Date: 8/11/07 2:29 p.m.
I made a working sightjacker for haloPC. I&#39;m also working on an advanced Halo Lobby and a server tool for haloPC. But because many people want a sightjacker for haloPC, I dediced to release my current version. It has some bugs, but it does its job.
We have a new website and will now update it every week.
Visit us here: http://imega.therevisited.com/hse/ (DEAD LINK)

How to use:
You have to press the numbers on a number pad. Using the sight jacker on a laptop, like me, is a little different since they do not have a seperate number pad. I have to press shift scroll lock and then the corresponding keys for it to work.