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05-23-2008, 01:42 PM
Here's the idea:

Say a new Administrator wants to apply to get streaming going into their server. So they go to one AC service, applies and gets streaming... then finds out they should also apply for another service to enhance their protection... and so on and so forth.

What if, and follow me here, they go to say, AON, and fill out a 'Standardized Application' (as accepted by all AntiCheat services) and at the bottom of this application are check boxes that allows the Administrator to forward their application for AON, on to other AC services (for the game they need streaming protection for)?

While the administrator would still have to go through the steps of setting up the streaming tools for each particular service, at least they would only have to go through the application process once, and they would become instantly aware of what else is offered.
Passwords: After checking the radio buttons for which AC streaming services they would like, there could be a place to input separate passwords for each service, if this is required. The password and person's name could be used to set up a forum account if required (which seems like it would be)... automatically.
When each and every AC service receives their particular application, they could then forward an acknowledgement stating that the application was received and is being processed.... and at the same time offer instructions to the Admin on what steps they need to take to complete the process for their particular software.

Finally, with this type of process, there could be a 'Common Review Bboard' which reviews all applications. This board could attest for all AntiCheat services that the application is accepted. This could cut down on the individual efforts AC services have to do and speed up the application process for the Admin.

Like the ideas? Don't like? See a problem and offer a solution? Let us know what you think.

First Idea: Standardized Application;
Second Idea: Common Review Board that verify applicants info to be correct and clean.

05-23-2008, 07:42 PM
I will add various applications from different services to come up with a standard one in this post:

the clan tag or abbreviation
the clan name
in the admin #1 section, click on the magnifying glass and find your Punksbusted forum account
your e-mail address (either your ISP e-mail, or preferably one for your web site, e.g. alias@myclan.com)
enter your e-mail address again... please don't copy and paste - you only copy and paste your errors!
your web site address
choose your game from the list
enter the server IP address and game port (also the query port, if required by the game. More help here: Query Port Help )
If you have more than one server, click the button: "Change numbers of servers" and add them in.
Finally, enter:
the password you wish to use for your PsB account
verify your password by entering it again
Click on Apply.

04-14-2009, 01:28 PM
ACI: AntiCheat Inc.
1) *Game Nickname:
2) Please place a link to your clan's or your personal CoD 4 Tracker Profile here.
3) Why do you want to join ACI?
4) What can you contribute to ACI?
5) *If you have a server Will others have access to the FTP on the server? If yes, please list all who will have access:
6) *Are any of your clan member's current private members at ACI? If yes, please list who they are:
7) *Will you be streaming to us?
8.) *Are you a member at any other AC Communities? If yes, please list them:
9) Will you be dual streaming?
10) *What is your GUID? You can get this here if you do not know it: http://snoop.anticheatinc.com/cod4/
11) What is your server's ip's?
12) Who is your game server provider?:
13) Please list other ACI past or second accounts you have, if any.
14) *Is there anything else you would like us to know?
15) Attach Files Option:

AON: AirDale Ops Network
1)Private Server Admin Application Form

This is the form to apply for Private Server Administrator (PSA) status. PSA grants you several privileges here at AON. A few of thoes privileges are; access to private areas of the forums, access to AON tools, and the support of the entire AON community. Another privilege of being PSA is the ability to vote on new members. Because of this our membership does require a minimum amount of information on an applicant before they cast their vote. This form is meant to gather that minimum amount of information. Please fill out this form with complete and accurate information and if more information is needed you will be contacted.

Note: AON Private Server Admin requires contribution to the community. This is most often satisfied by having a server streaming direct to AON. Without a streaming server (direct to AON), you would require extreme activity in the forums or otherwise contributing to the community. Your current contributions to AON can be explained in the "What do you plan to offer to AON?" box. Without a contribution to the community listed (streaming server direct to AON or other) your application cannot be processed.
2) Clan name (Player name if individual): If you are a member of a Clan then the Clan must be part of the Application.
3) Country you are located in (For support purposes):
4) Clan Website: The full URL to your clans website.
5) Server IP(s): The IP addresses of you gaming server/s. Example:
6) Which Game/s are you involved in? AA, COD4, Both.
7) Server Administrators: Please list all players that are server administrators here. If possible please include their GUID also. Example: 04e15cb36527a83c67db5f33e83a31c4 yapple2[AON] (GUID, Game Name).
8.) Link to Clan Roster: Please include the links to your clan roster from your website, link to your AAO Tracker clan page, and any other roster you have. If you're an individual (meaning not in a clan) then just list your AAO name.
9) GUID's of PSA Applicants:
GUID's of all the people that you wish to have access to the PSA group. You usually want them to be your administrators or very trusted people within your clan and a maximum of 4 may be admitted. Please also include their forum user names. If they have not already registered please have them register. If you would like another member updated to PSA at a later time please just PM Airdale, Yapple, or =ACES=I_pee_freely to request it.
Example: 04e15cb36527a83c67db5f33e83a31c4 yapple2[AON] Yapple2 (GUID, Game Name, Forum Name)
10) Name's of Clan Members(Required) and GUID's (Optional):
Please post a list of the Player names of all of the members of your clan. If you would like to assist us in speeding up the application process you can list all of your members GUIDs. The GUIDs are not required and will have no effect on the application's outcome.
Example: 04e15cb36527a83c67db5f33e83a31c4 yapple2[AON] (GUID, Game Name)
11) What are you looking to get out of your membership?
12) What do you plan to offer to AON?
13) Please be patient, this process will take two weeks from the time the application is removed from your view.

The Cheat Police:
Cheat Police TSA Pre-Application Agreement
Cheat Police Code of Conduct

Before submitting a TSA Application, you must agree to follow our code of conduct. This will ensure a cheat-free game.


You simply agree that, whilst playing any online multiplayer game that you will not cheat. Please realize that being a member of The Cheat Police does not give you the right to "Arrest" Cheaters. By being a member, you are making a statement that you do not condone cheating.


You agree that, whilst playing any online multiplayer game that you will not cheat, and that furthermore, as the leader or representative of your clan, you will not allow your clan members to cheat. If a clan member is reported to us as cheating, and this can subsequently be proven, we will require you to expel that member or risk expulsion of the entire clan or organization for The Cheat Police.

Server Administrators:

You agree that you will monitor your servers and kick any player caught cheating. Furthermore, you will forward all evidence of the player that you banned for cheating to The Cheat Police for review and possible addition to a ban list. Aditionally, where possible, you agree to run anti-cheat software on your server to aid in insuring a level playing field for everyone. You also agree to insure that your anti-cheat software is kept up to date as best as possible.

TSA Application

In order to obtain a TSA Badge with the Cheat Police, you must first submit the Trusted Server Admin application below.


1. You must use some kind of Anti-Cheat.
2. You must provide a valid website and server.
3. You will have two weeks to post your badge on your website's front page. (The link will be sent after submission of your application)
4. If you use PunkBuster, you MUST stream your bans to at least one MBL.
1) Registered Nickname on CP
2) Name of Owner/Clan Name
3) Website of Owner/Clan
4) (Valid) TSA Email Address
5) TSA XFire Contact
6) Name of GameServer
7) IP Address & Port of Gameserver
8.) Location of Server
9) Game Installed on Server
10) Anti-Cheat(s) used on server
11) Do you stream your bans? Yes to PBBans, Yes to PunksBusted, Yes to both, Yes to a MBL not listed, No we don't stream, We don't use PunkBuster.
12) Who else do you stream your bans to? (If Applicable)

Account Application
Application Info
Welcome to the PBBans streaming application. We thank you for your interest in streaming your PB enabled server to us.

If you are seeking for League Admin access please contact a PBBans admin.

To speed up the application process, setup your servers to stream using our Hub Guide before submiting an application. This guide can be found here (http://www.pbbans.com/information.php?page=hubguide) and a PDF version here

When you submit your application our system will make a post in our forums with some of your app info so that admins can post your account info and any troubleshooting tips.

Forum Profile
Please ensure your forum profile is up to date before continuing as the following is auto completed based on it.

The membership application extracts data from your forums profile. You can edit any mistakes here but they will not get saved to your forum profile.

Server IP and Game Type is optional as if accepted you will be able to add your own servers via our Account System. Same applies for multiple servers.

Providing one working server ip and game type can help speed up the process.

Edit Forum Profile
Apply: CONTINUE, X <I agree to the Terms of Service
1) Forum Username
2) Applying for: Streaming Game Admin
3) Clan / Group Tag:
4) Clan / Group Name
5) Website
6) E-Mail Address
7) Server Info: Game:_____________ Server IP: ______ Port: _____
8.) User Application Notes:

just doing these few I think it might be a challenge to find common ground. Some of the applications are simple and pretty straight forward, but others have pre application requirements that they require. I think it can be done but will just have to include extra parts to get all the pre-application stuff out of the way.

more to follow...

04-18-2009, 08:45 AM
I love these 2 ideas. Having this board that does all this processing and then when it has all its info the ACs just have to say yes we will allow him our services or no we wont.

This then leaves the ACs to do what they do. Stop cheats.

Only 1 issue. Getting all the ACs to agree with this idea.

06-25-2009, 03:48 AM
This idea reminds me of a discussion on combining all ACs into one powerful and that wont happen anytime soon.
All ACs have different processing methods,different requirements and different ways of doing things.

06-25-2009, 10:42 AM
Yes but we can basically give them everything. GUID, when searched against the ACs databases it came up with, their name, how long have they been playing on PB-enabled servers, etc. Then they can look at what they want. Basically having it as a place that gathers and organizes the info for them.

06-25-2009, 12:01 PM
This idea reminds me of a discussion on combining all ACs into one powerful and that wont happen anytime soon.
All ACs have different processing methods,different requirements and different ways of doing things.

Well that is not what this idea is about... in fact I don't think we've started a thread on "combining all AC's into one powerful...: because we know and understand that having multiple and different approaches is actually the best way of catching cheaters. this idea is to help get more servers streaming to more ACO's faster... it's that simple.

Despite the simple concept it's the different personalities and ego's that would make this difficult to come to reality, unless there was a real convention of sorts where people could meet other ACO groups face to face. It's a solid idea with a simple and positive goal which benefits all ACO's in that it gains them more recognition and customers. Like getting a universal building code for all states, it will eventually happen, it just takes years, the will and the public to force change. :)