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09-20-2008, 06:24 PM
So the questions is: Is having fewer servers for the most popular games good for limiting cheaters?

Here's the premise, if you are a cheater and want to try out your new tools, just go to an overseas server and enjoy them until your banned, assuming you'd never return to that server anyway so it doesn't matter.

Option 1:
First, servers could and should limit the ping of players... over 110 ping is too high for good game play anyway. Unfortunately this would mean that many good people wouldn't be able to play on the same servers... I for one have many friends overseas but it might be a sacrifice we have to make. I would say even do this on a limited bases... one week low pings, one week allow higher pings, to make it a real issue for cheaters considering cheating, their choice of servers would be limited.

Option 2:
In Call of Duty 4 there are litterally thousands of servers, every clan forking up the money to have a server, which hardly ever gets used and typically sits idle, while a few servers become the highest ranked servers and soak up all the players. So why not have a cooperative share of a server, that is have two different clans administer a server (assuming they could agree on how to run it), especially if the rank of the server is at the bottom, and your own clan members hardly use it.

I know this would take a hugh amount of cooperation, but maybe there could be a set of Rules written for COOP Servers and both clans could agree to them therefore limiting any conflict. The purpose would be to limit how many servers are on the market, making it a real consideration for those who might cheat, that if they do so they might find themselves with very limited choices of where to play.

The upside of COOP Servers, besides the financial one, is that clans would have a more viable server with honest gamers playing from both clans, helping them actually establish their own rank... and if it's successful for them they could break off and get their own server. To be honest, there could be multiple clans using a single server. I suspect if your own server is ranked 4000 or greater, you'd be a perfect candidate for a program like this.... that's approximately 8000 COD4 servers who could combine forces.

The final upside is... if you're paying less for a COD4 server, then you could afford to COOP with other game titles therefore offering your clan additional games to play.

The Rules would have to be clear and fair for both Clans...

I know this is a long shot, but what do you think...

09-23-2008, 03:44 PM
Hey Bean,

Like the idea, I tried it twice with 2 different clans, you can see that we are doing something right with our servers full nearly all the time. But twice we were stung, by trusting dishonest clans, took their servers onbaord, we help setup there servers better, got our players to help fill there servers. One of them we caught hacking, he taught because we made him an admin he could do what he wanted, unbelieveable! The other tried to take over our clan, looking for donations for this own servers, getting our members to join his clan. Its a tough call, you need to have a little bit of luck i would say in finding the right coop :D

I do like the ping suggestion, but we have members all over the world, so it would limit us to europe, so would not be fair on our aussies, canadians, us people, etc..

We do police our servers a lot, I dont even get a game nowadays :(

Thats my input, i hope it does not sound negitive, just my expierence ;)



09-23-2008, 06:42 PM
It can get messy.

In an ideal world where you can trust people, it would work.

On the other hand I see a lot of good ppl wanting to put up a server.... cost, trouble and all, only to have it sit there empty draining resources. The situation is too bad but I'm glad you posted as 'in the real world' it not a likely option unless there was a real penalty if the relationship was abused someone.

09-23-2008, 10:53 PM
Its a full time job running servers, you just have to hang in there and put in the time to look to try and fill the server, it does pay off, i could write a book now :)