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05-20-2008, 11:50 AM
Bunny Hopping, is sometimes appropriate in 'futuristic' games, sometimes in re-creation or historical games, it is not. In many realistic games like Call of Duty 4, it is seen as an unfair tactic which may lead to a kickable/bannable offense. On the other hand, if the game becomes old and thus less realistic, many servers will allow it to enhance the fun factor. Know what game you're playing, is it a new game and would seeing someone hopping around look ridiculous (hence, not realistic given the character of the game), and/or is it generally frowned upon (check out other servers, do you see messages warning players 'not to hop'.

Generally speaking, if the game is new, don't employ it, instead enjoy the experience of being 'in the moment' and let others enjoy it to (i.e., spare them the sight of you hopping around like a bunny, lol).

One last note, many game engines have enhanced the 'bunny hopping' experience and for good reason, these games are more exciting and fun when bunny hopping is employed. Other game developers are trying to fix their game engines so that 'bunny hopping' can not be employed. Knowing which is the case will be a good guide to knowing how one should behave.

Good luck out there and have fun, which ever hopping attitude is the case. Here's Wikipedia's definition which was brought to my attention from the great clan at RSF Squad (http://www.rsfsquad.org/nuke3/html/index.php) (their thread (http://www.rsfsquad.org/nuke3/html/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=14))

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunny_hopping


The term is most used in first-person shooters to refer to act of pressing the jump key repeatedly while holding a movement key to move faster and/or to evade attacks more effectively. By moving in a zigzag pattern while bunny hopping, the player becomes an even more difficult target. Ranged attackers trying to hit a bunny hopping player must lead their target and compensate their aim both horizontally and vertically. While a zigzag movement pattern may not be the fastest way to get from one point to another (though in earlier, simpler games, it is—see straferunning), players may feel that the protection provided by bunny hopping more than compensates for this disadvantage. Bunny hopping may also provide better movement control while in mid-air, especially after performing a trick jump. In several games, bunny hopping actually is the fastest way to move around, and increases the height and length of jumps, thereby enabling the trick jump to be performed.


Traditional bunny hopping is possible in Tribes, QuakeWorld, Quake II, Quake III Arena, Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, War§ow, Enemy Territory Fortress, Kingpin: Life of Crime, Dystopia (computer game), Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 2. The execution, effectiveness, and limits of bunny hopping varies across different game engines and mods. For example, in Team Fortress Classic, the way to begin the jumps is much different from Quake series: it begins by strafing, then aiming in the strafe direction, then jumping and so on. In Thief: The Dark Project, bunny hopping can be used to reach incredible speeds as the player's speed increases with each consecutive hop, enabling them to out-pace even the fastest of enemies, or kill themselves spectacularly, depending on whether they collide with anything. As a result, the bunny hopping bug was removed in later Dark engine titles. In Starsiege: Tribes bunny hopping is remarkably effective at generating speed when performed on a downward slope due to an unintended effect of the game's physics model; the practice, known as "skiing" in the Tribes series, was so popular that the two sequels officially incorporated skiing as a simple held keypress and a part of basic A.I. movement.

Use in tactical shooters

In the tactical shooter sub-genre, the lack of realism introduced by this ability is often compensated for by limiting the effectiveness of consecutive jumps or by the introduction of limited stamina. For example, in America's Army, every jump consumes a large portion of CEM (in comparison to sprinting, which consumes it at a slower pace), and lower CEM results in slower, smaller jumps, and less accuracy. CEM is often confused with stamina in America's Army, though there is no actual stamina in the game (you don't run faster with full CEM than with low CEM). Thus bunny hopping can still be seen in those games, but it is much less effective and therefore, less common. Another way of limiting this ability is to slow down movement speed after landing. This technique is used in later versions of Counter-Strike. It has also been implemented in Team Fortress Classic, so that touching the ground while the player's speed is 170% or more of the normal speed, the player's speed will be set to the normal maximum run speed. In Armed Assault, the jump feature has been entirely removed leading to more realistic gameplay.
Bunny hopping in Counter-Strike is still recognized to be a very useful skill once the exact timing of the jump button is mastered -- i.e. harder to master compared to other games. It allows the player to become a very difficult target to hit from the enemy stand point (besides, the AI always target the head, so this can reduce damage). By jumping in the zig zag motion, the player can cut corners extremely fast also giving an advantage of surprise over the enemy. It can also be used to easily reach places usually not easily reachable by normal jumping such as some boxes in the bombsites of de_inferno (at b bomb site).[citation needed] [See 'External Links' for guide]

Bunnyhopping in Quake engine games

Quakeworld, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic utilise nearly the same engine, so the techniques used to perform bunnyhopping in these games are nearly identical, Quakeworld has pogo stick jumping, while in the other games you have to jump right as you hit the ground. An acceleration is experienced in-air while uniformly turning in the same direction as the player is strafing. The act of timing your jumps to the exact moment when you hit the ground prevents the player from decelerating to normal walking speed. The strafing should also be timed in a particular way to the jumping for greatest effect. Using this technique unbroken, allows a player to gradually accelerate to speeds many times the typical running speed.
The speed at which one can bunnyhop is effectively limited by the turning radius, if too sharp a turn is made at high speed, speed is lost. In the old versions[when?] of Counter-Strike, the degree to which a player can make sharp turns while bunnyhopping without losing speed is regulated by the sv_airaccelerate server value. This value could be set to 0 to disable bunnyhopping, and had a maximum effective value of 20.
In Counter-Strike 1.6 however, the bunny hopping is even harder than ever. People[who?] use scripts sometimes to bunnyhop[citation needed], and also hacks[citation needed].
As a result of the incredible speed bonuses achieved by a competent CounterStrike bunnyhopper and the very significant advantage it provides, many players[who?] consider the technique to be a cheat. Opponents of bunnyhopping claim it is an exploit unintended by the developers and supporters claim that it is simply a clever way to use the game's physics. In its day many Counter-Strike demos were recorded to demonstrate its incredible effectiveness in the form of trick jumps. Huge jumps could be performed, such as from building to building on cs assault (sometimes sv_airaccelerate would have to be modified to perform such jumps, to allow higher speeds to be attained with smaller turning radii)[2].
Bunnyhopping/strafejumping in Quake III Arena, Quakeworld (and Jedi Knight 2 - which uses the Q3A engine), is very effective.

Bunnyhopping in the Battlefield Series

There are several variations of bunny hopping depending on the game.
The exact purpose and benefits have evolved as EA has released patches and fixes for this tactic. Before a patch which disabled players being able to jump in a zig zag motion while also firing their weapon, combining this with the far range a player could throw a C4 and the splash damage of the grenade launcher, the tactic gave huge advantages to the Special Forces and Assault classes. It was eventually seen to as an unfair tactic and also a kickable/bannable offense on servers depending on the owners of the servers preference. Players could jump round a corner, come across an enemy and begin to jump in a random direction while firing, some people viewed this as "unsporting" and "noobery", along with bunny hopping and firing the weapon people would also prone in "mid air" which became to be known as dolphin diving. Dolphin Diving gave the Light Machine Gun using Support class a huge advantage, as the Support whose weapon is very powerful but only if he is stationary would be able to move across the map at normal speeds with the high accuracy he would have had if he remained prone and stationary. This also caused a large balancing issue.
Due to the huge balancing issues the tactics caused EA has made attempts to reduce the use of this in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. With each jump a portion of your sprint stamina is reduced and a player is not able to fire while hopping. However, it still remains a very effective way to evade fire although, very unrealistic. Jumping provides no purpose except to avoid enemy fire, hence bunny hopping. Jumping is to be used to move over a wall or object. Hopping specifically to evade oncoming fire is a kickable/bannable offense on some servers. However hindering a players movement actually, is not an acceptable "In-House" rule included in the "Rules of Engagement" for BattleField therefore server owners risk losing their server subscription.

Bunnyhopping/Crouch-leaning in Soldier of Fortune 2

Although not considered as true bunnyhopping by many people, this technique, only possible due to the unique crouch-lean movement available in SOF2, is a mid-level technique specifically used by SOF2 players to take advantage of the hit box issues present with some weapons within the game (mp5, USAS, M590). These weapons, unlike the other weapons in the game calculate damage based on the location of a hit box, rather than the actual body, meaning that the actual target would not correctly match the visible model during leaning. By combining the traditional zig-zag pattern of bunnyhopping with a period of crouch-leaning after each jump, it was thus possible to combine this visual confusion with the drastic vertical and horizontal movements of bunnyhopping to greatly increase the difficulty involved in hitting a player. While with the increased vertical and horizontal changes possible with crouch-lean, this movement was also effective against the games other weapons, the effects were noticeably less disorienting. While attempts to fix this issue were attempted by several mods (most noticeably OSP), these fixes never smoothly solved the issue within the game, and no official fix was ever forthcoming from the games producer, Ravensoft.

One last note for games where hopping is frowned on:

A single jump is not acting like a bunny 'hopping' around.
There are many reasons to jump when someone shoots at you:
They frightened you (and u jumped-lol),
You got stuck on part of the model and you were trying to free yourself,
You were hitting all the keys on your keyboard (panic),
It was just a knee-jerk reaction, etc.
You were actually jumping up on something when the person started shooting.

But, if when shot at, you jump every time, over the long term and adding each jump together... you're a bunny hopper.
Or, if you always jump to turn a corner, as mentioned.... over the long term and adding each jump together... you're a bunny hopper. Again, note the genre and context of the game you're playing to know what's truly acceptable and if it's generally not, don't spoil the game for others.

Lil B_F
08-05-2008, 03:58 PM
I have noticed in team fortress there is a character that you can play that encourages bunny hopping. It is hell annoying and looks stupid but is great for avoiding attacks I guess. Makes you wonder since it annoys people why a game company would deliberately put it into one of their multiplayer games????

Can we add a Team fortress 2 thread??? Is a awesome game that i really enjoy playing.


08-05-2008, 04:12 PM
Yep, some game engines encourage it, like the Quake Engine. Ultimately it is probably up to the specific server how they wish to handle jump strafing, if the don't want it they need to post a message to that effect.

I personally like the idea that the games echo in some way a real situation and that I have to use my noodle to get out of the circumstance as if I was really there. Well if I 'was' there, I wouldn't be able to jump strafe and if I tried it I'd be dead. Still some games over enjoyment is based on having this ability... like in Quake they also have those jumper thing-a-ma-jiggs that send you flying across a map... in this case it is part of the spirit of the game.

I couldn't comment on TF2 as I don't have it, but I know it's graphics is kind of cartoony and is filled with different characters. I have a feeling it's a game built for fun.
We can have a TF2 thread if there is anything posted on the subject, so get started! We need tips, more servers/clans represented, etc.

08-09-2008, 05:56 AM
Interesting post, bean.

You are part right; bunnyhopping is indeed very annoying, and I actually never do it, unless I get scared lol :D

But, for the 'new players' among us, they do not know yet how the game works and could start bunnyhopping. More experienced players mostly don't do this, although I experienced some players that did. I just sprayed the hell out of them :) .

08-09-2008, 02:32 PM
when someone does it when they 'jump out from around a corner' it always reminds me of someone playing 'peek-a-boo' which always makes me laugh. could you imagine ppl doing it on a real battle field? lol. might actually make the enemy stop shooting just to try and figure out what's going on, for a second.

in real life the jumper would always die, but in the game it gives the person jumping a 'lag' advantage as well as making their kill zone higher off the ground, all making it harder to hit them. that makes it fall under the category of a glitch for some games. i used to play on a server where everyone did it and got pretty skilled at killing whoever tried it on me.

08-27-2008, 07:31 PM
I never knew what bunny hopping was until i played bf2,and got kicked from a few servers for it. I let people do it in my servers i don't mind it. I think its a part of the game. Besides wouldn't you be jumping like a madman if a missile was comming at you? ;D Like greenbean said it is up to the server admins to make it known if they don't want it on there servers

08-31-2008, 04:17 AM
I admit I do it, and so do some clanmates. It is a tactic that has evolved over the years of FPS gaming.

04-24-2009, 10:31 PM

now with COD4 we see more bunnyhoppers and ground divers....

04-25-2009, 09:48 AM
There are only a few times where I'll bunny hop. One being :If I'm being shot at by a sniper in BF2142. No way am I gonna be able to take him on/find him , so I just hop around to even the odds a bit. Also, when knife fighting, I'm a fan of the "slash and dash" method. Swing wildly, jump, spin, crouch and turn all while swinging wildly, hoping you hit them before they get you. LOL

04-25-2009, 01:24 PM
now thats funny rite there Tinga, we too have a member that tends to lose control/freaks out when under attack....funny chit watchin him...

04-25-2009, 02:06 PM
lol, it can be funny to watch...

I heard a new term called Dolphin Diving the other day. ;D

I can be guilty of that one, but all things considered it seems a reasonable response to being shot at, that is to seek cover.

The issue, if you find strafe jumping an issue versus an asset, is that the game engine allows one to jump sideways much further than is possible in reality all while retaining control of your aim.
I say this one person who really had quite a technique going where he would crouch, twist, jump and rotate over and over, especially at corners.

04-25-2009, 03:13 PM
yes sir Gb,
I spend most my time in game watchin folks, and laffin my butt off. its all fer FUN.
also have to give me members abit of a ball bustin, while in ts.
I too have heard the term Dolphin Diving, Dirt Dwellers...
Also get a kick outta the TeaBaggers in COD4 (last stand & marty)

we also try to curb the ones usin the game engine deal.

04-26-2009, 11:09 PM
I agree with Tinga. If I am being shot at by a sniper in 2142, I will bunny hop, but that's about the only time! As for knifing, I don't even bother trying, I suck horribly with the knife. The person can have their back to me, not know I am there and I still miss with the knife lol.

04-30-2009, 05:24 AM
Well I don't tend to bunnyhop as I find it irritating, but I will certainly make a lot of moves ;D

04-30-2009, 12:50 PM
moving is certainly a good way to survive. It's all about lag. I believe I made a comment in 'game improvements' and how those who move around shouldn't have an advantage over those who sit stationary, as in real life a person who only needs to point a weapon would have an advantage over someone who is moving erratically. But then again, would that make a fun game to play? For me, it would be great to have both types of servers to play on... one that is realistic in this way and the other type we are all used to.

05-01-2009, 10:50 AM
I don't know if this is in other games, but in MOHAA we have 2 sorts of servers.

Realism; 'real' gameplay, where you shoot some bullets through one's head and he dies. This is on 80 % of the servers.
Default; this is the gamestyle where you'll have to shoot a full clip in one's head if you want him to die ;)

Both gameplays are cool to play, but I prefer realism as well.

05-02-2009, 12:20 AM
I found a way to stop bunny hopping in COD2. Turn gravity to 9999999. Its halrious watching people jump and move across the map and get POed since they were trying to kill the other guy.