09-18-2008, 02:31 PM
Here's a place for you to post your ideas on making better games for the future. They can be small specific ideas or grand concepts, it's up to you.

Use these headers (or one of your own) to help us categorize your idea:










You can influence what games are like in the future by posting here... being the age I am I have in fact influenced many real built things in my life by just mentioning the idea. For me, these improvements will mean better game play for us all in the future.

An example of what I mean: New York City held a competition of ideas to improve the city, and I proposed a way to make the water in a very smelly canal become cleaner by using the tidal flow to bring water into the head of the canal and allowing it to naturally flush the water out. I didn't win anything, but a year later NYC had rediscovered a pipe system that was broken that did this same thing, and by removing a hammer that jammed the pumping system was able to restore the water flow as intended by early 20th century engineers... the canal now sports fish, crabs, ducks and the like including a canoe launch... besides the taxes generated from improved real estate in the area (the real motive for NYC in doing something as I had pointed out in my proposal). :)

You never know what influence you'll have, so go ahead and post what bothers you and offer a solution.

09-18-2008, 03:18 PM
Okay, I'll start... adding more to this post as I remember them:


Recoil: all weapons should have recoil appropriate to the weapon... this recoil should mean that the weapon isn't neccessarily aligned with the target every time a bullet leaves the barrel. It baffles me that some weapons in COD4 have no recoil turning the game into an arcade type game. Further more, once a weapon is fired, the user should have to make some effort to align the target again and not be able to intermittent fire accurately until they run out of bullets.

Grenades. There should not be indicators for nades (especially like the ones in Crysis which are illuminated in a bright color for both teams) but instead sound indicators (in stereo) that allow you to judge their distance and direction. The ability to cook a nade is good and should always be part of a users option, but if I'm not mistaken, the fuse time sometimes fluctuates putting those who wish to cook grenades in peril.

Steady Aim: I think this should be based on whether a weapon is 'resting' on something, as well as breathing. That is, if laying down, the weapon is more steady than when next to a wall, than when standing up or moving. Breathing is also a factor but I think COD4 'steady aim' perk takes this too far.

Radar: In COD4, a team that aquires Radar (UAV) can totally dominate the other team as all one needs to do is look at the radar to see where the enemy is... tossing nades into the locations or running and gunning the spots. Radar should work like real Recon, that is if someone on your team actually sees someone, and only for the length of time they see someone, a blip appears on the radar... for both teams. This way a member of one team could actually play the role of Recon, by positioning themselves so that their team gets the intelligence to help defeat the enemy.

Martyrdom, Gernade Launchers, Last Stand and Helios in COD4. While the airstrike is cool as it is limited in time, the heli is rediculus in it's ability to find you through walls and shoot at multiple targets at the same time. Many servers are making it very easy to 'kill' these heli's. Martydom and Last Stand are lame and should only be allowed if a player is truely not getting any kills any other way... as they are not realistic. The noob tube should be limited to a single round as some players get ahold of two launchers w/ extra ammo (I think I saw this once).

Martyrdom should be when someone straps explosives to them selves to try and take out the enemy, exposing themselves to counter measures that would make them blow up before reaching their goal... now that could be fun.

Scoped vs. No Scope Shots: For some reason on some games, like COD4, bullets have a much greater spread when they are fired w/o a scope as tested standing next to a wall. Obviously every bullet from a sniper rifle would exit the barrel the same way whether scoped or not, so this seems to be in error and shouldn't be incorporated in future games.

C4: C4 has been a fun addition, but loose the blinking red light (COD4) and give players 4 packs as it can be a hard weapon to use effectively. Allowing the enemy to 'blow the user up if trying to place C4' by shooting it is good. In COD4 it acts as a sticky bomb, this is good too as you can place it on walls, ceilings and vehicles from a distance.

Bazooka's, RPG's and the like: COD4's smoke trail and wavy path of the rocket are great, the fact that the round can't penetrate a wall, even a thin wall, isn't. In Crysis, the laser guided missile is awesome as you can actually change the direction of the rocket.

Choose your own weapon, keeping teams balanced: Call of Duty 4 gets it basically right in that you have 5 weapons slots you can customize with any weapon and select one based on the map you are about to play. This means that both sides are equally balanced. The only down side to COD4 is when you have to build up your rank in order to access all weapons, but this is a one time effort (assuming you don't cheat to gain experience points). Crysis kind of missed in that you earn credits to buy weapons for each game and some players would quickly purchase speciality weapons which would always allow them to dominate every game.... while others could also choose those weapons, it would mean for a very boring experience. Earlier games would give you weapons based on which side you were on leading to some unbalanced game play.


Auto-Balance, based on Skill Level & Kill/Death ratio of overall team performance. Typically the person who joins a game last is the one who finds themselves bouncing from one team to another, further making their acclimation to the pace of the game more difficult. This also seems to be the case for whoever has the lowest score. I'd suggest balancing how many players are on each side with a statistical balance based on score, so that the person moved to the other team could be anyone and is only a function of the ratio of kills/deaths. This means if everyone is a low scorer except one person who has a really high score, then the high scoring person would switch teams for while... the result is that no team will feel that they are being dominated throughout the entire game.

Shaky Camera when Running or walking. You've probably noticed that when you move your head left and right it is very hard to see. So what many do is not move the mouse back and forth. The problem is when running there is no effect on one's ability to see clearly as long as you don't move your mouse left/right as there is not a lag factor... but the truth of a realistic experience is that one would have a harder time picking out targets while running than while staying still. There should be some movement of the 'camera' based on one's on movements.... it should be based on what one would experience and not based on the characteristics of the mouse/computer.

Ability to roll. If laying down and being attacked, one should be able to roll left or right to cover. Other movements, like 'hit the deck' from a running position or summersault roll would be great.

Pre-Fire Movement: All weapons should move around before shooting as seen from the user and should affect ones aim... Why? some weapons in COD4 are rigid without any sway while others do move making shooting with the moving weapons harder... it is more realistic and makes for more challenging and immersive game play. The worst example of this is the pistol, able to make shots at 200+ yards with single shot kills when everyone knows a pistol is only good a close range and that's because rifles can bump into walls, etc. making those weapons unwieldy in close combat, and that a pistol does not have the muzzle velocity of a rifle making them less likely to get a kill on the first shot.

Head Bopping: (COD4) Ever been hiding behind a rock, vehicle, barrel in the crouched position and think you are hidden, only to get shot? Reviewing the killcam you come to realize that every time you moved left or right, your head would bob up, allowing snipers to easily see you. I think what you see should be matched with the animation, at least you'd know what you are doing.

Weapon Movement while walking/sprinting forward: Seems like a minor point as most ppl won't actually notice it, but in fact a weapon that moves while someone is walking or running increases the immersion effects of the game. Without the movement, the game seems more like an arcade game rather than a full immersive experience. Along these lines, the weapon, hand and arm should react to shadows and lighting conditions.

No Weapon Option: In some games there is an option to use your fists as weapons, this is good and should be a part of all games. To enhance the games public awareness, machinima allows people to make in-depth movies using the games engine... with this in mind, there should be an option to not only not have a weapon, but to also allow characters to have their hands at their sides, to point, and to make other jestures without holding a weapon.

Ragdoll Many games are improving the animations of characters. We say yay! This component really makes the experience memorable. In the case of rage doll movements, when someone dies their body goes limp and 'falls' according to natural physics, is a great improvement on previous games.

SandBox or Expanded COD type maps for Multiplayer: COD series has great maps including quite a variety of custom maps which help round out the experience... but 'extra' pathways should be built into the core maps allowing a user or team to out-flank or get out of a total spawn dominated situation. Many of both the COD single player and multiplayer maps I've wanted a little more extra elbow room.
The FarCry, BF and Crysis series has really shown us the beauty of sandbox maps, but this assumes the use of vehicles. I think all games should have both types, some multiplayer matches w/ vehicles in a sandbox type arena and some w/o vehicles in slightly expanded maps (making it so players don't have to spend 10 minutes to find any action).

Use of Objects: In COD4's Creek Map, the detail is quite acceptable, unless you are 40 to 50 yards away (about 30 Meters) as at that distance the detail dissapears leaving anyone who thinks they are crawling around in tall grass looking like a frog sitting on top of a nuclear reactor (i.e. obvious and dead).

Destructables or Buildings already showing damage: In Crysis Multiplayer many of the maps use the same buildings over and over... for instance, a bunker is the same 4 times on the same map. There needs to be variety and they should not all be in the same condition. Most environments would look better if the buildings looked as if they sustained damage already, assuming there isn't an ability to explode them or damage them in some way. In Crysis MP, almost all the buildings (and maybe all) never look damaged and the hiding places never change... time for some variety.

What's inside the vehicle? I think Operation Flashpoint 2 is going to allow you to see the interior of vehicles while using them, that is what I'm talking about. Let us actually use and experience the vehicle. A real simulation.

COD4 while riding in most of the chopters you can see the interior, but I think in one sequence they forgot to 'render in' the interior leaving a black frame to look past... oops. You should be able to move around in the interior of a Heli or Airplane and not be locked in... In the beginning of Crysis you are straped into your seat and automated out the door for your jump (let me be in control please).

Crysis has great vehicles and a large variety including helicopters, no interiors and getting into them is a matter of standing in the right place and pressing your 'use' key. Don't know about BattleField.

All games should have the ability to get into a vehicle if only to sit... they should allow some movement of vehicles even on small maps, even if limited in duration or ability to 'kill' them as it increases the depth of the game.

In Game Voice Chat Commands: In COD4, you hear a team mate yell 'gernade' yet the other team doesn't hear anything, why not? Also, when you use chat it appears as text potentially creating spam on the screen that every team member has to look past... just keep them both vocal and hearable within a reasonable distance from where they are used. Using the Voice commands can, or should I say, could be useful and realistic is implemented properly.

Voting: Sometimes this can get out of hand as a few trouble makers will use it to kick legit players or to constantly change maps or continuously asking ppl to vote on something, causing total disruption. Loose this feature and replace it by allowing the votes to be controlled by only Admins and those voting to only be Clan members. This will allow easy access to different maps and put control in the hands of the Clan. If guest see that the Clan is abusing this feature, then they'll know to look somewhere else to play.

09-24-2008, 03:51 PM
Video Recording Capabilities:

Make recording Cinematic like offered as a standard in Halo 3... combined with www.machimina.com you get thousands of users promoting your game, and, we get great movies to watch using our favorite games as backdrops.

10-01-2008, 02:43 PM
As promised, here's my input on the subject.

Close quarter combat: There is a clear lack of such games on the market right now. Battlefield, COD and similar very big and popular projects made big and huge maps a standard for the industry, pretty much voiding the need, use or even the possibility of smaller maps. It seems each game will add a small map just to say they did, but if you take for instance COD4, the small map that is included is totally stupid.

Sound: I find that in most recent games, little to no importance is attributed to sound. In COD4 for instance, you will only hear someone run once they are pretty close to you, but in real life, if you listened hard, you would hear him from 50-75 feet away if that person isn't being careful about his noise.

Respawning: This is in my opinion the biggest irritant in modern FPS games. When there is no real penalty to dying, it encourages mindless and suicidal rushing. In a real life gun fight, you aren't going to see some random soldier run like Rambo and start suicidally spraying everywhere, killing 2-3 guys and then telling himself he did a good job. It's just like a snowboarder that pulls a crazy stunt or whatever and breaks every bone in his body on the landing... If you don't land in once piece, it's junk IMHO. I personally much prefer game types where you have X vs X members and when you die, you wait until the end of the round. Yes it makes for slower gameplay, but on the other hand, your life is something you learn to cherish, because being careless will make you fall in queue and wait for the next round like a retard while everyone else is enjoying themselves.

Round mechanism: Another thing that is too present in games nowadays is the "I have more kills than you" mentality which encourages noobs to just camp and cheap shot as well as players to play too individually. When there is a team goal (other than having the most kills) it encourages players to play for the team, rather than themselves. I like when having twice the kills of the closest players means nothing if your team is still loosing 3 to 5 or whatever.

Gun realism: Most games have either too easy or too hard gun mechanism. In many games for instance there isn't even the concept of real recoil, instead of having your gun jump up it's just the ret that jumps. A good example of this is Rainbow Six: Lockdown. That is unacceptable. In other games you have the opposite, where shooting someone is almost impossible because the ret and gun just jumps all over the place, or there is a randomness added to the bullets, making them not hit where you are aiming, etc. I think any good FPS should have flawless gun mechanics.

Unequal grounds: This one one of my biggest issues. I hate games where players are pitted against each other with unequal tools. I don't think rank, number of kills, money or anything should have anything to do with what equipment you can use. Take for instance Counter Strike, COD4 or Combat Arms... I like a game where SKILL is the decisive factor, not the amount of time you spent grinding for XP to get better equipment, or the number of kills you did to get enough money to buy "THE" gun, etc. Give everyone access to everything and if you're going to limit anything, limit how you can combined equipment or how much of it you can bring with you in a game.

Jumping: Nothing more to say than it doesn't have it's place in a FPS game unless it's just to get over an obstacle, etc... Trying to shoot an hyperactive bunny is not my idea of a good time.

I could go on, but basically, I like a game to be as realistic as possible.

10-01-2008, 03:04 PM
Please go on :)

Really good points especially Respawning, Round & Gun Mechanism, and my favorite Unequal Grounds as I remember playing Medal Of Honor this could be a big issue on which side you were 'forced' on, and of course having to 'earn credits' to get extra weapons which I think some focus on too much in order to become the dominator of a game....

My issue w/ sound in COD4 has also to do with spoken commands... sometimes the enemy can hear what's being said (if a gamer activates a voice command) and sometimes not (if it is game activated)... as well as walking in total silence which isn't realistic.

I do think if you can hear someone from too far away it'll be a case of who has the best sound card and headset is the person who dominates.

nice additions, thanks.

10-01-2008, 04:30 PM
Well concerning sound... I don't think a game should be leveled down to the crappiest's player's gear. It really isn't my problem if some retard wants to play with his onboard sound on his 1.5" laptop speakers, that's his loss. As far as sound card and headphone quality goes, there is a limit and the game itself will always have hard limits on how far whatever sound can be heard.

What I hate is when for example I'm about to exit a building which has the door closed... If I hold still a couple seconds, it should be totally obvious if a whole platoon is sprinting right next to the door. Far too often, you won't hear until it's too late... To me it just breaks immersion and realism and conjures up alot of frustration. Like I told you on the other board, I'm a Ravenshield enthusiast and if you saw how well they did sound in that game would you be amazed. Lets say the game is designed in such a way that running isn't exactly a good idea unless you know exactly what you are doing.

It all comes down to senses and skills IMHO. Any game that shuts out or botches sound is pretty much taking 50% away from the user's link to the environment. We only have sight and hearing, so a crappy sound stage can really screw a game up.

Anyway, there's no excuse for not having high quality headphones nowadays. You can get a set of Sennheiser HD-280 Pro for less than 100$ online and even with a el-cheapo off the shelf XFI you can get for 30-40$ you'll hear everything there is to hear.

Other than that ummm... Well abusive camping. I'd like to see a game with an option that kicks people who are too stationary. I guess it's pretty subjective, but IMHO hardcore campers in any game pretty much ruin the fun for everyone (including themselves). I'd like some kind of time vs paces ratio counter where if you don't move enough in a given timeframe you are warned to move your butt with extra checks to insure the player isn't just running around the same camp spot to beat the counter.

While we're at it, that one is a bit out of the gameplay realm but I do think in general games lack alot of admin tools/options. It should be easy for instance to access any game server remotely to kick players to make spots. There should always have an access system also which allows for different ranks within a clan to access different privileges. In Ravenshield for instance, I designed a tool that allowed normal members from our clan to kick, change maps, restart rounds, etc but which disallowed more sensitive options like altering the map list, banning players, changing game options, etc. If the game itself won't allow for a full access system, it should at least have a comprehensive API that allows mods to do it. In the even more general server realm, having a standalone package which does not require a video card or an actual GUID to register a server is also something that IMHO is a necessity for any game's multiplayer to succeed well in the long term.

Of course there's integrated anti-cheat... I can't believe that in 2008 it's still so damn hard to make a descent anti-cheat that really works. I realize it's not an easy task, but if you take Punkbuster for instance when you start to look at the details that thing is really a piece of crap. Feels more like a product that game developers integrate in their game to shut us up more than actually keep their games clean of cheaters. Heck, Ravenshield has been out for what, 5 years now, and people are still hacking around and into Punkbuster like it's child's play. Heck, I've talked personally with some cheat makers and these are like 15 year old kids with no computer education and they are programming cheats that get around Punkbuster which has been out for years and is supposedly maintained by a team of a couple of dozen professionals. Helllllloooo...

10-02-2008, 02:14 AM
I added some info about the Sound hardware you suggested here: http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=212.0


A tough call as some players might actually be cowering under the pressure, still, those who have a decent score and snipe always in the same spot every game, and are next to impossible to get to because of the team protecting them, can get on my nerves. Still, I have ways to combat those pesky snipers and I do always get them, which leaves them scrambling to get back into their spot.

I've seen this topic elsewhere. I think it would be good to link to it as it is a very important aspect to making servers well maintained.

Agreed. It should be much more robust and integrated into every game. I think we should make everyone who buys a game enter into a contract (parents sign if kid is under 18 as prescribed by law)... if the person cheats they pay a fine of $1000 + court costs. End of cheating as eventually even those with lots of money wouldn't want to deal with it...

10-02-2008, 11:05 AM
For camping, I'm proposing an option, a toggle, not necessarily something that is always on. To each his own, more control means more power and servers that are what the admins and the visitors want it to be.

As for cheat fines, not sure I would go into that... But if all online game manufacturers decided to include some form of passport for games, one to which games are linked, it would be nice. A bit like taking the Punkbuster Global Bans a step further. Get caught cheating in any online game, your computer is tagged/banned and ALL the game keys you have on your passport are banned from being used again. The guy needs to buy a new comp (or change enough parts in it to trick the hardware ID) AND needs to buy new keys for ALL his online games, not just the one he cheated on. Of course, they won't go there because it would most likely turn into a sue fest, but it would be nice :)

Another thing I didn't mention is in-game voice, those usually suck real bad. I would be more inclined to promote integration with existing tools like TeamSpeak and Ventrillo. If for example you could have in-game options to show who is online/talking, change channels, connect/disconnect, etc it would be much nicer. Seems like in all games including voice chat, peeps end up not using it because they have some clan or guild TS/Vent anyway. I don't remember the tools' name, I think it was TeamSpeak Overlay or something that kinda did half of that. That was nice, but I would like to see the game developers take the lead on this kind of stuff.

Oh and on a similar note to camping, I think all games should have a way to manage AFK and spectating people so that people who suddenly go AFK are automatically moved as spectators after X time and also a way for specs not to occupy spots that could be used by other players. By that I mean perhaps some kind of spec time limit, if you are occupying a spot as a spec for more than X time, you are automatically kicked IF someone else is trying to enter.

While we're at it, better clan integration would be nice. In most games, it's just tags, there's no integrated ways to handle clans. One game which kinda revolutionized this is Combat Arms, which was a very MMO-like clan management tool. It's still very limited and somewhat crappy, but it's much better than the usual "tags only" approach. For those who don't play Combat Arms, clan tags are separate from your username in that game. There is a clan listing and you can "apply" to a clan, adding you to a queue for review by the clan leaders. You have a couple of fields where you can enter info about your clan, recruiting policy, etc. Finally, once the clan is up, you can see who from your clan is currently online, you have a clan chat, clan stats, etc. I think this is a great way to support clans and all games should take this approach as an example.

OK I'm shutting up now :)

10-02-2008, 12:24 PM
I like the idea of having the Separate Clan Tags and the Clan Administration as part of the game as in Combat Arms... It's a nice concept.

AFK (afk = away from computer):
I think I remember MOHAA having the ability to put afk'ers into spec and even kicking ppl that were inactive in spec after a certain amount of time. Very good points.

I noticed on maybe all (or some, not sure) that in COD4 when you talk both sides can hear you... is this true or is it a special setting one clan was doing when I was on? I know that like text chat you should be able to make it seen by only your team or everyone... voice should be the same way.

I agree that the penalty for cheating should be higher, but not really sure how to accomplish this. A read Contract binds two people... breaking the contract means you can easily sue someone and there are plenty of people who would do the paper work to collect even a small fee. Globally banning all games is also an option, but some may argue that this is going too far... but in this respect I'd rather see the AntiCheat Community make some money or even the Game Manufacturers make the money rather than Computer Hardware makers... If it was the Game Manufacturers making the money, they'd have a bigger incentive to make stronger detection a reality.... but not to get too much off topic suffice it to say there needs to be a stronger connection between the CD and the player to promote AntiCheat.

Great suggestions am I'm glad you jumped in with both feet. I may help format (edit) some of your suggestions only to help categorize them as in the original posts, so that each idea can easily be seen, if you don't do so yourself.

10-02-2008, 03:33 PM
Sure go ahead and reformat my stuff... I'm not very good with that :)

As far as COD4 voice goes, I never used it myself as my clan uses teamspeak but I think I remember some kind of radar tool you can equip that will allow you to snoop on the other team's voice chat. That's a game feature, but you really do need to equip and perhaps even actively use the thing to actually listen to what the other team is saying. I must say that's quite a nice thing, because in real life, it could very well be possible that enemy communications be taped and used against them.

As far as my input goes, I know I talk too much... Lets say I have this natural ability at criticizing stuff and trying to propose better ways, that's pretty much what my work is about as well. What I can tell you is that even the best of the best game isn't 25% of what it should be, IMHO :)

10-02-2008, 04:25 PM
even the best of the best game isn't 25% of what it should be, IMHO

so true... always room for improvements which is why there are so many games coming out in the first place. There will never be the ultimate game for everyone.

Yeah, COD4 has a perk called 'Ease Dropping' that I doubt anyone actually uses as in the gaming world what would you hear ... "oh shoot, he got me again"... 'I own them on that"... blah blah... pretty useless. But more to the point hardly anyone uses the built-in voice chat to begin with, so for both reasons you're basically throwing away a perk slot.

In real life having intelligence can be really important. I personally just use the automated commands to say "attack left flank" or whatever to let give my team a heads up. If they hesitate the info is pretty worthless in just a few seconds.

There's one exception tho: when someone is dominating with a high death/kill ratio (especially snipers that can't be seen)... then everyone should be helping to 'stamp out that fire' so that one's own team has a chance at victory.

10-03-2008, 09:10 PM
If i read a bit of your posts Deicide, ill got the feeling that your a war stimulation player which is great. I've always wanted a realistic game as possible although you need to keep a certain balance ofcourse.

You might want to take a look into the game, Americans Army as its just about what your trying to visualize into a new game.

I'm ofcourse unsure if you ever tried it, but if you havn't then take a look, its free:
www.americasarmy.com (http://www.americasarmy.com)

Also a good realistic game is the following (not yet released): Operation Flashpoint 2

Have a look here, http://www.codemasters.nl/flashpoint2/index.php

I've been waiting for it for 1 year now as I played Operation Flashpoint 1 which was really great and realistic.

Info about OF2:

10-12-2008, 08:51 PM

I had almost forgot these two...

1) A way to easily make a good server a favorite server while in game... so you don't loose the IP, etc. after you quit.

2) A way to easily 'scratch off' a server if its bad and a place to note the reason why you don't like it... in this case the server would still appear in the browser list except there would be a line through the it's name... I don't know how many times I've been on a server and it was run in a way I didn't care for and hoped I wouldn't have to relive the experience down the road.

02-17-2009, 07:00 PM
Tertiary Weapons

Mortar COD2 had a mortar you could fire. While it needed improvements, it was a great addition.

Vehicles COD WAW has a tank you can drive and fire, nice start, but Crysis puts this vehicle to shame with their selection of many operable vehicles including tanks, humvee's, anti-personal vehicles, trucks, etc.

Laser Fired Missile Launcher Crysis has a wonderful laser fired, shoulder mounted missile launcher with a missile that will go, and change directions, depending on where you point it. Fantastic weapon and certainly something one would expect in COD4 Modern Warfare.

Aircraft This one is tricky depending on the size of the map. Most mods are akward but again Crysis offers a couple of vehicles you can fly, although they're too hard to shoot down and give someone using them an unfair advantage. For instance in COD4, if someone is able to call in heli support, why not let them fly it around for the allotted time or until it is shot down, instead of creating what is essentially an aimbot in the sky.

Artillery Why not, if the map is large enough, give someone the ability to fire a few off even if blindly. I saw a demo of an Artillery piece on ARMA and it was an incredible demonstration, the recoil, the round going down range and the explosion.

AirStrike One can call in an airstrike in COD4 and helps create depth in the game. But the system of reward, giving someone who is already dominating this ability should be rethought. In fact, when a squad is in trouble, don't they typically call in an airstrike. I'd suggest that if a team's spawn is being camped, that they should be given the option of calling an airstrike.

04-11-2009, 10:03 PM
Bunny Hopping problem... when a person moves, and especially moving in an erratic way, the 'sight' or center of aim should also move erratic.

PLEASE NOTE: It should be noted that some games are built around the ability to 'strafe jump' and that's great. One also should acknowledge that as a game moves further away from new that it can bring quite a bit of fun back into the game. It is also a matter of choice what kind of server clans wish to host, if they want a light hearted, fast passed atmosphere then strafe jumping can be an integral part of making it work. But this thread is about improvements in the realistic environments regarding gaming and strafe jumping has always been considered an engine flaw (that was turned into an asset in Quake and other games). With that in mind, take no offense to the topic if you love to strafe jump, then jump away. peace.

I think we've mentioned hopping before in this thread a bit and other issues related to movement:

Shaky Camera when Running or walking. You've probably noticed that when you move your head left and right it is very hard to see. So what many do is not move the mouse back and forth. The problem is when running there is no effect on one's ability to see clearly as long as you don't move your mouse left/right as there is not a lag factor... but the truth of a realistic experience is that one would have a harder time picking out targets while running than while staying still. There should be some movement of the 'camera' based on one's on movements.... it should be based on what one would experience and not based on the characteristics of the mouse/computer.

It kind of dawned on my today that if a player is moving, that the aim should also move erratically, not just what a person can see on the screen, and if hopping up and down like a 'little bunny' (love that connotation)... that the gun and the ability to see should be greatly effected, making the idea of hitting someone while hopping next to impossible, as it would be in reality.

Why should game developers keep pushing the reality factor? It's simple, people buy a game because of it's experiential factor, i.e., being able to relate to it, hense, sells games and creates a stronger following to sell future games.

Why is bunny hopping a real issue? As a game gets older more people start hopping and turning the game into something other than which reflects an experiential experience, driving people out of servers and ultimately killing the game itself (but not nearly as fast as games that are full of cheaters).

04-13-2009, 03:27 PM
Interface Issues: Graphic Elements

The graphic elements added to a users window can greatly affect one's experience. Here you can see the cartoon-style graphics over-layed on what one might consider to be decent effects, totally ruining the gaming experience. Graphics like these must assume that people are blind and won't see them unless they dominate the screen.


In the following example, Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway, this is what I would call a fundamental mistake changing the quality of the game from an emersive experience to a combination. I show a suggested solution where the graphic will be seen, as it is moving against the background while at the same time centered on the cursor, thus is informative enough.

I love the concept of leading a squad as created in Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway, but I think they under estimated the impact of these graphical elements on the success of the game.


Graphics: NAME TAGS:


Call of Duty 4 has a similar issue with the name tags above people's heads. If you point at a target, green (your team) or red (enemy) name tag appears above the head. Obviously you might not see someone hiding in the bushes but then see their red tag allowing you to kill someone that should of been able to easily kill you... not fair.

The other problem is the further away a player is, and you look at them, their tags fill the screen. Tags should only work if you left click or some other action... thank goodness there's a limit on how long they can be.

The question about seeing enemy tags is, what's the point? I mean, once you kill them it's noted who you killed and visa-versa if they kill you, therefore, there is no point in seeing an enemies name tag above their head.

08-03-2009, 11:31 PM
Gun Pointing.

There's nothing worse than thinking you have the drop on someone because there gun is pointing in a different direction, allowing you to think you can get a better shot, only to have them shoot you. This happens on level ground and especially when the enemy is on higher ground where their gun looks like it is pointing horizontally and not in a down direction.

10-05-2009, 12:18 AM
InGame Microphone Voice Chat Enhancement...

Here's how it might work:
When you're dead in Search and Destroy, waiting for the next round to begin, you can chat with others who have died including those from the other team, without those who are still alive hearing what you're saying. This is already available, but the enhancement is this: when you are alive you can use microphone voice chat to broadcast your actual voice in the game, that is, those around you can hear your voice make commands, that is directionally located to your position and as the distance increases from your position diminishes in volume.