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09-09-2008, 09:26 PM
I have seen someone tossing grenades like a champ, This guy never misses it almost seems like he has an aim bot running but uses grenades.

his nads seem to have no bounce to them at all. no matter how far or where you are the nads will land right on you

09-10-2008, 05:18 AM
So your question is??

09-10-2008, 11:40 AM
I suppose he is just wondering if this is a cheat or not.

Maverick, plz provide more info. eg: game name, player name, is this only on 1 map or all maps, did you spec him,....

09-10-2008, 12:21 PM
I love tossing nades and am pretty deadly at it. It's a geometry 3D thing. Tossing them over buildings, bouncing them off upper floors to change their direction, cooking them, etc.

Some ppl actually practice where to aim in order to get the nades to land in desired areas... I've seen YouTube vids in this regard which show how to line up for a perfect toss.

Check this out:

I don't go to this extreme as shown in the video and can't imagine how this person actually found these spots or took the time to do so.

In COD2 nades bounce more on the ground but in COD4 they don't move much when they hit the ground.

Here's another which tells you if you should stand up or lay down when tossing a nade, as determined by your radar.


09-14-2008, 08:12 AM
I found smth interesting, provided by Map from TCP:

Heat-Seeking Grenades – This is probably the most baffling cheat I’ve ever encountered. I have only been able to identify this cheat by witnessing it in action, rather than finding details about it on DMW, Cheat-Police, or any other trusted ANTI-CHEAT programs. I have discovered this cheat and named it aptly, as I have encountered it first-hand. It was during a scrimmage our clan was holding one day against another clan, one who we suspected of cheats. During our scrimmage time at THE HUNT, one of their players threw a grenade STRAIGHT down the street near the allied spawn point, it had flown PAST the bathhouse, then took a 360º turn, flew STRAIGHT UP, and landed in the bathtub, blowing up one of my clan members. I had immediately kicked the opposing clan out, and discussed the situation with my clan members who witnessed it, thereby, discovering a cheat no-one has ever reported before.

So this might've been the case.

09-14-2008, 01:22 PM
And where's the video? Be nice to have more information about it. He should of kicked him after he had visual proof so that others could truly become aware of it.

I know that if you are hosting a scrimmage on your own server, that you can change the physics of things... I wonder if this was the case or if this person brought in the cheat himself. But by the sound of it the clean clan was hosting.