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08-27-2008, 09:35 PM

Clan Homepage: http://www.dodclan.us/

Dealers of Death have been around for 6 years. we started out playing soldier of fortune 2. We moved on to bf2 for a bit then moved to cod4 and BC2 We are people who enjoy good company and good times.

Clanname: Dealers of Death
Clantag: {DoD}
Games played: COD series BF series
Current Members: 11
Game Servers: (see banners for updates)
Teamspeak/Ventrillo Server: TS3 Ip tor.zebgames.com port 9994
Clan Leader: JerseyDevil
Clan Forum: http://dodclan.us/index.php
Clan Homepage: http://www.dodclan.us/
Recruiting: Yes
Policies: Do not cheat have fun and respect all players

http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/ (http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

02-28-2009, 07:37 PM
updated new servers

08-10-2009, 06:28 PM
Thanks JerseyDevil

Did you notice the new banner in the right column? http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/tp-images/1uiddod.gif in recognition of your generous donations. Thanks JD and DoD!

03-25-2010, 07:41 PM
Thanks Green can u change the link for Dealers of Death to dodclan.us?

We don't use the .org domain anymore.

03-26-2010, 08:08 AM
looks like someone has already done it :)

thanks for supporting the stop-cheats petition too ;)