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07-28-2008, 07:39 PM

This is a link I would like to submit about Tips for MOHAA:


If you think the informations given by this person are good enough to put it here it's okay because I have the authorization from the author.

(BTW if you read the entire first post you'll know who the author is ;D ;D ;D)

07-28-2008, 08:12 PM
Nice link Ov3rCasT...

hmm, i wonder who K@I is? ;D

07-29-2008, 04:52 AM

Nice tips anyway :)

Some of my own, I'll post here as well:

1) Do not use taunts in war (character sounds). They might give away your position! It is useful on a public server tho, eg: "squad, attack right flank!" meaning the other players should attack the right flank.

2) When you are running away from someone, bounce some nades to the wall, and give ur pursuers a nice surprise :)

3) You can even walk unarmed, moving even faster. But it might be better running with a gun like greenbean typed, that way u'r ready for a possible enemy.

4) Teamplay is very important. You and your clan should go on TS/ventrilo and discuss tactics,... Remember: it is not important who has the most kills, but who wins the most rounds!

5) Obviously, watch your back.

6) When playing on a big map, one should be a sniper. That way he can take targets out from a fra distance, while you are protecting him/her with MG's.

-- That's all for know, I'll think about other ones, I'm a bit tired atm lol ---

07-29-2008, 05:02 AM
a) Prefire - this is also known as a cheat, but you can do it too, without cheating. This basically means you shoot before a player comes around the corner (or before you come round). I do this often and tbh, I killed a lot of persons with it. Sometimes I 'feel' someone is there so I just prefire their (camp)spot.

(yes, I am getting accused a lot ;D )

b) Nades - Learn nades. They are very important. If you want to know some gd nades, just PM me. OBJ and DM maps.

c) Time - use the time in your advantage. If you have to place the bomb, and you only have 10 seconds left, just go for it. No use in sneaking. If you have more then 2 minutes, just wait for ur opponent to make a move/mistake. (do not wait too long tho ;) )

d) Sound - of course, very natural. Listen. Do not pick up Health Packs or Ammo when y ou do not need it. They give away your position. I sometimes drop my pistol near a corridor, if one runs over it, I can hear it, and kill the enemy.

e) Clipping - one of the most important things in mohaa. I cannot say much about this with text,but, if you want a 'demonstration', just PM me or ask it here.

f) Jumping - try not to jump too much in a Sniper fight. WHen jumping, your body will move 'slower', making it more easily to hit you.

g) Crosshair - It is the best you hold ur crosshair a (little) bit higher than the middle of ur screen. I don't believe this needs explanation but... a person will die faster when u shoot him in the chest/head than in the legs.

h) Walls - Indeed, like OVercast stated, stay close to the walls. But.. do not lean right to the wall. MOHAA is quite bugged, i.e. pple can see your gun thru the wall as well as thru a door.

That's it for now :) GL with it :)

12-15-2008, 06:22 PM
I only see all weapons parts so im doing some Sniper Only :D

1) When u defend the bomb and there is only 1 person left don't go after him becaus i have enough experience to say u can die very easily.

2) Work as a team with tactics ( tactics are a bit difficult to explain because there are so many of them) just stay with a minimum of 2 people together.

3) Try to learn in a duell or all other situations to zoom in and shoot ur hit ratio ( when ur good at it) will be higher)

4) Already mentioned above was clipping is important

5) Stay out of open spots because u will die very quickly ( got enough experience for that hehe)

6) I already mentioned this a bit but when someone is alone don't go for the kill but stay and let them come to you

7) If u run away caus ur reloading plz look behind you caus most of the time they will come behind you and shoot you in the back ( them bastards! :P)

8) When you are reloading u dont have to reload all 5 bullets, just do it up to 2 or 3 thats enough to kill some people

9) Not only at sniper only but also at all weapons dont walk hard on iron or on wood caus many people will hear you with these headsets nowadays. Also try to avoid as many doors as you can because they sure will hear you. (You can also use sound in ur advantage caus when ur walking at main u can also walk hard and let someone that is walking with you cover the entrances so when somebody is coming he can kill him/her ( well atleast when u have some aim))

At the moment this is it, im a bit empty now :(

12-16-2008, 01:50 AM
nice additions steal... i'm glad you did sniper too.

I'll have to add my tips on how to kill a sniper soon :)

12-16-2008, 05:01 AM
nice additions steal... i'm glad you did sniper too.

I'll have to add my tips on how to kill a sniper soon :)

Just spray him to death ;D .

Nice tips steal, I know you all learned them from the master *cough* ;D

12-16-2008, 12:47 PM
( a bit of topic but uhm who do you mean :P?)

12-17-2008, 06:44 PM
we're speaking of people who snipe, how to get them if you're carrying a MG and the sniper is so far away you can't see them. There are ways to get closer that work pretty well. :)

12-20-2008, 08:19 AM
Against a sniper ( with all weaps) i always use the goggles because u can just look as a sniper but u cannot shoot as 1. The thing im doing is i locate the sniper with the goggles and aim it where i saw that sniper. When he shows himself im switching back to stg or mg or something else and just shoot (dont spray caus u must be one hell of a lucky person to hit him/her)

12-20-2008, 02:06 PM
I've found, that if the rest of the team isn't protecting the sniper, that you can actually rush them, doing a zig-zag pattern. When they see you coming on strong, people tend to panic making it hard for them to aim.

Some sniper players are too good for this, but many will stand up, try to run away, etc. It can be fun to watch them panic.

12-23-2008, 11:04 AM
true but most of the time the sniper forms the backbone of the tactic so it will be hard to reach him/her. (btw u can also try to play sniper only wars its fun sometimes and the SO part on cb isnt that big)

06-17-2009, 06:53 AM
Maybe some more sniper only tricks u lads can use:

1) Learn to selfspec, it's verry usefull in wars, because of the delay of TEAMSPEAK, people say some1 is coming but actully he's almost near u!

2) Try not to lean to the Right! Some1 on the other side (who is leaning left) will see u and u won't see him. (Also for AW)

3) During wars: V2: Axis Don't rush! Unless u have a rushspawn u have no choice, but u spawn like Ventroom up, go back. If u play against good clans u will die if u rush...
Defend the bomb! It's your objective! Don't mind if people say u camp, it's your damn mission to defend the bomb!... Nice tactis when u are with 4 players... : 1 go far door (the door near vent room outside) Another on the railing in mid-door, 1 flag room and 1 behind control room. (When the upponent loses some1 fast you perhaps can go and cover Ladder and main.
Allies: Well u don't have much choice but to rush, but stay as much together as possible! Cover eachother and don't go by yourself.

Bridge: Allies, don't rush just like axis on V2, because here you are the defenders. And same here, don't care if somebody says stupid campers...

Axis: It depends in what you good at, if you are good in far duels you should go the cellar way, else you should go hotel (=> Hotel => Much lagg!!)

Hunt: (my favourite) Allies: Really hard if axis have a rush-spawn, but at least some1 try to cross, he can go cafe up and cover axis ruins. Some1else go sit in first house, From there u can cover passage (the road axis can take to go to cafe). And another allie go sit in the bad-tub. U can kill easily sniperhouse or corner up. Ur job is really important! The last allie... Well that is a good question, you can distract attention from axis by acting like u cross so somebody else can cross. (With this hint u also can find the spots off axis!

Axis: Everybody knows the stupif backspawns (aka churge spawns). If u have this u should go and try to go to corner up/corner down/passage. Don't go try to go to sniper house or axis ruins, cause u will be dead a long time.
Rush spawn: This depends on the player, Or u can go inside bath to kill the persons who want to go to bath house, u also can go to first house, but u must be really really really fast. Or u can go behind bath, wich is a perfect position to see where people are going to.
Some other players just like to camp and go to axis ruins or sniper house to kill the crosser(s). Sniperhouse is in my opinion a better position than axis ruins because of the better cover and u can kill the people who come out of passage.

... This was a small explenation of a war. Ofcourse u can do it different, but for beginning clans this is the best u can do. ;)

4) Don't say useless things on teamspeak. It will distract your teammates and maybe it can cost you a round (And i think we play wars for winning don't we? ;)). Talk with your clan how u call some houses because some clans have other names for others houses and doors. So make good agreements!

5) Don't whine to the other clan! The war is much nicer if u respect eatchother. This is not only for wars but also publics. Whiners are almost irritating as cheaters.

Well this is for now i think i said enough. If u want to know more war tactis please send me PM, i'm pleased to help u!!

Greatings: Martin! (aka KNOBBERS)

06-17-2009, 09:58 AM
great tips Paaskonijn, thanks for adding em.