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05-19-2008, 02:16 PM
http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/z_ac_images/aonlogo.jpg (http://www.airdaleops.com/)
Note: Click on the banners to link directly to AON.

www.AirdaleOps.com (http://www.AirdaleOps.com)

AON: Welcome....

The Airdale Ops Network supports the Admins of the community who wish to run their own server offering America's Army and/or Call of Duty 4 to the public. We have developed tools that will enable the Admins to monitor the traffic on their servers and to determine whether players are abiding by the Terms of Service as provided by America's Army and/or Call of Duty 4.

Through the use of the tools provided, AON has greatly reduced the workload of the Server Admin and have shifted the analysis of certain game aspects to people who are experienced in determining whether players are playing on a fair and level field of play.

Airdale Ops Network has become known in the community as a supporter of Admins striving to enhance the gaming experience. We have been recognized by America's Army developers and work with the development team to ensure that game play is done fairly. We also work with Evenbalance in analysing data streamed to the AON repositories for America's Army and Call of Duty 4.

Our forums are open to the public and you will find a great deal of support offered from other users as well as staff members of AON in all aspects of the game. The best way to approach the information contained in our forum is to read the 'Stickies' of the forum topics. Most if not all questions will be answered in the 'Stickies'.

Registration is not required to read the forum, but it is necessary if you would like to post your thoughts or ask questions. Registration does not cost anything and we do not use nor share any information that is submitted through the registration process outside of recognizing your screen name.

Log in using your forum username and password. You can search GUID, or Name -> for America's Army or Call of Duty 4 players. This will tell you if the player has any bans in place. You can find it here (under AON Network Admin Tools): http://tools.airdaleops.com/BanSearch.aspx

After logging into the forum, you can easily register your server for AON Live Active Repository by submitting your server's IP address and Port number here (under AON Network Admin Tools): http://tools.airdaleops.com/register.aspx

You can find in AON's forum a link that allow you to register your clan tag (after you've registered it with EvenBalance, see their thread for info). The purpose of registration is to distinguish between your official clan tag from someone using it in an unauthorized way who may have malicious intent.

Please go to their forum for complete details, but here is an outline: Application link is on their home page, center, under 'Hall of Shame' images. 2 main requirements: Admins must stream their server to AON. Max of 4 members of your clan can register. Registering gives you access to:

AON AdminPanel
BackGround Check
Log Browser
Player Search
Login History
Kick History
Login Compare
Client Log Parser

What you'll need is: your Forum name/password; Server IP & Port addresses; you'll fill out 3 lines of script to your PB Scripts; you'll need to copy some text into your a game file. That's it. Read this thread for more details: http://www.airdaleops.com/index.php?topic=33771.0

Troll Submission:
AON provides trolling assistance. Trolling is the process of submitting a PBSS of someone you suspect with the implication that you are trying to convince, in this case AON, that the individual in the screen shot is guilty of a bannable infraction. What AON would do is verify or deny the submission. HackHunters believes that automatic upload of PBSS's is a better option for Admins because individual submissions require that the original PBSS be hosted on a secure server that is 'locked' to prevent tampering of the image. You can find a link to submit a PBSS on AON's home page.

PB Screen Shot Viewer, it's so cool... it's PBCOOL:
PBCool is an advanced free PunkBuster Screen Shot Viewer. Features include:
]Player Sorting, Online/Offline sorting, PBSS Time Filtering, Ultra Fast PBSVSS Log downloading in Three different modes, Quick Refreshing, User-friendly Interface, Useful hand tools such as instantly copying the GUID to clipboard from a PBSS, copying PBSS log entry, browsing PBSS's by user, Self-managing Master Ban List search engine which automatically scans the users your browsing, the MBL is compiled on an AoN server by yapple, it consists of all bans from AASA, ACI, PsB, and AON.


Call of Duty 4
Americas Army


Read First
General Forum
Hall of Shame
Public Submission

http://www.hackhunters.com/16_links/23_associations/logos/aon.gif (http://www.airdaleops.com/)

Be sure to check AON's website for any updates. It's a great place to visit!

08-29-2008, 12:32 PM
Streaming to the Airdale Ops Network

Streaming your server logs to the Airdale Ops Network, AON, allows for the most advanced and accurate tools in America's Army and Call of Duty 4 community; with the support to back them up. With the Admin Panel, a server administrator can manage all facets of one or more servers; including config changes, AC script updates, multiple AC ban updates, personal bans lists, live server control, etc. Streaming Logs directly to AON also satisfies the contribution to the community requirement, as outlined in the AON PSA Application.

A direct download for the America's Army AON Admin Panel can be located here and a direct download for the Call of Duty 4 AON Admin Panel can be located here. Streaming server logs can be accomplished by three major methods.

For all their tips, click on the above link.

11-12-2009, 03:03 PM
About the AON admin panels:

The AON Admin Panel is available to the public. This means that any server admin anywhere can download and use the file free and clear. Access to some features requires an AON PSA membership. Each user of the Admin Panel is required to have their own login. The Login and Password you use is the same as the AON Forum so signing up is very easy and you've probably done it already. Sharing of Tools Access of any kind will result in loss of privledges, especially by PSA members. Periodic audits are conducted and access is removed from any offenders immediately. There is no charge to register, so there is no reason for each person not to have their own login id.

Certain tools, such as the background check tool, are not meant for open public consumption. We allow access to it and other tools only to those who contribute to the community in some way, through streaming or other means. With the person having to at least be a member of the forum and registered via the tools page we can be sure that anyone using any one of our tools has the means to become educated on how to use them. Do not share your tools access. There are countless hours spent daily ensuring that the tools work properly and are enhanced over time. Even more hours are spent collecting data, parsing it, storing it, and using it to create our banlist and other reports. Openly sharing protected information hurts everyone in the community. There are not many rules at AON, one of the most strict is not to share your tools access. This cannot be stressed enough.


AA 2.xx Admin Panel Click here.. (http://www.airdaleops.com/tools/AdminPanel.msi)

AA 3.xx Admin Panel Click here.. (http://www.airdaleops.com/tools/aa3/AdminPanel.msi)

COD4 Admin Panel Click here.. (http://www.airdaleops.com/tools/cod4/AdminPanel.msi)

COD5 Admin Panel Click here..
Deputy Admin Rcon Companion Click here.. (http://www.airdaleops.com/index.php?topic=33320.msg172638#msg172638)

You can find the Admin Panel online help file: Click here.. (http://airdaleops.com/AP32/application.php)

01-22-2010, 08:28 AM
Need help with anything AON related please feel free to shoot me a pm.


01-22-2010, 11:08 AM
Great to have you on the site Creedence, as AON Staff, you can apply to become a Trusted Associate here at HackHunters if you like. We'd love to have you join.

Later, GreenBean.

01-28-2010, 12:00 PM
Hey Creedence,

would you say our info we have here regarding AON is up-to-date?

Would you say it is formated well and easy to follow? (any suggestions are welcome)

What's AON's future plans? Are they supporting new games or have plans to support upcoming games?

Also, I know one can request a background check at AON through the forums, but I've always enjoyed PBBans MPI which allows one to search IPs, GUIDs and UserNames on their own if you're a 'trusted server admin'. Does AON have a feature like this, to do self checks with lots of data available?

BTW, as an AON Network Staff, seems like you should apply as a Trusted Associate here at HackHunters... it'll give you access to other private boards including direct access to our Master Directory of Cheat websites.


03-25-2010, 12:18 PM
So sorry for the delay. I could not retrieve my pw for some odd reason but remembered it.

See the trouble with background checks are the the use of the logins and the links presented to the viewer. An untrained person who obtains login history ie the aci bg tool, they are able to view the links via ip to a particular guid. This may not be the same player. To the untrained person they see red colors and automatically scream cheater.

Even using the AON bg tool, it does a reverse ip lookup just as the Aci tool and shows every guid that has had that ip. Now with dynamic ips and a non trained user it can be a dangerous tool. I used to be in a clan where the admins spent more time "trying to do bg checks" than playing and looking to ban a cheater.

The only true tool with 100% accuracy (that I am aware of) is the BCE (Background Check Expeditor) Which does the lookups and automatically links the guids and ips together. This still takes a trained person to interpret the results before him/her. I am a bg instructor at AON. I myself was in class for 4 months learning the tool and what are valid links and what players have mitigating factors. The only people that have access to this tool are ones who are in Background School and the Graduates.

As far as what I have seen everything is ok with the information. We are supporting COD4,COD5 AA2,AA3 and until the newest AP is created, any further games are currently on hold and or still being discussed.

03-25-2010, 12:22 PM
On another note, try this out for size.


Have fun!!! ;)