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07-20-2008, 04:52 PM
(Repost, somewhat)

One of the great single player experiences: Quake 4 !

Quake 4: I liked the single player for it's realism and creepiness, great bots and seemless integration with video content (great sequence where you are almost turned into a bot yourself complete with grimy operating tools sawing away at your body). The environments are pretty cool too, nice lighting effects, great player models, exciting and creative environments. While it is a more 'interior environment' game, they did pretty good with the exterior for Quake, but no where near the quality of COD4 or Crysis for exterior game play.

Not a big fan of jump strafing so Multiplayer was lacking for me, although it was fun to check out new environments. Quake 4 is definitely a great single player experience, you'll be jumping out of your seat.

The thing that makes Multiplayer exciting is it's fast paced, you really have to have your reflexes sharp. there is typically no cover so one tends to always move forward and hope for a surprise attack to give you an advantage. Multiplayer is more of an ARENA challenge as many maps have a symmetrical disposition rather than a real world environment. Despite that, many of the textures are very real looking. Obviously Quake Wars addressed many of the issues I have with the game in this regard but Quake 4 certainly is the ultimate expression of this type of Arena gaming experience.

If anyone is considering purchasing it I would just for the single player experience... it's long, almost too long (many times I was wondering if it would ever end) but that is better than having a single player over in an instant. It also has seamless integration of exciting video content into the single player game.

02-04-2009, 08:14 PM
Single player was really awesome, I think it would still creep anyone out playing it today... must be a sale one them somewhere.

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