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07-09-2008, 07:58 PM
Question: What do you do if a cheater engages in a conversation with you, and says they can give you cheat codes, cheat sites, etc.?

"In fact I would say our policy is 'No Association' with cheaters is probably a good policy"

FROM: !AR! BLACKHAWK (AdminRequest):

Thats hard, as this website is all about that ^^ finding the good and the bad guys, which means talking to them through different channels. Simply dont download / insult (BEHAVE BADLY) (Thats i guess why you are in here at this level at the first place) and be fair to a person and talk about it like your talking about the weather and you will be fine (dont be like GOD!, your not allowed, etc, that doesn't help (remember that some people started cheating because they got angry on the other cheaters and want payback, the 'Shout way' will only push them to the other side), they even might tell you more about the "how abouts" of the hacks which you can post again.

If they do send you the cheat file, Follow the following instructions then contact someone who can take care of it (some organizations have own research departments, like (EB: research@evenbalance.com or my own team: research@adminrequest.com)

Do NOT open these files and DO NOT run them on your HDD, if you need to, place them on a USB stick which you DISCONNECT from your local harddrive. PunkBuster only runs memory scans (and doesnt search your HDD, but some AC Systems do! Be carefull at all times!)

Does & Donts:

-Dont open
-Dont execute / run
-Dont Save on local HDD But on a Disconnectable USB / HDD which you DISCONNECT after saving the file!
-Dont GAME which the file on your HDD / in memory!
-Dont let the cheat file / USB / HDD drive lie around at others, they could use it!
-If you done saved the cheat file to a Disconnectable USB / HD drive, SHUTDOWN YOUR PC (OFF) and reboot to erase any memory traces left behind.
-Report this file to official organizations! Known for helping the AC Movement!

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07-09-2008, 08:17 PM
You make some good points Blackhawk, but our HunterBeans members are still in training in 'level 1', so I moved your post to our Level 2 discussion board to put this board to good use.

Many AC do talk to cheaters, even 'hire' them... We do not. We do not want to give them the impression that WE need their kind of help, nor does HackHunters think that we do, considering our mission as I see it. Some, or many other AC's may find engaging with cheaters to be very productive to what THEY do. I do not want that to be a part of Hackhunters. It potentially opens us up to too many problems, the first being trust, second are website attacks and flaming.

I also think that if a conversation does start up between a HackHunter and a cheater, that you also make some very good points on how to behave. If I'm chatting w/ a person who reveals that they are cheating I usually interrupt the conversation and tell them "I don't like cheating" and leave... (I might encourage others to stop playing too); that's message enough I think.


If they do send you the cheat file... If this ever happens to any HackHunter, then do exactly as BlackHawk suggests:

then contact someone who can take care of it (some organizations have own research departments, like (EB: research@evenbalance.com or my own team: research@adminrequest.com)
While you can let HackHunters know that this has happened to you, don't post the file on our site or link to it, instead, like BlackHawk suggests, use a USB STICK to store the file.

07-10-2008, 05:27 AM
That for sure, you can't send some people out on a "hunt" without the knowledge they need to have, behaviour will be "the face" of HH really on these kind of points, as you don't want to scare them (cheaters) away, and don't want to be like "Cheats are cool" but rather on a basic way. Feeling with a person is good (IE, i started hacking because i hate the other hackers), guess even some of the good guys have thought about that (i get you back mr. badboy ^^) but never done it, in that case getting them back on track can't be that hard if your able to convince a person that they are lowering there selfs to the same level as the 'real cheaters' which ket most of them wake up and getting rid of the cheats again.

Lil B_F
07-25-2008, 01:01 AM
I have been "accosted" by a few hacks..... We even had to kick one out of our clan
:(.... Very disappointing to me. I asked him 3 times over ventrillo about his hacking, he just ignored me!! So i messaged our GOA (general of army) who heard the whole thing and he was removed from our clan. I find not associating is ok unless you were unaware of their hacking and suddenly find out (like i did!). When you do find out just act cool and then take action without direct confrontation (if your in a clan). They will be brazen and say it wasnt me or i did not! Just carry on and under NO circumstances accept files from anyone you dont know in RL (real life) or you are not sure about....


07-25-2008, 05:21 PM
When an official member is hacking, doing aggressive spawnkilling or having no respect for guests it's a big problem. Especially if it's something evident. No serious Clan needs bad publicity. It's a nightmare when a trusted member use his tags to feel safe to hack on his server (or any other server) and / or to have a rude attitude with guests.

Of course the worst is if the member you suspect is an admin.

Interesting facts.... In most of the cases, problems are coming from young ppl or members who never (or raaaaaarely) help to pay the bills.

That's why I always say before accusing openly or banning an entire Clan or starting an open war with them, it's a very good thing to start by reporting them the incident.

Whatever the incident, you should always keep in mind it was probably done in back of their Clan admins, so it's important to have official proofs like screenshots, Ip, etc.... and to have a peaceful attitude.

(Figure it is a bit like being accused of hacking when you're not. The way you handle the situation can make a big difference.)


A serious clan will appreciate your move and will investigate.
A serious Clan will warn the faulty players (if necessary).
A serious Clan wiil give you feedback.
A serious Clan will tell you if they suspect the problems were coming from impersonators.
A serious Clan will stay in good terms with you if the process was made with respect

Maybe it could be interesting to write some kind of "recommanded official procedure" when a Clan need to report members to their Clan.

That way they could use it and say "we are following the HH official ......."

Anyway, it's just a suggestion....

08-18-2008, 09:26 AM
Ov3rCasT Good point, the thing is that most people and admins do not take the case of cheating serious enough example would be when you are trying to point out a cheater to an admin in a respectful and private way they think you are kidding I have run across this many times.

Most admins of todays servers are just to relaxed and really don't care about wither a person is cheating or not they rely on the anticheats way to much, in fact if they are confronted by a cheater or a suspected cheater they really don't know how to react to the situation.

100% of all games on the market do not support there on-line versions of there games so don't expect any help from them the policing of the on-line version falls directly in the hands of the admins running the servers.

As for a one on one with a suspected cheater I have caught a number of cheaters on our servers as some of our other admins have, the first thing I tell them and it has be like this for a long time.
If you suspect a person of cheating collect as much information as you can and make note of all the persons that are in the server at the time, once you have collected all the information including demos,screen shot etc.

Once all the information is collected then you can confront that person in a personal manner explain to the person that you do not allow cheating on your servers and that if they continue to cheat they will be band and that there is no need for conversation about it, cut the person off leave them with a feeling that they have been caught the thing is you ban a suspected cheat right away then they will just go to another server.

As admins we have to stop it on our own servers and not pass it off onto another admins to take care of, if the person becomes disrespectfully and starts with the attitude and or begins the insults let them, be nice allow them to use bad language and or slang your server make note of all the conversation then only when that person has hung themselves not only by cheat but by acting out in a disrespectful way then you can ban them not only on the suspected cheating but by being a ***-hate on your server.

By waiting and giving that person all the courtesy that you can give you will be showing that you as an admin have provided them with all opportunity's to do the right thing and in turn show the on-line community that you are a respectful and intuitive admin with a great attitude on this kind of thing hens making you well respected in your community.