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07-06-2008, 11:47 PM
[size=10pt]:-\ There is so multiple reasons why ppl hacks.

So maybe it could be interesting to have a kind of list of the common reasons and classical profile.

Here is a list of some common reasons:

1 - Curiosity, a person is just giving a try to know how it works and what is the effect of a few hacks in a real game. Deeply no real bad intentions, it's just to experiment

2 - Loneliness, a person think having good scores will help to get admiration from other players. In that case too the person have not really bad intention and the obj is not to do that to hurt other ppl feelings.

3 - Competition between friends to see who's gona be the best hacker. I suppose there is nothing to add here.

4 - Troublemaker, a person like to start trouble and having great fun when other guests are mad or leave. Hacking with no fear to be caught because it's part of the challenge. Depending the kind of troublemaker and their intention, they'll take pleasure to send different kind of messages. To taunt other players ("I own you noob!" "You were owned by .......!"), to defy server owner ("Kick me kick me!").

5 - Impersonator, the first objective is not really the score but generally to discredit a specific player or a specific clan by using a real player name and tags and hacking in a way to be sure to be caught. Can happen on the real clan server or on aother server depending the impersonator's objective doing this.

a) Using host tags to discredit that clan server to be sure guests will leave.

b) Same than a) but used by a person (can be ex clanmember) with a friend who want to fill their own empty server. In that case don't be surprised to read messages from someone else like: "Guys you should stop playing here it's a paradise for hackers.... you should try the XYZ server it's better than here!"

c) To have that player / clan banned on that server. Sometimes it's reprisals because the person was caught and banned by the clan the person is trying to discredit.

6 - Powertrip / rudness, a person is hacking just to be sure to start kind of war with server owner to have a good reason to crash the server. In some cases part of the challenge is also to come back again again and again with different names and IP's to show the whole world server's owner can do nothing to stop them.

7 - Virtual pride, a person feels he's someone important because he has a great score. In a lot of cases, the ppl concerned have nothing to be proud about in real life. So whatever the incredible scores they use to get with their hack means absolutely nothing, for them ending in the top players list is an obsession.


In the past (if my memory is good it was summer 2006) I reported impersonators I caught on the MOHAA FFA server: "All weapons all the time" while playing there a few times to the 33rd Clan (with screenshots).

Based on my own posts and what I've read on their forums, someone was working very very hard to discredit them on many servers (including their own servers).

I'm sure they'll remember that incident. ::) I tried to connect recently but seems I'm no more registered there (they probably cleaned accounts not used for a long time....)

Mmmmmm...... maybe I should register again to make publicity for HH

07-07-2008, 03:10 PM
Good points Ov3rCasT and good topic. Maybe it will help some search their inner soul to figure out why they cheat. Certainly none of the reasons one could state as being virtues.

Add one more:

8 - Peer Pressure; I know of one dual hacking 'team' where one is totally rude and arrogant about their cheating while the other will immediately quit cheating and even sound apologetic, even while their 'friend' goes on hacking. No doubt this person needs to find new friends, or learn how to stand up to peer pressure to do the right thing.

In any of these cases tho, except maybe the 'Trouble Maker' who is probably fundamentally arrogant, they all probably do not want to be caught, not only for the trouble of finding servers they can play on but also for the embarrassment factor.

One more thought, some will always cheat, but many will give it up under the right circumstances.

REPEATING CYCLES: Repeating cycles is human nature and things we do repeats itself over and over every decade or so. For instance, drag racing used to be popular, until reports started flooding the news & drivers education that people were dieing horrible deaths. Then it faded out until a new crop of kids comes along and doesn't heed the warnings until there is yet another cycle of horrible deaths to contend with. Right now cheating is growing or hopefully peaking in it's cycle.

TRENDS: There are also trends, right now cheating is around its peak I would say and this trend will inevitably die down. What will trigger it's demise? What I've noticed in my life is that usually there is a 'big event' or 'public culmination' of sorts that, while trying to celebrate some fantastic trend actually leads to its 'death'. Take WoodStock 'killling' the 60's movement. I am hoping that some of what we do will help 'kill the trend of cheating' but to be honest, we are not 'celebrating cheating'... but maybe 'making fun of it' will have the desired effect.

ULTIMATE EXPRESSION: Along with Trends, there is the Ultimate Expression of something which leads to a trend's demise. For instance, bell bottom jeans evolved from torn and tattered pants to designer jeans in the late 1970's. The designer jeans were the ultimate expression and eventually the public rejected this expression and opted for short leg, tight fitting jeans... this was a total opposite expression and reversed the trend. Hopefully commercial cheat sites will kill themselves by creating the ultimate cheat package... so fantastic that people will find the whole thing ridiculous and move on. Again, I think HackHunters will be there to promote an honest way of living... we'll be the 'other' movement, well, just a seedling of a movement atm.

07-07-2008, 04:51 PM
9 - Fun / excitement, the person is not really hacking to have a high score but mostly to do something forbidden.

10 - Frustration, the person started hacking because the frustration to see so many hackers having better scores than him on a regular base. An interesting point is generally that person is a real talented player having no fun hacking (it's just to equalize the chances). Another interesting fact is some of them won't hack when they are 100 % sure everyone else is playing clean.

07-07-2008, 05:10 PM
For your '9-Fun & Excitement' entry, I'll add 'adrenaline rush' when doing something 'not allowed' can become addiction.

One could say that when you first play a game, it is fun and exciting but after awhile the rush can wear off. Some cheaters might be trying to recreate this rush.

07-19-2008, 06:26 PM
Very good points!!

07-26-2008, 03:43 PM
Yes very good points there Ov3rCasT.

5 - Impersonator, the first objective is not really the score but generally to discredit a specific player or a specific clan by using a real player name and tags and hacking in a way to be sure to be caught. Can happen on the real clan server or on aother server depending the impersonator's objective doing this.

I caught someone doing this on thursday night(i think)wearing ECF tags,

gave him a warning to change his name back but unfortunatly fell on deaf ears so had no option but to ban the punk.