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11-17-2011, 03:22 PM
Well let’s see were to start, I finally decided to load up BF3 today and give it a shot I got both MW3 and BF3 the same day but have not had time for BF3 as I been having too much fun with MW3.
First off you need to understand that my computer is not some DELL or HP, it is a custom system that I have spent thousands of dollars on and has the newest hardware on the market.
Ok well I inserted the disk into my drive and right off it had a problem starting the autorun that is never good and very, very rare on my system.
Well needless to say I had to navigate the CD and manually click the autorun; ok I can live with that. After spending time creating an account and then finally installing Origin, I now get to the point where it installs the game it walked we though more hoops game key and location etc , etc.
It (Origin)finally came up and said it was preparing install, I thought to myself I will go get something to drink then come back as there are 2 CD’s and at some point I will have to change CD’S so I just let the install continue. Not really looking at the time but next thing I know 30 minutes had passed and it still said preparing install I look at the cd rom and no data was being transfer look over at my router and bam downloading like crazy I open my network meter and what you know Origin was downloading the game and not installing from the band new cd’s that I had in front of me.
I tried to stop the install by closing Origin but it would not let me only an error saying It could not close Origin as it was installing BF3, well at this point alone I was about to abandon the game but I am not a person to give up so easily. I then killed the process, (Origin) in the task manager “Got love TM” and then thought I would browse the cd again I found the accrual setup file and clicked on that and what you know right off it started the install coping data from the cd.
After about an hour it had finally installed the game and download updates and I thought I am going to get to play this thing now, NOPE it had more hoops to walk through the online login and verification and agreement etc.
Eventually I did get to play but after 1 ½ hours of my time, just the headache of It was too much I played about 15 minutes then closed the game and went back to MW3 as it pissed me off so much.
It just seems if they are going to release and new distribution system like this and try to copy steam they would want to make sure it works before publishing it. Not sure where I will go from this point with this game they already have my money and are already starting on their next release I am sure of that, one thing for sure if they use this distribution system again I will not be purchasing any more games from EA..

11-17-2011, 07:10 PM
The install from the CD happened to me as well, and I totally agree with the hoops of Origin, I don't personally like the browser window system but it does seems to work pretty well in terms of finding a server that meets your own personal specs.

The good side is origin is now installed, and you can buy direct and expect the download, although I will probably still buy the CD.

MW3 and BF3 are really two different types of game, both are powerful and both cater to slightly different types of gamers, and I suspect there are those who enjoy both equally. What worries me about BF3 is the squad work isn't as strong as in BFBC2 but even there the squad system seemed to be falling apart as the release date for BF3 was coming on. Maybe that had to do with the servers I was choosing.

Anyway as with all games it takes a commitment of at least a week to start to understand the maps and rhythm of the game in order to find your own place in the game (without getting chewed up all the time).

11-19-2011, 03:40 PM
hmmm wierd, I didn't have this issue when I installed from CD nor had to go through all the hoops. Just installed BF3, already had ORIGIN. but all together I like BF3 alot more the MW3.