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10-22-2011, 10:21 AM
Hi all,

We have a few server tracking pages on our site, we do this to see on 1 page which server run what map.
What do we track now?
AA2 custom maps AA2 custom (http://chevys-place.game-server.cc/servertracker.php)
AA2 honor servers AA2 Honor (http://chevys-place.game-server.cc/aa2_honor_tracker.php)
AA3 AA3 (http://chevys-place.game-server.cc/aa3_tracker.php)
COD2 COD2 (http://chevys-place.game-server.cc/cod2_tracker.php)
Teamspeak TS3 (http://chevys-place.game-server.cc/tsviewers.html)
Ventrilo Vent (http://chevys-place.game-server.cc/ventviewers.html)

If you have any of these servers and you want them tracked by us, just leave a message in our forum.
If you have a server that is not on the trackinglist, leave a message to, and we will look into it to see if we can track that game too.

Happy gaming

Chevys Place (http://chevys-place.nl)