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10-22-2011, 10:09 AM
Has anyone noticed that it is getting near impossible to get CBL to act on Hackers. They've made it near impossible to get the Hackers banned or even viewed by the CBL. I was under the impression they were a organization to eliminate Hacking, yet now if you dont have video of the player in his hide using multi kill hacks they wont even view the player. I have multiple screen shots, with 4 or 5 consecutive screen shots of a player killing me or another player, with unbeliveable kills in Combat Arms with my character still standing with zero health. To my understanding, I may be wrong, CBL wont even look at it because I dont have a in game screen shot of the actual player using the hack. It is impossible to get a multi-kill on the same character in game, so whats the problem with CBL taking action. :(

02-29-2012, 12:57 AM
Hey Sir-Acheron,

wow, been awhile but just noticed this post.

Yeah, it is standard practice to only accept 'in game' screen shots taken by the engine of the game, not xfire or your computer's screen shot engine. It's because there used to be a lot of people submitting fake screen shots of people they just hated, sometimes even AntiCheat people to try to get them banned.

Also, Combat Arms is really hack filled. It's a free game and those that 'don't care' really see it as rich pickings to abuse people because those people didn't pay anything so you could say they don't have anything to complain about... but we know the truth and that is cheating is wrong because it abuses innocent fair gaming people. Cheaters are playground bullies.

Anyway, for Combat Arms best to find a server that offers the best protection and game there. Also, if someone is cheating then try to get people to stop playing. Nothing more boring to a cheater than an empty server, then just come back in 5 minutes, if you can get people to leave. One clan I was with and we did this whenever there wasn't an admin on, and the cheaters rather quickly stop going to that server, they just don't bother because they are looking for rich pickings of honest gamer fodder, so don't give it to them.