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05-18-2008, 06:25 PM

As always, for general player tips go HERE (http://www.hackhunters.com/08_playerinfo/playerinfo.html) on our website or for more specific game tips, check out this board.
If you notice someone is cheating, stop playing.
Why do we have a section for 'Strategies' at HackHunters? So you won't cheat. Isn't it simply better to have real skills than to buy them? And, wouldn't you rather know that your own ability to 'think fast', out-strategize, out-maneuver, 'keep your cool in the heat of battle' in face of the enemy will make you a better person in real life? We think it will. So when you do get a great score on the board, you can say 'I did it myself'.


1) Shoot and scoot. Remember the person you just shot basically knows where you are at and will probably try and get you back.

2) Turn on your frame rate (fps = frames per second) and make sure it is at least above 30 fps. If it isn't, change your graphics settings.

3) Play on servers that give you a pretty good ping like below 70.

4) A moving target is easier to see than a stationary one. It should of been called: shoot, scoot, be still, scoot....

5) Move up. All team members should move up towards the center of the playing field to prevent the opposing team from gaining an advantage.

6) Protect your teams flanks. If you notice on radar that your entire team is on the left side of the map, go right. This will make the opposing team more cautious when they try and out-flank your team. They simply won't know where the bulk of your team is.

7) Be unpredictable. Don't always hide in the same old spots. Sometimes hide in odd locations, this will make the other team have to check everything before moving forward and slow their progress down. Don't always run down the same paths... most games have a left, right and center. Use them all.

8.) If you're getting killed a lot, try changing tactics and weapons. If that doesn't work, change servers. If that doesn't work, take a break, it just might not be your gaming day... no big loss.

9) Use cover. Running up the center of a street will result in only one thing, you getting shot. Try and stay against buildings so that at least one side of you is protected and conversely you'll only have to scan one side.

10) Don't move your weapon side to side too much. Yes you have to look around but by holding your weapon steady you'll be able to see movement in the distance.

11) Out-flank your opponent. It's easier to shoot someone when they don't see you.

12) Be quiet. If only a few players are playing, sound can really travel and the opposing team will know which direction you are at giving them an advantage.

13) Use zoom. If available on your game, zoom in to look for any movement in the distance before you move in.

14) Coordinate and motivate your team. Using the in game voices you can help put a stop to the opposing teams advance.

15) Learn how to Melee (bash, rifle butt, knife, etc.) as it usually will get you out of a tight situation.

16) When you respawn, get out of the spawn area... spread out. This will not only help you but also help your team as the enemy won't know what direction to look for you, which will slow them down and help your team gain a foothold on the map.

If you have any general tips to add, then post them!

05-29-2008, 03:03 PM
Some good points there :)

07-06-2008, 04:10 PM
1) Do not use taunts in war (character sounds). They might give away your position! It is useful on a public server tho, eg: "squad, attack right flank!" meaning the other players should attack the right flank.

2) When you are running away from someone, bounce some nades to the wall, and give ur pursuers a nice surprise :)

3) You can even walk unarmed, moving even faster. But it might be better running with a gun like greenbean typed, that way u'r ready for a possible enemy.

4) Teamplay is very important. You and your clan should go on TS/ventrilo and discuss tactics,... Remember: it is not important who has the most kills, but who wins the most rounds!

5) Obviously, watch your back.

6) When playing on a big map, one should be a sniper. That way he can take targets out from a fra distance, while you are protecting him/her with MG's.

-- That's all for know, I'll think about other ones, I'm a bit tired atm lol ---

07-07-2008, 08:35 AM
Please note that AA is specific, check the AA tactics for that. Most tactics on here work on AA too, some don't.

07-08-2008, 03:43 AM
Kill the enemy, and don't die ;)

07-08-2008, 11:38 AM
You actually try to kill the enemy?

Just HIDE!


08-29-2008, 09:14 PM
A tactic used in the Army.

Never walk in a straight line, especially when you have the flag on CTF.

If you're a high target, or even a regular enemy, walking in a straight line makes it way way way easier to headshot you than it is to headshot/kill someone zig-zagging about.

Faking reloads sometimes helps. If you've just had a shoot-out with someone and nobody died, if you hit reload and then switch weps and switch back fast, they're going to hear a reload and think you're reloading. Then they charge you thinking you're harmless. Then you get a tasty bit of frag :P

What else.... keep quiet. Don't move forward till your breathing is quiet.
Keep crouched/silent at the right times.

If you're on your way out escaping, or taking the flag, throw satchels/nades across your route to take out any followers.

Take one for the team. If you're team-mate has the flag or something crucial, and they're on the run, don't be afraid to jump in front of them and take the bullets :D

If all else fails, buy some hacks and deliver them to HH so they can beat you down ;D

10-24-2008, 09:27 PM
Heres some pointers for CoD4 by Nightmare2011 from the Nightmare Gaming Community Site.

-First off you always want to know the basics of the game well. This guide includes maps, perks, and even completing your challenges.

-learning consule commands to better your performance wont hurt.
-Learning the best weapon combinations for the correct maps.
-As some of the other guys have said learning to move a certain way helps like not running into trouble.

07-28-2009, 11:09 AM
Call of Duty 2 tip: Interrupt your own reload.
Apparently (and I will have to check this out myself) you can interrupt reloading your weapon in COD2 by switching to your second weapon and back again. This is a very useful tip if, assuming you have anything in your clip, when you begin to reload and then see an enemy that could do you in... considering the length of time it takes to reload this could be a life saver.

If you know how this works on other games, let us know.

04-10-2020, 04:48 PM
-learning consule commands to better your performance wont hurt.-Learning the best weapon combinations for the correct maps.-As some of the other guys have said learning to move a certain way helps like not running into trouble.