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09-01-2011, 06:54 AM

I'm the owner of Anti Cheater Operations and I have recently started a new Anti Cheater/Hacker Gaming Community approximately 2 months ago. Mainly due to hackers I have caught playing Black Ops!

My goal when I started (ACO), was to make a site where clans, gaming communities, server admins and owners could share movies, ban lists and cheater/hacker unique ids so that these cheats and hacks could be banned from the games we play.

I soon realized that trying to prevent only hackers from Black Ops would be very limiting to my goal. So I decided to create a multi-gaming Anti Cheater Community!

Where the everyone could share their ban lists, unique ids and movies!

To show these Hackers/Cheaters they are no longer welcome to play in our servers and ruin the games we play!

Please come check us out!

Thanks HACKHUNTERS Community,

(Anti Cheater Operations) Owner
anticheateroperations.com (http://anticheateroperations.com)