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03-19-2009, 09:13 AM

Well as you might of guessed, I'm dabbling in Sandbox. It's really amazing and if you can get past the first series of posts you'll be on your way to making some really stunning scenes. Here's a few examples.

Here you can see the land mass I created, an Island. What I've found is it's better to just put in the road you need modifying the land as required, before adding other elements. I also found that adding large elements like trees should probably come last because when trying to select items they can get in the way. I think there are layer that you can use to turn them off but haven't explored that aspect yet.

You can see i've placed quite a few jeeps around... this is so after flying around editing, I can land on the ground, run over to a jeep and drive on the roads I've edited to see if they work... lots of fun.


Virtual Army... most of the models in the game are available. The main multiplayer buildings tho I haven't found yet.

My first attempt at adding textures.

This is my test/practice island, to learn how to do all the things that need to be done. I was able to add most of the main textures for what is a two island map in about 20 minutes, using the constraints available and very large brush sizes.

Here you can see road textures, animals, boat, buildings, plants and textures.


03-24-2009, 01:36 PM
couple more examples, just line work, no solids, although they look great too. Will post those later.

quite a large selection of buildings to choose from...

aircraft carrier

example of tunnel work...

bridges, all sorts...

Harbor view, ships are standard as are all other elements... just set them where you want them.

09-21-2009, 02:24 PM
To get the full effect, here's some user made screenshots

Screen Shot Examples (click to zoom in):

Here's the difference between 'Creek' of COD4 and Crysis: Using Crytek Engine the foliage actually moves when you shoot it or move thru it, and the orientation of the leaves is obviously more natural.

Another thing that's amazed me is the waves are actually 3D... not just flat planes that if you go under the water you don't see any water, like in COD4... but here when you go into the water it looks and feels like you're swimming under water, complete with fish (yes I've inserted stock model fish which are preanimated, as easy as one click)
and, look at the size of these environments which are fully reachable in the game, not like COD4 where you basically play in the space of 1 city block. This is so beyond that it's hard to believe it hasn't taken off... i think they need a more european flavor to the examples... instead of palm trees and shacks something more deciduous. I know if somehow a COD4 player could walk into crytek environments gamers would be shocked, for awhile and then as usual, take it all for granted. :D

More examples from here:

06-13-2011, 01:11 PM
Was toying around this weekend on an idea for a new (somewhat) type of game that centers around being a tank commander. One of the best parts of Crysis, and there were a few, is that you are put into a tank and have to battle your way through a couple of maps. What made it great is you could get out and fight on foot, or jump into another tank. The other part was it's epic size, the open map so you could attack from any direction.

Unlike all the other type of tank scenes in games where you are basically in a rail shooter, here you had total command on where you went and whether you even stayed in your tank.

Okay, so my idea is to really exploit this in a desert scene where the open spaces are enormous, much like in real life, and where the enemy could be hiding behind a corner of out flank you over a hill. I haven't gotten to that part of programming enemy yet, but did do some driving around in a tank and the map looks like it would be a blast to game in, imo.

Will I finish? Probably not, but it's worth carrying things to a point just to learn the basics of map making, etc.

A lot of details missing but a general sense of the scale.