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06-26-2008, 04:05 AM
OK I'm just putting together a list of programs you can use to catch Americas Army Cheats and also if your a Server Admin, what you should respect, etc.

This here is a general list of known cheaters that are online at this very moment:

This is a list of servers streaming to ACI, CAL and TWL. (TWL also means that the server is streaming to AON) Click on an IP to see the history of the server.

Search through the AON Database

Check ALL MBL's (Master Ban Lists) from other AC organisations (just Ctrl+F and the name/GUID) to see if the person is already banned.

ACI's MBL (in .dat format!)

AON's MBL (txt format)

Here's AASA's txt MBL

PSB MBL (txt format, at least one day behind all others!)

Ask for a Background check at one of the following locations to see if a person is linked to a cheater

If people are conclusively linked to a cheater, they will appeas as DIRTY if not, CLEAN

In any case, asking the pro's for advice is not always bad...

AON's Background check

ACI's Background check
Post here http://www.anticheatinc.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=144
using this form http://www.anticheatinc.net/forums/newthread.php?do=aabgform

Outrider's Background check

02-14-2009, 10:31 PM
Excellent post Inferno, thanks.

03-06-2009, 03:51 PM
The main database to start a background check is:
www.aa-accounthistory.com (http://www.aa-accounthistory.com)

Add it to your favourite.

The best way to explain things is to take an example: =}F.F.F{=0pt!mu$-r@ by "Current User Name"
Clic on the GUID: F30EBC89C94CC1EAF1237CEDA50FE8AB

Here are recorded information from -ACI- streaming servers only. If a player login to our server, his information will be recorded here. If he doesn't log onto an -ACI- streaming server, info will not be put there. Keep this in your mind.

1st box : Player History
On the left are listed the last info known:
Last name
GUID (unique and cannot be changed)
Last IP
Last MAC address
Last seen date
Links to AAOtracker.com and to aa-mbs.com

On the right are listed all previous Names, IP and MAC known.
In my case you can see I have a lot of previous IP (due to my internet provider which use dynamic IP)

2nd box : Linked Accounts
Here are listed all accounts which have at least one IP in common with the account above. But becouse my 2nd accaunt dont have record MAC address I will show in other case with other player.

-=LEGION=-Wr@th GUID: 78F453F8C62DD98679414CFE112A9EF4

It doesn't mean they are all from the same player (due to dynamic IP which can be used by many many different customers in a same country or arround the world).
On each line are shown last information known (last name, last IP, last MAC and last login date to an -ACI- streamming server). If 2 info are identic then they are highlighted in green.


That was 2 same accaunt with same IP and same MAC.
To be sure clic on button "View Link Info" at the end of each line to compare accounts. You can see all logins and compare player's IP, dates, server's IP... More information are matching, more you can say accounts are linked together.
Also you need to check all MAC address becouse sometimes dont show all accaunt's.
Right click on MAC address and you will get info who use same or similar MAC address.
Only now what you need is to find overrlaping IP and check that GUID with GUID of player who you check. I think I explain that clear.

You can also compare IP location: clic on last IP known or try different "IP locator" on internet (find them on Google). Results aren't 100% sure but it gives more info.


aa-mbs.com show interesting information about training, honor and statistics.

Here is an example:

This player completed all training the same day 10/25/2008, well it's possible but all maps have been played this day: impossible.
It's a proof of training cheat.
You can note also honor is cheated (85 honor in 7 days... lol).

You cannot find players via the search tool if they're not online. The best way is to add to your favourite this link:
and to put the name of the player next to "=" (equal) like this:
Note this database works only with the last name known by AA.com


Famous, everybody knows. Statistics, servers played...
Interesting database because some cheaters use the same tracker account for several AA account (they keep their old statistics). Check previous names and sometimes you can confirm previous dirty accounts.


Here is another useful database.
For example:
Name: CIA_Enigma
GUID: 17c399a1e0b9bc5731ab7ff78e0ba133
This account is not known on aa-accounthistory.com but you can find some info on redsack.com (search by name or GUID).

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind we're able to identify when accounts are played on the same computer, not who's behind the mouse / keyboard.

And please make distinction between hackers and cheaters:
A hacker creates, sales and uses cheats.
A cheater buy and uses cheats created by hackers.

I hope it will help for user who wonna check other people.

03-07-2009, 02:40 AM
Another excellent post. Thanks 0pt!mu$-r@. Be sure to write up a little summary for the Newsletter, maybe add something about what's happening in the other ACO threads too. ;)

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