View Full Version : Ever look for a great domain name, only to find...

05-21-2011, 11:23 PM
Ever look for a great domain name, only to find...

that it's already taken but not used?

I personally hate that some people/companies do this practice. Many will buy up domain names or madeup names based on popular words like 'digital' and just sit on them waiting for someone to spill their money into their laps for basically doing nothing except waiting for the deal to go down.

-I'll never buy from these people and would like to tell them "quit being lazy and do something w/ your lives and get the heck out of my way! " >:(


Anyway, was looking for a good gaming site name and here's a few TAKEN but actually just sitting there doing nothing.



www.digitaltwilight.com (http://www.digitaltwilight.com) (looks inactive)

www.highground.com (http://www.highground.com)

www.digitalescalation.com (http://www.digitalescalation.com)

www.noresponse.com (http://www.noresponse.com)

www.darkpool.com (http://www.darkpool.com)

www.deadpool.com (http://www.deadpool.com)

www.darkstorm.com (http://www.darkstorm.com)

www.blackstorm.com (http://www.blackstorm.com)

www.digitalmotion.com (http://www.digitalmotion.com)

www.digitalscape.com (http://www.digitalscape.com)

www.epichorizon.com (http://www.epichorizon.com)

www.digitalinteraction.com (http://www.digitalinteraction.com)

www.pixelhorizon.com (http://www.pixelhorizon.com)

www.immersiveminds.com (http://www.immersiveminds.com)

www.digitalminds.com (http://www.digitalminds.com) (a redirect)

www.infinityward.com (http://www.infinityward.com) (oops, my mistake)

www.groundone.com (http://www.groundone.com)


http://www.tracerdart.com/ :D someone even took this one, lol

have any ideas for great game related names?

anyone think IW might have trouble pulling off CODWM3?