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04-25-2011, 12:58 PM
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Portal 2: PC, PS3, xBox360

Well this game is fantastic, worth mentioning and I certainly hope to kick around a few memories with those who have played it... but if you're not sure whether to get it or not, or not sure you would even be interested in this type of game, let me give you the low down.

The Bad: It has single player and coop mode, that's it, no real multiplayer. Coop mode is like a single player game but with a team mate. There is no multiplayer and thus no real longevity to the game. Given the cost, which is in the $50 range, can itself deter anyone from getting the game.

There are also the system requirements. While the game is built on the old Source engine, it is still graphically demanding so make sure your machine can run it before buying... read the forums!

Mac Users: While my MacPro using a x1900 ATI card could not run the game, my MacPro using bootcamp and Windows XP with the x1900 ATI card could.

I think that's it for the bad... except you might think "why buy a rated teen 10+ game? or why buy a 'puzzle solving' game? it's really not my thing."

There are great stories to be told and that is a primary reason we all go to movies, to see and experience something new. The teen 10+ rating or the puzzle solving is just aspects of the game but neither of these detract from the overall experience, although you will be solving lots of puzzles in order to proceed through the story. Unlike most puzzle solving games, in order to solve a puzzle in Portal 2 you generally have to fling yourself through the air, or drop hundreds of feet down from a tower, etc. so basically, it's a thrilling ride.

The Good:
This game represents why gaming can be brilliant. Filled with a story that is full of twists in an full throttle environment that can be mind twisting, with a sense of humor that'll keep you entertained, it pushes the boundaries of what a great game can be. Spectacular environments that are fully engaged throughout the journey you will undoubtedly appreciate the comprehensiveness of Portal 2 and how it will surely endure for decades to come. To call it a puzzle solving game is really to minimize it's greatness as a true journey into another world. Be warned though as my 10 year old felt motion sickness, so strap in and hold on for the unexpected.

What is Portal 2?
A twisted story about twisted computer intelligence developed by the minds of twisted humans.
A humorous look at our human existence.
A very cool journey through some really cool environments.
A game where you will feel vertigo.
A game where you will be surprised, by the action and by the story.

While I do think it's a great game, it is short lived with not that much replay value even given the achievements one can do. So for $50 bucks, it can be a hard pill to swallow for anyone. Because of it's short 'gaming life span' I wish it sold for more like $24 to echo the cost of a really good movie you might want to see a couple of times. Certainly with 8 + hours of game play it's certainly longer than a movie. Still, in my opinion, it's one of those experiences one shouldn't live without.