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04-14-2011, 08:19 AM
PTC sites!!! i know many of you think it is a scam, but its not. these sites give you cash to click ads, you can click a limited amount of ads a day and it isnt much money. the thing is:
if you have referals(ppl that join because of you) every time they clic the ad u get cash to. havin a whole clan clicking is much money. i have many clan members clicking and using the website we earn as much as 30$ a month, more than enough to pay for a server(we maid Tshirts last month).

step 1. get the clan leader to register on this link http://www.onbux.com/?r=AsicsKoki123 (ppl who join with this link will be my referals(you must have one of these links and be someones referal to join))
step 2. get 100 clicks(it will take time but be determend) and get your own link.
step 3. GET YOUR CLAN MATES TO JOIN VIA YOUR LINK and they will be your referals, for each click they make you will get money(you must click to, inactives are banned...)
step 4. enter a paypal or alertpay acc
step 5. use the send cash option to transfer to paypal
step 6. use paypal to pay server
step 7. play on your server
step 8.profit!!!!1!one

my link is http://www.onbux.com/?r=AsicsKoki123 PLEASE JOIN


04-14-2011, 03:21 PM
I can appreciate if you need to make money that you would have a willingness to try something like this. Whether it is a scam or not, the real issue seems to me that you are not doing what the advertisers had in mind if I follow what you are proposing correctly.

You click a link for an ad, say 30 times, but the advertiser really wants 30 individual people who are interested in their product to click on their link, so that maybe that person will buy their products/services. So the person who's paying you is actually the company who placed the ad, so you are basically making that person give you money for no benefit to the company. Is that right? Do I have it right?

If so, then it's basically unethical to do and therefore I wouldn't recommend doing it.

04-15-2011, 04:02 AM
you cant click on the same ad twice...ads replace every 5 hours and and when you click a add it becomes "used" and you must wait 5h for a nother one to take its place.

the company pays onbux to post the add, and onbux pays users to click it.

you cant make more than 10 cliks a day, 4clicks are for main ads(ALLWAYS) and max 6 more for "mini ads" like lottary, what car to buy, join me on castleage and similar things.

thats the way onbux works.

04-15-2011, 05:16 PM
If companies understand that onbux does business like that, then I think it's fine. That is, if a company hires onbux to post ads for them understanding fully that onbux actually pays people to click on those ads in order to raise the hits, then ok.

i guess it's really up to the businesses to understand what onbux does, so if it's a legitimate 'job' for you 'clickers,' then go for it.

from a business pov, i would never hire onbux, why would i want 100,000 meaningless hits, except to maybe scam stock holders into thinking that the advertising allocations were producing results.