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03-23-2011, 09:16 PM
xFire's Top First Person Shooters based on hours played (I think today only). I find these results to be surprising.

♦ Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (37.3%)
♦ Call of Duty 2 (19.9%)
♦ Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (6.1%)
♦ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (4.3%)
♦ Cross Fire (2.9%)
♦ Battlefield 2 (2.7%)
♦ Call of Duty (2.3%)
♦ Medal of Honor Allied Assault (2.1%)
♦ Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (2.0%)
♦ Other (20.4%)


These games ARE on the list: Medal of Honor (2011), Crysis 2 (released yesterday), COD: Black OPs

What I can't believe is that so many people are still playing these games:
♦ Call of Duty (2.3%)
♦ Medal of Honor Allied Assault (2.1%)
♦ Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (2.0%)
and ♦ Call of Duty 2 (19.9%) which is the 2nd highest game people are still playing. What?!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is dominating with twice as many gamers as COD2, which I still can't believe it's on the list at all, with 109,532 hours

But, looking at another general list of top 20 games, some of the newer one's start to rise to the top again:

World of Warcraft
136052 #1 Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
109533 #2 Infinity Ward Activision

League of Legends
80662 #3 Riot Games Riot Games

Call of Duty 2
58385 #4 Infinity Ward Activision

21323 #5 Trion Worlds Trion Worlds

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
17890 #6 Dice EA Games

StarCraft II
16536 #7 Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment

Call of Duty: Black Ops
14559 #8 Treyarch Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
12723 #9 Infinity Ward Activision

Heroes of Newerth
11054 #10 S2 Games S2 Games

Dragon Age II
10488 #11 BioWare EA Games

Counter-Strike: Source
9609 #12 Valve Software VU Games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer
9289 #13 Rockstar North Rockstar Games

8724 #14 NCsoft NCsoft

Cross Fire (http://crossfire.z8games.com/) free to play mmo
8441 #15 SmileGate G4Box

Battlefield 2
8061 #16 Digital Illusions EA Games

Call of Duty, Call of Duty: United Offensive
6763 #17 Infinity Ward Activision

Eve Online
6641 #18 CCP CCP

The Lord of the Rings Online
6640 #19 Turbine Inc. Turbine Inc.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead
6212 #20 2015 EA Games

I suspect that some of the games that are rated Teen are on the list, like COD2, CODUO and MOHAA because parents are content to leave it that way. Why introduce your child to a Mature rated game? I'm sure another reason is computer capabilities. Certainly a lot of gamers still can't handle Crysis or a lot of the new games, even COD4.

05-21-2011, 11:49 AM
May 21, 2011

What's it going to be like in 10 years if the majority of gamers are still playing old games?

NEW, Semi-Old, OLD, Really OLD, free.

Top played xFire (first person shooter only) games, check out how MOHAA is still near the top (and COD:UO is still ranking?):

Call of Duty 4: MW 117356 #2
Call of Duty 2 56820 #4
Battlefield: BC2 16647 #6
Call of Duty: MW2 14783 #7
Cross Fire 9894 #13
Battlefield 2 7909 #16
MOHAA: 6400 #19
Call of Duty: UO 6189 #21
Wolfenstein: ET 5236 #24
Halo 5075 #25
Combat Arms 4789 #26
Team Fortress 2 4671 #29
Call of Duty: WaW 3193#36
SWAT 4 3093 #37
Brink 3093 #38
Left 4 Dead 2 2626 #46
Crysis 2 2309 #52

Some people just don't let go of old games and some people just don't have the money to purchase games at all, like those playing CrossFire or CombatArms. Seriously, look at COD2. Those people have probably never purchased a newer game title so don't know what they're missing and still feel content after all these years to continue to play it. In ten years I bet COD4 will still be near the top.

Besides the 'parent theory and teen rated games' I do know many adults still playing the older games. Some have clans and have those server and really just don't want to bother launching a new title when everyone knows you can loose clan members. That's where clans themselves are changing the landscape of gaming (holding it back). Some people, like the adult that sold me their copy of COD4 and decided to keep playing COD2 felt that their computer couldn't handle it.