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03-01-2011, 05:18 PM
Before I post what I've been working on I'd like everyone to get an opportunity to post their thoughts on a new type of Gamer Index, one that lists honest gamers and gives them some sort of rating. It is opposed to the idea of having a player ban list. I have a lot of ideas on this including ways to verify a gamer's identity, but want to hear any and all ideas about what you would like to see on a website designed to allow clan admins and other gamers to look someone up and see how honest (non cheat) gamer they are.

To give you a start a gamer's profile might include the type of games they play, how often, when they first purchased the game, GUID info, etc.

Gamers who have received a ban would either not be on the registry at all. The idea with this is, if you are a gamer and can show you belong to the gamer registry, then that says basically that you are a clean gamer.

Think about it and let us know what your ideas are. Thanks.

03-01-2011, 05:22 PM
I love the idea bean, but my only question is that out of the millions of gamers in the world, how do you plan on getting atleast half of the clean ones added to this registry?

03-02-2011, 04:48 AM
awesome idea, why didnt i think of this?? well no matther, the way we get gamers is simple, we advertise the web-site(maybe make a client like xfire) on servers other clan forums, news will spread amongst clans and many will join. many clans will make it a must if the gamer wants to join(i know i would).

all the gamers nicknames must be listed of every game he playd ol, and background checks for all of those games. if someone cheated in cs and wants to join my cod4 clan i would not let him(he might do it again).

03-02-2011, 02:07 PM
Initially by advertising, conventionally, but also get other ACO's to sign on by making contributions (good ones) to their sites and having their staff wear the User Bars in exchange. It's simple but will spread to clan admins who frequent those sites like PBBans, PsB, AON, ACI, DMW and others.

There are other ways to promote but hopefully clan admins would make it a part of their requirements for membership especially if more and more gamers sign on. If that happens then everyone will register.

As it grows it would be daunting to handle, but facebook does it with many more people. That is certainly the biggest problem, getting people to sign on, so I think it's also important to get gaming sites involved, like xFire, GameTracker and others making their services integral to the system and thus making them partners. With them on board it'll be much easier to promote the concept to the public.

AsicKoki, very good ideas. I like the list of games, and aliases/history associated with those games. We could add a slider bar to indicate if gamer was in good standing or not, or in between and why.

If I was a clan admin and knew this service was available I would require it of all applicants too. That will help push it forward as a concept to many more gamers.

In fact we could require that they provide a link to their profile page on their clan (if they belong to one) and request that they use the UserBar (or small icon like a green checkmark in their signature) as a condition, and check that they do (survey style).

03-02-2011, 02:26 PM
a world clanscore ladder would be cool to, counting wins on clanwars(one round won=1 point) and adding it to the list. it would make distinguasing(or how ever it is writen) bad clans from good.

03-02-2011, 05:09 PM
I like the idea of potentially rating clans by what percentage of it's members are registered, which will help get more people in a clan to register, but I think tracking wins/losses for clan wars is a different type of site. By staying focused on honest gamers and things related to that it'll help make the site's objectives clear in users minds.

Still, once a gamer is rated the site could be expanded to note other personal details of the gamer, like what clan, their clan wars rating, their favorite game names, signatures, etc. so that other gamers can 'get to know them better' much like facebook.

we need ideas for a name too. Honest Gamers Registry (HGR) does NOT have a ring to it. It would be great to find a name that is both good and has an abbreviation that is great, like CORE, HONOR, TAC (Tactical) or something else that's gaming related and reflects the thing the site is setting out to do. If there's a great abbreviation, then we can try to figure out the name with those letters, so toss anything out you think of.

03-02-2011, 05:51 PM
Well i like the idea. I would be glad to build the search funtions for the whole thing. :D

03-03-2011, 09:11 AM
i can do advertising and stuff, im not much of a programer. name is least of our worries, HGR can be a "work in progress" name. coding is the big deal, and getting other aco's to help.

03-03-2011, 06:00 PM
I'm a coder lol. That's why i said i will build the database search funtion. :P

03-20-2011, 01:44 PM
before i loose it on my computer I better get it posted... a work in progress


An idea I've kicked around before about starting a registry for honest gamers.

The goals are simple, and hope to solve the frustration clan admins have regarding who they accept as members and on their servers. If a registry could be made of honest gamers it would provide a quick and simple place for admins and other gamers to verify that person as having the basics of a clean history.

It is complicated to implement, as it is layered, but anything that is robust will be this way in order to gain the trust of the public. I will try to break it down and explain later what makes it a valuable asset for the future of gaming online.

Here is the laundry list of what I can think of, feel free to add to it any ideas you might have.

The gamer goes to our site and registers his/her main gamer name (they can also register their clan tags). Once that gamer name is registered no one else can take it (a good incentive for people to register). They can only register one name and this will be their identity for all games they play, although they can use other aliases in game, at their clan or whatever. The gamer then provides their xFire URL and the registry imports all their games (needs a programmer, maybe an association with xFire). He/she then begins to add their GUIDs and hopefully the registry can fill in the blanks for the other games.

We would register Staff from all other Anti Cheat sites first. Second pickings would be game developers. Third would be known good clans. Fourth would be open to the public.

The gamer must send in proof of residence in the form of a gas, cable or electric bill. If they don't own the house/rent the apartment, then the parent needs to do this. The registry copies the street number and zip code for verification against anyone who wants to try to claim identity (protects the gamer forever and prevents cheaters from trying to register hundreds of names). I know this would be tedious for everyone involved, but it is the thing that makes this system full proof and permanent for the gamer.

If the gamer moves to a new location, they have to send in proof of the previous address and the new address. If they move out of their parents house they could do the same with the last name linking them together.

Parents would register their kids and provide only the year in which the child was born. This will verify the age for Clan Admins reasonably well and let the parent know that their kid will be gaming with 'honest gamers'.

Besides having a page on the registry that anyone can see, the gamer would also get a User Bar they can use to show their status. The User Bar also will help promote the registry.

Because each gamer has a unique identity on the registry, that means each gamer can have a unique page URL. For instance, say you are looking up my game name. The website could be something like www.gamerregistry.com/greenbean (http://www.gamerregistry.com/greenbean).

There would be a thumbs up and thumbs down section.... this will allow people to comment on a particular player and give a reason for their point of view. This gamer rating system and comments would only be accessible to those who are already registered.

Computer specs would be included but more in a ratings system itself. That is, there will be a bar that shows either a high or low score based on processor, ram and graphics card. Similar to xFire's list, it would calculate the items listed into the rating. (I think xFire runs a program to determine a person's specs). Why bother? If someone appears to consistently have a high score, it might be due to this factor.

Speed Test would be calculated in order to determine how good a gamer's connection is, calculating the Download Mb/s from Speedtest.net, score it and relating the score to the average scores of all registered gamers.
Why bother? If someone appears to consistently have a high score, it might be due to this factor.

Ping Test would be calculated in order to determine the quality of a gamer's connection, calculating the ping from Pingtest.net, scoring it, and relating it to the average scores of all registered gamers.
Why bother? If someone appears to consistently have a high score, it might be due to this factor.
Any person can look someone up either by their game name, the clan they belong to (present or past as all clan affiliations stay with the person) or by GUID for a particular game.

It puts honest people first and not databases built around cheaters. Essentially cheaters are left out or their score will be so low that it'll show their true colors. For the first time honest gamers can even be rewarded (a competition for the highest rating) and clans can claim pride in knowing that their members are among the top rated.

If you're a clan administrator it makes doing a quick background check fast and easy.

If you are a game developer, it eases the fear that those programming a game are also in the business of developing cheats (which has happened in the past).

If you're a gamer looking at a long list of servers, seeing HGR (Honest Gamer Registry) or something like in the server title, that will signal that the server and match you're about to enter will be amongst honest gamers.

Besides the programming, the graphic and web development, the biggest thing would be the verification of people's identities by reviewing their mail. This can be accomplished by paying people to do the task, that themselves do not game but have a need for 'work from home'.

Will this affect PunkBuster, VAC, DMW or others?
No. There will still be a need to ban cheaters. The registry does not prevent cheaters from crashing an honest gamer server, but it does focus the light on those who enter that are unknown to the regular crowd.

Advertising will provide enough funds to maintain the service and pay designers and programmers a dividend check. If this becomes what I think it can, that all honest gamers will eventually want to get registered, especially if clans and servers are demanding it. How to get so many people interested? Initially by making donations to groups to have their members sign up and use the UserBars, then by advertising ourselves.

The gamer's page would consist of a large snap shot of the data we store. While the gamer's name would be regular text, so they can be looked up, the other data would be formatted into a watermarked GIF image with some other security features that are hard to replicate, like an animated GIF, and sized to fit into a person's profile page on their clan website.

The date the GIF was created could be noted and verified so that no one could modify it and replace the original or post it somewhere else claiming it was theirs (although a link would also make it easy to verify it is authentic.

This will make it harder for someone to hack the site.

This will make the information easy to access from other sites linking to the registry (a form of promotion).



03-21-2011, 03:56 AM
This is awesome. i will help you how ever i can, im not much of a programer but i can advertise, read mail, implement a "beta" umongst my clan and allied clans, maybe put my server as a testground...

awesome ideas, still needs a world ranking ladder :P 8) 8) :) :D