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01-08-2011, 02:18 PM
I am banned in ogame for the use of "ilegal characters"


i had a "|" mark in one of my planet names, since ogame is programed in some nub program this mark interferes with their scripts and meses stuff up. aditionaly hackers use these marks and their own scripts to cheat, or w/e(deleting accounts of enemies, i heard about that in ogame.rs(serbian server)). i have big problems lifting the ban as the admin responcible wont answer on support ticket even tough he sayd to contact him.
If i dont get this ban lifted in several days i would like to ask hackhunters to do something(if anyone can do something) to help.

I think their system is stupyd. When you register it doesent let you use special symbols and marks the field as incorrect but when u name a planet it does?????!!!!!one!!11elevin! Why not make that a incorrect field to? nothing in the rules about planet names, aditionaly(it is in the rules on the forum but not in the gae rules itsealf, what if i dont want to use the forum, it means i am not fully informed about my rights).

01-09-2011, 04:22 PM
08.01.2011 00:59:59 Radagast koki 25.05.2038 00:59:59 Illegal Characters - Contact Me

because the ban says 'contact me' I'm sure it's something they want to make sure you are informed on and won't do it again. the Admin is probably waiting until he/she has enough 'contact me's' before he/she responds, so I'd just be patient and contact them every week until the matter is resolved.

I'd suggest saying 'that it was a mistake and that I've now found the rules covering special characters in the forum and understand them and that it won't happen again - sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can be unbanned asap.'

that should do it. good luck.