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12-24-2010, 12:41 PM
It's finally came down to help new players to the game some helpful tips from my own experiences in America's Army 3. Please let me know if you have any more. To start:

It's a GAME:

- America's Army 3 is a game, and always will be a game. Don’t sacrifice your life to level, and don’t take anything personal, ever. When you start to get mad, you will never level your honor, or more importantly, have fun.

Always use in-game VOIP:

- No matter how you play, you need a microphone or at least enable in-game VOIP. People who do not enable in-game VOIP are a serious drawback to a team as that player is broken off from all critical current information. By the time you type something, that intel is old.

The mission comes first:

- The mission is worth more than anyone’s life. Unless you have a good team. If you got a good team, have some teammates wait at the objective while you make a heroic attempt to revive a fallen teammate on the opposite side of the map.

Always be a Team Player:

- If you can’t aim well or are just having a bad day, hang back and stay on medic duty. You’ll gain important Selfless Service points while not dying uselessly. Also, it benefits the team significantly, and the better chances your team has for winning, the more honor points you will attain by mission complete/match win bonuses AND the higher team morale will be. Really high team morale is what wins most matches.

- Being a team player doesn’t necessarily mean sticking with the team at all times. If you are doing good running and gunning while not getting scratched AND are able to knock out at least 1/3rd of their team, continue to do so. Less enemies benefits the entire team, however, know when to cease your running and fall back to help teammates. If there is an injured teammate near by, clear your area and proceed to run and gun to the injured teammate and get him up ASAP. No matter how good one gun is, two is usually better.

Give up your Role:

- If there is someone better than you at SDM, give them the SDM. Theres plenty of time for you to practice with it later. Also, if you can’t line up a head shot from a 45-degree aim cone in less than a second scoped at medium-long range, you better give me the SDM role if you see me. If theres someone exceptionaly good at the M249 and you have an M249 slot but aren’t doing so great, swap as soon as you can. The better your team is familiar with your weapons, the higher chances of winning, etc. Same goes in reverse, if you know someone is ******* hard at a role and you are stuck with a weapon you can’t use, let your request be known. Don’t be aggressive though, there’s nothing I (and most players) hate more is someone complaining while bragging about how good they are at a role they don’t have. Asking them once per round is enough. If they go psycho on you, just ignore them completely and ask again next round. Also, if you are doing really good and you have some good teammates, it might be the time to try that role you aren’t good at, as your teammates will act as a skill cushion so you can try getting better at one of your worse weapons as they continue to win.

Cover teammates who are doing critical tasks:

- Someone taking an objective? Secure your area, and drop everything to cover them. Even ignore fallen teammates unless they are on the verge of bleeding to death (not incapacitation, but actual death), except for when the objective taker’s sector is past the would be distance-of-no-return if there’s a fallen teammate next to you.

- Someone rushing to revive a teammate? You cover their *** as if it was your own.

- Someone running and gunning? Leave them alone. It's not worth it to jeopardize the team’s safety for the non-team player, except in the case of the second bullet point.

ID your targets:

- For the love of god, make a positive ID on EVERY target you fire your gun at. If you take a second to say to yourself, “Yup, I can see the [specific enemy characteristic: i.e. radio stick on back], he is an enemy” EVERY time you fire your gun, you will be cherished among the Gods. It will be a little slow for you at first and it might cause you to die, but over time you will be able to correctly ID targets in crucial split-second time frames based on just the barrel of their gun, a knee sticking out of a corner, and even shadows. That is when you become unstoppable.

Secure your targets first:

- Neutralize and Secure as fast as possible, but only when it is safe to do so. In a combat area, and you have the time to think of your next action, that is the time to plan how to secure (not confirm) all incapped enemies while pretending there is an enemy at every possible angle until cleared. Confirming of enemies should be done long after an area is said to be clear. Dead guys don’t go anywhere, but incapped guys multiply. Never shoot an incapped though. If part of your plan is shooting incaps, you are not planning right. (Except during VIP matches, then you shoot that SOB until he’s got more lead in him than an x-ray vest.)

Watch your frags:

- Don’t throw frag grenades next to fallen teammates. I think this should be obvious but it happens ALL THE TIME. Enough to note here.

Always always ALWAYS, sight up, hold breath, then shoot:

- If the other guy is shooting from the hip, you have the advantage in the first few KEY seconds to kill him first. Anyone can get lucky shooting from the hip.

- Luck can not be counted on, so having a good routine can be a life saver.