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05-18-2008, 03:19 PM
Strategies for Survival & Success playing the game:
MEDAL OF HONOR: SpearHead, AlliedAssault, BreakThrough, PacificAssault
3 Catagories:
Squad Preservation,
Team Success.

1) Self-Preservation:

1a-If you’re going to snipe, find a location then try and stay still...movement is easy to see and will reveal your position.

1b-Don’t stop running...if someone shoots you while you are running, don’t stop to see who shot you, keep running and find safety! Once you’re safe, don’t try and find the person who shot you...you’ve already lost this engagement, perserve yourself and go find another target. Remember, they already know where you are but you’re not sure where they are...if you try and locate them, they’ll have plenty of time to shoot you.

1c-If you are getting killed too much, change your stragety...go in a different direction, slow down or speed up (run more), change weapons...

1d-If you are moving slowly forward or sitting in one location, be aware that your own rear position may be in danger...always look around when moving slowly forward to make sure no one is sneaking up on you.

1e-Duck or Jump when turning a corner...corners are dangerous as snipers will focus on them...sometimes it is better to completely run past a corner and panic the sniper by rushing their position. Also, point your weapon towards the space you will be entering so that the cursor will be close to your target if someone is in the room.

1f-If hiding in close-quarters situations, keep feet off the ground because the enemy will notice this first when entering a room.

1g-Distract the enemy and then flank their position...throw a gernade from one area then run around (fast) to flank their position. Shooting someone in the side when they aren’t aware of you is easier than shooting at them while they shoot at you.

1h-To run fast past a sniper zone, carry only a pistol or gernade.

1i-Find the right uniform to blend into the surroundings, this may give you the second you need to make a kill...some uniforms are also quieter as well.

1j-It is easier to shoot someone in the back than to confront them...try and penetrate the enemy line and surprise the enemy from the rear. But try and not spoil the spawn zone area as you may send a wave of the enemy into the rear of your own team.

1k-Become ‘cursor aware’, that is, always make sure that your cursor is pointed towards the horizon while you run and pointed in the direction that you think you may run into the enemy. By becoming ‘cursor aware’ while you play, you have an easier time shooting the enemy.

2) Squad Preservation:

2a-If a team member in front of you is sneaking up on an enemy position, don’t throw a gernade. You may end up leaving that person totally exposed by flushing out the enemy.

2b-Don’t push against a teammates back or side, leave them enough room to retreat incase of a sniper or gernade attack.

2c-If a team member next to you moves forward, support their flank and rear...don’t just sit there and watch them get shot. If they point their gun right, point yours to the left.

2d-Move forward at a rate consistant with other team members, unless you are a sniper or using a bazooka. This will help ensure that your flank is being supported.

2e-Turkey sacrifice...to find or distract a sniper or the enemy, one person runs out into the open creating a ‘perfect target’, generally shooting and creating havoc, while the other team members find and kill the enemy sniper. The use of the large machine gun also has this effect in the Stalingrad model...everyone runs to the window to get an easy shot which leaves them vunerable to getting shot themselves.

3) Team Success:

3a-On large maps, everyone tends to rotate around in a clock-wise direction...that means if you move faster in a clock-wise direction you will catch up with the enemies rear position. On the otherhand, if you are moving in a counter-clockwise direction, find a defensive position as the enemy will probably move towards you.

3b-Get behind the enemy, without spoiling their spawn area by getting too close to it, hide and pick off the enemy when they run past you and get to a location where they might get shot anyway (so as not to reveal your hard to reach hiding spot). Also, use their weapon by throwing yours away and picking up theirs...so that the sound of the weapon will “tell them that you are on ‘their side’” without them bothering to look...very sneaky.

3c-If you see an enemy soldier run behind your position and into the rear of your team, seek them out until you know they are no longer a threat to the team. This may cost you many lives but it is the right thing to do.

3d-Object Maps...know where your teams mates are going (right, left, or center) so that when they are shot, you know if your flank is vunerable.

3e-Bind Sayings that quickly point out when the teams flank is vunerable...for instance, use the ‘<‘ key to say ‘Left Flank, need Help’ or ‘>’ for the right flank.

3f-Use (or assign) the correct key for quick Team Chat to help locate the enemy for your team members...especially snipers, before you risk your own life trying to shoot one...and, if you didn’t know, you can Team Chat while you are on the run using most of the keys on the keyboard to type out your message...i.e., you don’t have to stop and type a message before moving again.

4) General:

4a-If you see a body part of the enemy sticking through a wall or door, shoot it. You can kill someone if you shoot their foot, hand or whatever.

4b-Aim for upper torso or head for the quickest kill.

4c-Always try and fight your enemy from their flank or back, not head-on. If they are in front of you... dig in and hold the position. This will give you and your team an advantage.


Have fun, play fair and don’t bash the noobs... (too much) ;) and, make sure it's fun for everyone.

05-19-2008, 09:34 AM
Quarks of the Computer Model:

1) “Where’s the Shooter” The orientation of bodies laying on the ground points towards the shooter. If you see a dead teammate on the ground, look to see where they are pointing as it usually points directly towards the shooter. (Works a lot of the time, but not always, especially if the person is shot from above).

2) “Who’s shooting at me, where are they?” When you are shot by someone, but not killed, first: the compass will flash a red highlight in the direction of the shooter and second, the shooter’s name will come up near the health bar (this feature may or may not work on all versions of MOH).

3) Don’t lean against walls as part of your body may show through giving away your position. While we see the walls as thick while playing the game, the walls are made using the least number of polygons, i.e. a wall is actually made by one plane, not 6 planes as in a 3d rectangle. That single plane is centered on the wall and it is very thin.

4) “How did they know to shoot when I opened the door?” Don’t face walls or doors as the gun will stick through the wall/door giving away your position...when opening doors, I suggest face somewhat sideways, don’t face the door at 90°. Once the door opens, scan the room in an arc motion to make sure it is safe to enter. Looking at the game through your monitor, all you see is the cross-hairs and your ‘frozen gun’ , don’t forget that the gun is sticking out about 3 feet in front of you (watch people open doors in spec to see what I mean about guns sticking through doors).

5) Where to point your gun when covering a corner: If you think the enemy will ‘peek’ around the corner carefully and slowly, then aim right at the corner, either high or low depending on if you think they may be standing up or kneeling down. On the otherhand, if the enemy runs past a corner, there is a strange phenominon where you will not be able to see the enemy between the corner and about 4 feet away from the corner (I don’t know if this is a frame rate issue or perhaps computer comprehension issue-lag). In this case, keep you gun pointed about 5 feet away from the corner to be ready.

6) “Why do my bullets seem to miss the target?” There is about a 1/2 second delay between when you push your mouse button down and when your gun shoots on the screen. Check it out in a corner somewhere. This implies that you should always shoot slightly in front of someone running, otherwise, if you’re pointing directly at the enemy while shooting and they’re running, the bullets will be passing behind them.

7) Headshots get quick kills, upper torso is the next best place to shoot. On some servers I played on this is very obvious which tells me the hosts were able to adjust the ‘damage feature’. On the otherhand, if you see a body part of the enemy sticking through or beyond a wall or door, shoot it. You can kill someone if you shoot their foot, hand or whatever.

8-) “How do I shoot a sniper who is so far away I can’t see them?” Use your binoculars to line up the shot, switch to your mg and shoot.
If you have any tips or have discovered any quarks, post them!