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11-10-2010, 09:28 PM

I imagine it's almost useless to say I keep being busy or not available that much. The fact is I have more things to do than a lot of ppl because I'm the kind of person unable to say no. I wanted to clear that point in advance to feel less guilty..... if I have ideas but rarely the time to work on them :)

After a 3 months break without playing MOHAA (the only game I play) I restrated playing occasionnal games and..... noticed the same old crap was there.

The battle to prevent ppl from hacking is almost a lost battle. I based also my opinion on what is going on in a secondary school like the one I work for (average of 1800 students).

In the new society' ppl want result without efforts. + Especially since the last 2 decades, it's a society where it's in and a challenge to defy the authority. (Boss, parents, government, ...)

Classic exemples: Cartoons and teen movies.

Of course major part of the problem is also the big lack of education and explain kids and teens the consequences. Over years I have some issue with teachers who like to show kids they are cool teachers by giving them tricks to download music and software without paying a .... dime.

When you are an adult working in a school and you tell teens it's okay to do that and I will even teach you how because Madonna and Bill Gates are rich enough like that, the message you give to the kids is real sh.... I mean the message is it's okay to not be honest to get something when it's something from ppl who have more than you. How can you set limits in a rubberband way to think?

How you want to convince a young adult who use to get stuff for free since he is a teen it's not okay now to try to hack your bank account on the NET.

What I'm trying to say is I think short term education is a must but any possible tool or recipe could be helpful. Sometimes it's just little ideas...

Here is a simple but good example:



Actually it's a real paranoia. If you are good you're suspected. Doing an admin job means a lot of time to give. As far as I'm concerned, I don't think it's possible for a server admin to be always sure. It's very important to devellop a good sixth sense.

A classic example is when following a player in spec having a big ping difference with you. For example if you have a ping of 200 and you follow a player with a ping of 40, maybe what you think is prefire is just caused by the ping delay. The explanation can be as simple than the player you follow simply sees the action a few msec before you all the time.

To resume what I have in mind, I think it would be a must for any potential admin to get information to help understand very well how a game server manage the data, effect of the network, be able to analyze a specific player gameplay quickly and be able to recognize the most classical hacks.

Of course I'm talking about kind of cookbook to help any potential admin to learn quickly as possible and help develop a kind of sixth sense to make the difference between a hack er and a talented player.

It's like cars.... Why have so many cars available with a potential speed of 120 mph if the limit is 60 mph? How can we be surprised to have so many teens or young adults who die every weeks on the road?

For many young ppl it is the same for driving a crazy way than hacking. If it's possible... why not?



11-11-2010, 12:45 PM
You're right on in the first part as well as the second part (cookbook).

First part, you're right, if teachers are teaching kids how to 'cheat' to get ahead instead of teaching them principles that will help them throughout their life, then there's a real problem. I'd personally report any teacher that is helping kids to steal. I know what you mean too as I had a friend/teacher who was doing the same thing and complaining that music was getting licensed on the net and being offered for sale. He downloaded tons of songs before those new rules went into effect for him, and his children. His attitude was that anything on the internet is free no matter what... if you can get your hands on it then it's yours. I told him it was just plain unethical and that you wouldn't walk into a store and just walk out with merchandise. It's stealing period.

Your second part is something that I'd like to see incorporated into all games, a real set of tools that make it very easy for admins to incorporate anticheat measures as well as demos, ss's etc. and, to, like you said, help the admin spot the most obvious forms of cheating automatically and implement a universal ban immediately. Certainly aimbot comes to mind.

Crime, the person who commits is always has an excuse for doing so... a justification. To them they were in the right. To everyone else they've committed a crime. If you go through life and have a problem distinguishing your actions as being legal or illegal then you run the risk of getting caught and dealing with the real ramifications of your actions.

Older game titles. I hate to mention this but the older a game gets in years the more likely people will cheat it. This is partly because if they get banned they don't care because they're probably playing other games as well and it's no big loss to them.

Teenagers: It is important for teenagers to 'reject authority' to an extent, but what I really mean is 'it's important for them to gain independence in their thinking so that they may go out into the world on their own'. Unfortunately this translates sometimes into rejecting authority as a means to accomplishing their independence. It's obviously a immature attitude and can be spotted by adults pretty quick. What kids need is real leadership and example to help them gain independence without turning into a jerk.

Adults that are enabling kids to 'be criminal' should be told to cut it out.

11-11-2010, 04:07 PM
"What kids need is real leadership and example to help them gain independence without turning into a jerk"

50cent, DMC, Niko Belic, Shakira, Motlycrew(heavymetal bend, epic music, lowish behavior), these are the kids heroes today. the value system has changed, went downhill.

a cheater(douchefag or a 13y old boy) gets cought cheating, b4 he is banned he will say stuff like "so what i got a life","F*** u admin n00b" or similarities, he thinks he is cool, couse he seen 50cent smiling when getting busted. he thinks that he is cool. and if he doesent get cought than he is cool couse he trickd the police(or admins in this case), than he will go to his friends and say:
-yo dude u should see how i OWN3D that (a6)_koki admin with my rcon blocker!!
with response"
-nah man ur a n00b, i bet i could use aimbot without getting banned betther than you.

and boom goes the dinamite.

i am pleased with how pb(GGC streaming on my server) is working, the system is ok but it needs few things worked out. i think it is enough to stop cheating if the developers do a betther job.

ingame admin comands are not that nessesery(for cod atleast) we have console rcon.

p.s. how do i ban a cheater for all of pb, not just my server? today a player came on the server he used to have rcon bloker but he cant now and i wanted to ban him.

11-11-2010, 04:57 PM
how do i ban a cheater for all of pb, not just my server? today a player came on the server he used to have rcon bloker but he cant now and i wanted to ban him.

ask that in the PB directory where ppl will notice the question.