View Full Version : Troobleshooting and files recovering tool

10-23-2010, 02:12 PM

If like me you are the kind to help friends and people around to fix problems with their PC, the CB-IUSB20 (2.5"/3.5"/5.25" IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter) is a must.

This very simple tool is far to be expensive, less than 30 $ but it can help to save your life. The beauty of this little kit is because you can connect almost any HD to a laptop or any PC.

For example, suddenly your PC power supply dies and your PC stop working. You are in big trouble because you need to recover very important files in the next days for the job /school / important personal project.

As long as you have access to another PC (desktop or laptop) you just need to open the computer case and plug that kit on your HD inside. That way your HD will work like an external USB drive and you can read or write on it easily.

Another situation where this tool is very helpful is in case of virus / missing file /corrupted file problem, especially when the problem is preventing Windows to start. Whatever Windows is working or not, at least you can read on the drive and have access to all the directories and files.

1- Of course I recommand to start the work by scanning the HD for possible virus problem.
2- Because you have now access to all your personal files, the best is to copy all of them on another drive before the next steps.
3- You can add the missing file or overwrite on a corrupted file.
4- It's very rare but if nothing can be done at least you can format easily the drive.