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09-23-2010, 04:02 PM
Well I've been toying around this topic long enough. What makes a good game and what ruins it.

My attitude is if you're going to make a game, then make all the parts the best they can be, so i'm just going to start organizing my thoughts on what's right and what's not about past games.

How to Fail or Succeed at Launch of a Game:
Remember Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway? There was a real media build up of it, but the game release date kept changing, like they were waiting for the right moment and at least I could tell that they had already waited too long, and then when they did it seemed like most gamers had already moved on. The same can be said for Alan Wak (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=940.msg5269#msg5269)e where I made a post about it in April 2009... and they're talking now about releasing it in 2011. It will fail because people have already moved on.

Here's how to fail during at launch:
1-Reveal too much about the game too soon.
2-Show off your technology, or the thing that makes your game special too well, and everyone will 'get it' and feel they've already experienced it, therefore no need to get the game, or if the game is delayed will get those features in other games (because developers do copy concepts from one another).

Now look at Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2... and many others. They do 'let people know' about their game but only when there is something of substance to show... but only show little tidbits, like appetizers. Because the game is semi-developed as the public starts getting excited the game media builds up to the release.

So, to succeed before launch:
1-Reveal little, when game is developed well, close to launch date.
2-Only show tidbits and in the best light.
3-Make sure you can meet the deadline, you can't yank people's chain or you will piss them off.
4-Don't delay the launch for any reason, you can severely loose momentum. The game you made is right for the moment in time that you released it... a delay and the game will become dated.

09-23-2010, 04:23 PM
(warning, this post is a work in progress)

this is geared towards what i think of as an ultimate video game series... not for teens (i.e., it's first person shooter, not 3rd person)

What a game should have and excel at:
2-Secondary content story elements, can include character interactions, side stories or running jokes, secondary missions.
3-Achievements and other easter egg content
4-Other MPC's (computer bots) that go about their own lives. This makes the game less empty and much more active and engaging.
5-Graphically rich.
6-Expansive through space and time (if possible)
7-Multiplayer aspect (coop and full). I think the time is approaching that we will have an option of playing single player or coop for the single player portion of a game.
8-Assets, whether for the gamer or in the environment
12-interaction with environment
13-clean interface that isn't in your face
14-solid lobby experience
15-great dialogue and characters that don't resort to foul language, at least not excessive words. would be more entertaining if the 'chosen words' had some unique character to them than the standard foul words we've all heard to much..
16-character animations must be solid
17-overall immersive realistic effect
18-never 'kill' a level once a mission is over... allow the gamer to walk around and chose when they are ready to move to the next mission.
19-solid anti cheat, duh.

A video game is like a maze, it can have dead ends, and a good maze is designed with those dead ends, in fact the purpose of a maze is to make it hard to find the solution. That's not an excuse to make things impossible to see... but more an opportunity to perhaps reinforce good choices over bad one's. For instance, a gamer is a jerk, breaks the 'virtual law', lands in jail... what then? How about his next 'mission' is to get up and get dressed, then, go get breakfast, then make a license plate, etc. It's a dead end all right and the gamer will learn how to navigate the game based on the experience. It can also in effect be a secondary set of content that will enhance the overall experience.

There might be a change in how single player mode is played. I've been kicking around the idea of a multiplayer story... that is instead of single player mode... have it be a cooperative experience of gamers playing the same skill level (easy, medium, hard) to achieve a mission.

10-12-2010, 09:27 AM
Good post green. Myself, i have been writing a game for the past two years. By writing i do mean the written style and the code language. There are several factors that will raise an eyebrow, but the most important aspect is that the narrator is and has been actual gamer.

So in short, i have discussed this with three well known publishers who have expressed an interest in the project. That has included a flight out showing sketches and rendered graphics images along with story board and its adaptation from pc right through to online mmog. Yep, thats right, its a total nightmare out there, but lets face it, when discussing a title the risks are huge for both sides. It can simply bring in several 12 figure digits or it may flop and barely make a 7 figure digit. In any case, nice thread, you should expand on it.

10-12-2010, 01:30 PM
yeah i was thinking of expanding it... this was off the top of my head but really does deserve some research behind it.

good luck out there making a game... 2 years, sounds right just for the story and a few concept sketches. No doubt it is a hugh investment to make and if you don't have a real team then it's even harder to pull off if not impossible.

so when you say code, do you mean you're creating the engine behind your game?

05-29-2011, 08:49 PM
Can games be objectively rated?
That is, one must acknowledge the huge effort that is put into a game, that each game generally offers something new, like the ability to command troops, heightened graphics, or better animations. This chart hopes to put into perspective what is good and possibly point out what was critically bad about a game title which lead to it's early demise, so that we can have better games in the future, and so game developers can better protect their investment.

What it is:
A chart of FPS games versus Features... showing what features a game has, whether it works, what could be improved, what doesn't work about it.

The following Categories, broken down as such:

General Game Info
Basics about the story
Game Engine & Environment
Clan, Admin and Gamer Use Functions
Overall score

What it will include:
Will/should include analysis for each contemporary First Person Shooter (FPS) game, and/or still popular old games like COD4 and COD2, and maybe other titles like why COD3, and MOH2010 floundered and/or failed.

Each element... all of them, will be graded, to reflect an appreciation for having them in the game, from -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 or 3. Zero is reserved if the game doesn't have a particular feature at all, and negative points are if a feature is detrimental to the game or is missing when it should be there. Some items will be assigned more than 3 points like 'fun factor' or popularity.

Big Developers: In the end all the points will be added up to see where games rate, and to also see how certain games failed and why. It is hoped that by objectively analyzing the data a developer can better tune their games towards success, which in the end is good for the gamer who spends their hard earned money on them.

Small Developers: This list is also good for young groups who want to make a game as they will (hopefully) quickly see that the task is monumental and is why the credit list at the end of a game is so long. No single person can make a high quality game alone, and if they could it would take too long and the technology would pass them by.

There is another aspect about this rating system that might be good for the small developer group that wants to publish a game together. If each aspect of a game is represented by a fair quantity of points for it's difficulty, then the points can be translated into a percentage of the profits. That is, say someone builds all the weapons, someone else builds all the vehicles and so on... when all the profits are totaled they can then be divided among the people as a cooperative effort fairly.

Review will cover Single Player aspects

Single Player (SP): It should be noted that a good single player is the story of the game and lays the foundation for initial excitement for people to buy a title. Without it no one will take an interest in the first place.
Review will cover MultiPlayer aspects

Multiplayer (MP): It should be noted that a good multiplayer infuses a game title in the conscience of the gamer. Without it a game title is forgotten quickly making it harder to be a success in the future. MPs must be fun for everyone by allowing people to engage in their particular style of gaming without dominating another player's style of gaming.

Purpose of FPS to create realistic sceneros, the chart will be graded towards aspects that move in this direction, the more real the higher the score (green), acceptable (yellow), and unacceptable (red).

How to analyze each game... suggestions:

It would be great if we had the categories for the games, and then a thumbs up/down for each question, and then it total the results counting the possible points automatically. The idea of thoroughly analyzing every major title seems daunting.

One idea is to let the developer analyze their own game, if one could get them to do it.
Another idea is to give one game to one person to do the research.
The vote system noted above is another idea but probably impossible to put into practice.
The last idea is I do it myself which will be very time consuming and probably impossible considering I don't know the ins/outs of every game.
Maybe I get the modding community involved with people who have an interest in developing mods/maps for a particular engine.

Inferno (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=1102.0)

If you would like to contribute, and your suggestions are incorporated into the final outcome, you will be given credit.

05-30-2011, 12:00 AM
What is the positive aspect about this particular game that makes it different/better than other games?

Is there anything that cripples this particular game?

Does the game pander to any particular group and in what way? (-2 points) Pandering might be to make a teen type game and then offer soft graphic content on the side, including smoking references of foul language rather than creative language.

Beginning Transitions you into the game
Levels, varied or generally the same, climatic/satisfying
Teaches a lesson? Is moral/ethical?
FPS can be built around any type of story, as long as it seems convincing, is the story convincing and a great experience on it's own merits (and not compare to other games which might of told the same story)?

Characteristics of a good story:
Taken from Ron Howard's YouTube Photo Inspiration Contest: http://www.youtube.com/user/Imagination?feature=chclk

The Unknown.

When you think about it, these 8 items do represent the things a good story teller must get across in their tale. Without even one the story can lack. Good stories always weave the parts together in a consistent and seamless way. Goal gives forward momentum and purpose while the obstacle is the thing that needs to be overcome. The unknown adds excitement, mystery and fear into the equation adding fuel to all the other parts.

Typically what lacks in games are the relationships. Sometimes you set out by yourself, but newer titles are giving you squad mates which is a huge improvement, but still, typically, you are a mute actor in the story. Crysis did give you a voice, and there is another game out there where you actually use your voice to command your own movements. Portal series was pretty effective in that the computer spoke to you only, but your non-response was viewed more as a sense of determination on your part to defeat this thing that thinks it's a human, thus why would you respond to it. In most games that lack of interaction of relationships is an obvious hole in the story. One of my big ideas is to let a person speak through their mic and their voice is either transposed into the game itself, or with key words those in the game respond appropriately. imo that would take the immersion aspect to a whole new level.

Is there a single player campaign? (5 points)
Does it help with MP in terms of skill, maps, etc.? (2 points)
Does it feel like the story and/or rhythm is continued from SP into MP? (2 points)
SAVING SP ability to save progress? or have to restart level/chapter (bad as this is frustrating)
Operations: operate alone or w/ others? Do you command others? Do others work in parallel w/ you?

Does the game offer Multiplayer? (5 points)
MP Game Types, DM, TDM, CTF, OBJ, Push/Kings Rush, Capture the base, ... (1 point each type)
MP Game Type that stands out amongst the rest? (1 point each game type that is popular)

modes: hardcore or not. ...
Advanced spawning, not just one location but can you spwn w/ teammates. Is the spwn main base well protected? does it offer multiple exit points?
Map sizes: small medium large.
Pace, does it take forever to engage? are you instantly in the action? can you easily kill the person who killed you.
Do you play against other people or bots? (as in ArmA2)
Can you make your own MP campaign? (as in ArmA2)

Can friendly fire be turned on or off by admin?
Does ff result in the person doing the shooting die? (1 point)
Does ff result in the person being fired upon dying? (-1 point)

Are stats collected about a gamer's performance?

Is the game listed with GameTracker and xFire? (1 point each)

Lobby and Menu, engaging, easy to use, recognizes hardware, makes upgrading other software easy,
Game Loading, is it just a spinning wheel or is it three dimensional animated graphic element that has something to do with the game?
Story Line, is it convincing from beginning to end? does the game throw you right into a story that you have no idea what's happening except to start shooting?
Cut Scenes, do you sit through them or interact, are you frozen?
Air, Land, Sea... does the game engage these things, do you experience all?

Is the game fun enough to play again, over and over?
Are communities forming around the game?
Are there enough people on servers?
Is there anything that's frustrating about the game?

05-30-2011, 12:03 AM

Real time lighting, shadows
boom effect, depth of field effect
bump mapping,
volumetric clouds and fog.

Does the game have a good anti cheat system? (2 points)
Do the developers promote fair gaming and an anti cheat stand? (2 points)
MP Game Server? is it easy to choose PB enabled, or other anticheat servers? (2 points)
Is it easy to understand what AntiCheat is being used for the game? (1 point)

Note: Providing a good anticheat and AC message is good for gamers (protects the innocent) and good for the game in terms of credibility. Without it the game isn't worth purchasing for MultiPlayer.

Are trademarks and company logo animations short?
Can they be skipped?
Are they consolidated into one animation to save time?
Is it easy and fast to quit? (2 points)
Is it easy to see SP versus MP options?
Do you feel lost navigating the lobby? (-2 points)
Can you access options to change settings while in MP/SP?

Does the game use WASD for movement?
Does the game use R for Reload?
Does the game use E for Use?
Does the game use F for Frag?
Does the game use M for Map?
Does the game use 1, 2, 3, 4... to assigned weapons?
Does F5 autosave during Single Player?
Does F12 take a screen shot?

North indicator subtle (1 point),
Is the objective noted on the direction indicator only (1 point)
Is the objective noted 'heads up' within your view (-1 point)
Is ammo noted?
Is health noted? (1 point) in a bar (1 point), as a status (red screen that becomes clear again w/ health) (2 points)
Is there a direction indicator when being shot.
Are the graphic elements bright (bad) or subdued (better)?
Are the graphic elements large (bad) or small (good)?

Admin, CLANS and Gamer functions
Is the game clan friendly? can clans have their own servers? are they able to kick/ban people?
Screen Shots, ability to easily take them by both admin and gamer?
Is their access to a console to tweet settings? Are their limits to these settings that are reasonable?
Video, ability to easily take video/demo?
Other GUID: ability to record GUID, server, player names?
Spectator Mode?
Mod? ability to mod maps?

Maps? ability to make your own user maps?
MP, do the maps stay the same or do they alter their shape/position?
Is there a reasonable variety of high quality?
Are MP maps varied in sizes?
Are MP maps too small? Are they small, medium or large? Are they too large?
Do follow up titles upgrade old favorite maps with new features to pull their customer base forward?

Can you launch your own server from your own computer? If so, is it easy to kick and ban someone?

Sandbox? ability to have access to game engine?

OST Original Sound Track, is it appropriate, does it overwhelm and become distracting?
Voice acting, good? convincing? dialogue good?
weapon sounds good?

Bugs and updates, general support.
Perks, Kits, Achievements

according to xFire, is this game popular (FPS only), in the top 10, top 20, top 50, top 100?

05-30-2011, 12:10 AM
Environment and Modeling

Open Maps versus rat maze... a rat maze can still feel open, does it feel open? how narrow is the linear corridor, does it offer options for attack? can you outflank the enemy? are the 'blocks' natural or does it have invisible walls?

Environment: Buildings, Roads... do background buildings seem convincing? are they detailed without looking like square boxes. Can you go into buildings? are the interiors detailed? does furniture often get in your way... is it moveable, can it be destroyed, can it be shot through? do small items move when shot at or are they frozen? are the heights of opening good for kneeling or standing positions?

Interiors: curtains move w/ wind?, carpets
Environment: Land forms and background, does the land undulate? does the background feel like it's an extension of the map?
Environment: Plants
Environment: Animals
Environment: Citizens
Environment: Your Side and Enemy Side
Environment: Sky, are their moving clouds? does the sun/moon seem convincing? are there flying vehicles overhead?
Env: Wind
Env: Signs, street, stores, billboards, labels, posters, graffiti, paintings/frames,

Image Maps: pixelated at close range. can you see repetition easily? are their decals used to break up textures/add variety?

Shadows: NPC shadows quality, other objects? under vehicles? fade out at edges or sharp (bad)... highlighted by other light sources? multiple shadows for multiple lights? follow bump map or flat to plain (bad)

Atmosphere: Fog, Volumetric clouds?
Time of Day: Variety of TODs? In real time or set pieces?

Can environments be destroyed, good animations, reuseability
Good animations for destroyed vehicles, can you destroy them?
other things explode, gas stations, gas cans, oil drums, propane tanks?
destructible wood.
glass, individual?

is fire convincing
are explosions convincing
is smoke convincing, volumetric?
is there steam, other gas releases?
are there different sizes, variety of all?

is water convincing
can you swim
can you go under water
does water and other liquids exist in other places besides rivers, ponds, lakes or oceans?
do you get wet?
does it rain? and is it convincing?

can it be turned off
is it convincing

VIBRATIONS, Heat Wave and other effects
do you vibrate when explosions are close?
other rumbling effects?

05-30-2011, 12:16 AM
Guns: Model detail and texturing convincing.
Guns: Receive and cast shadows?
Guns: Receives environmental light?
Guns: Can you use them for melee attacks?
Guns: When pointing a weapon in scope/sights, does is move (1 point), or is it stationary (-1 point).
Guns: Are scopes an option for certain weapons (1 point each weapon)
Guns: When pointing a weapon in scope/sights, can you hold your breath? (1 point)
Melee Weapons: can you use melee?
Melee Weapons: can you use your fists?
Melee Weapons: can you use objects?
Melee Weapons: is melee gratuitous (bad)? (-2 points) (referring to splitting bodies in half, cutting off heads or other gratuitous things).
Can you run through bullets to get a melee kill (bad)? (-1 point).
Can you use a vehicle to kill? (1 point) (run over them)
Do vehicles have weapons you can fire? (1 point each) (motorcycle/sidecar, car, jeep, SUV, truck, half-track, hover-craft, tank, antitank/personel vehicle, helicopter, airplane, jet craft, cargo type plane (c-110?), VTOL (vertical take-off and landing)).
Can you fire from Stationary Weapons (2 point each) (mounted stationary MG, Laser-guided, Wire-guided, mortars, canon, artillery,
Flame thrower?
Grenade launcher? (1 point each type)
Bazooka/RPG? (1 point each)
Can you dismount a MG (Heavy Machine Gun) and carry to a new location? (1 point)
Can you fire rockets unguided (ground and/or air)? Can you fire missles guided like the Javelin? (1 point each)
Can you set off nuclear or other mass destruction weapons?
Can you set off smoke? (2 points) gas? (1 point)
Can you plant Claymores? C4 Explosive? IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices)? or other charges? (1 point each)
Can you customize your weapon before entering a game?
Can you customize your weapon on the fly (go to options and return in game)?
Can you customize your weapon while waiting to spawn?

cross hairs when gun in lowered position (good or bad, not sure how to rate this)
Are cross hairs customizable? (1 point)
Are cross hairs subtle (1 point)
Do cross hairs block the view and look artificial? (-1 point)

Vehicles (Land): are you in them as part of a cut scene only? (1 point for each type of vehicle)
Vehicles (Land): are they convincing (accurate and detailed), (max 3 points for all vehicles to 1 point if they have them but not convincing)
Vehicles (Land): are there destroyed vehicles? (1 point each type)
Vehicles (Land): do they look convincing when destroyed? (2 points if yes, 1 if no)
Vehicles (Land): can you drive civilian vehicles (cars, pickup trucks, construction equipment)? (1 point each vehicle)
Vehicles (Land): can you drive military vehicles (tanks, trucks, Hummers, jeeps, etc) (1 point each vehicle)

Vehicles (Air): can you fly helicopters and/or VTol type craft? (2 points) (2 points as this is harder to accomplish in terms of map size).
Vehicles (Air): can you fly planes? (3 points) (again awards more points because of map sizes).
Vehicles (Air): Do they have interiors? (1 point each vehicle)
Vehicles (Air): can you operate UAV's? (Unmanned Air Vehicles).

Vehicles (Sea): Are there hovercraft? (1 point) and can you operate it? (1 point) and can you walk around it? (1 point each vehicle).
Vehicles (Sea): Are there small craft? (1 point) and can you operate it? (1 point) and can you walk around it? (1 point each vehicle).
Vehicles (Sea): Are there war ships? (1 point) and can you operate it? (1 point) and can you walk around it? (1 point each vehicle).
Vehicles (Sea): Are there aircraft carriers? (2 points) and can you operate it? (1 point) and can you walk around the deck? (1 point), can you go below (1 point), can you go into operations control tower (1 point).
Vehicles (Sea): Are there submarines? (2 points) and can you operate it? (1 point) and can you walk around it? (1 point), can you use the periscope (1 point).
Vehicles (Sea): Is it easy to get into and out of boats when in water? (1 point each type of boat), when on land (1 point each type)

Vehicles: When destroyed, is the destruction animated? (1 points each type of vehicle that has a convincing animation)
Vehicles: When destroyed, is their fire, smoke that is well animated and shows different states over time? (max 2 points each type of vehicle category: land, air, sea)

05-30-2011, 09:58 AM
You, can you see yourself at some point in the game? use of mirror effectively?
Is the model quality of other characters convincing?
Are their movement animations convincing? Running/walking and change of direction, change of stance, getting/changing weapon, operating vehicles, operating equipment, scaling walls/windows, weapon holding positions and transitions (1 point each item)
Are the hit boxes hierarchical? (arms, legs, torso, head) (and rated differently)?
Character development, is it easy to recognize different characters and remember who they are (different profiles, sizes, dress)? (1 point)
Do characters have distinguishable voices that are easy to recognize? (1 point)
Medics, can you heal someone, how does healing take place, automatic, w/ dropped or positioned elements, or someone helps you?
Do/can others heal you and visa versa if you choose that character?
Training, is there training separate from, but part of, the game?
Is real life footage used, or are larger scenes done with the game engine (better to keep immersive experience alive)?

Scale: do characters and environment seem correct in terms of scale, or do things feel miniturized?
Can you move your head from side to side while moving forward?

AI: (artificial intelligence-bots):
Are they smart (will they take cover, alert others, try to out-flank, retreat if loosing battle)? (1 point each item).
Does it always seem like they are aiming at you? (-1 point)
Are you 'spotted' even when you're behind cover? (-1 point)
Do they sometimes not see you, even though you are obvious? (-1 point)
Do you know you're being shot at? (does dust fly up from impacts, do you have hit indicators showing you're taking damage, can you hear bullets wiz by your head) (1 point each item)
Is their dialogue convincing? (1 point for appropriate language, no points if use inappropriate language)
Is their dialogue repetitious? (1 point if repetitious, 2 points if varried) (no points if there is no dialogue)
Are their animation convincing? (do they hide effectively, do the slide or dive to cover, do they run at appropriate speeds, do they do other activities [like peeing, reading a paper, etc, .5 points each item],

Can you join a squad (4 people) and easily recognize squad members?
Is the SP alone (no points) or with others at least part of the time (2 points)?
Is SP consistently with other 'squad mates'? (2 points)
Are simple communications easy to deliver to squad mates? (2 points) (either point and click to 'say something' or bound to the keyboard)
Are built-in communications effective? (attack there, help me this way, hold/defend here, etc.) (if effective 2 points).

Can you open doors?
Can you jump?
Can you kneel?
Can you lay down?
Can you walk?
Is walking at a normal RL speed?
Can you run?
Can you sprint?
Is sprinting limited to distance?
Can you speed up time?
Can you jump through windows?
Can you climb up ladders?
Can you scale walls?
Is scaling a wall or jumping through a window done accurately? (BIA:HH)
Can you roll?
Can you crawl?

(non-combatants only, not zombies which are considered combatants or an attacking foe)
Are there civilians? (2 points)
Is killing civilians ok? (bad) (-3 points)
If you are able to kill civilians, are you severely punished by the game? (good) (3 points) (severely would be a warning first, then one would have to respawn and start the level over).
Do civilians act normally and are convincing? (3 points) (more points as adding them is typically an extra effort).

Is there a smoking reference (bad) (-3 points)
Is there a drug reference (bad if used in a casual way, -2 points) (good if noted how bad it is for you, or you are punished, 1 point).

Is there glare in your eyes (sun rays)?
Do you feel hazy when hit/wounded?

Does the game offer 3rd person viewing (bad)
If so, is it an option for the gamer? (-1 point)
If so, is it forced when driving vehicles? (-2 points), or is it optional when driving vehicles (-1 point)

3rd person is bad for this survey to help make great FPS games, as it gives an artificial advantage (in MP) to those who employ it, where some will not use it because you loose the immersive feel to the game... so our opinion is it should never be used unless the game developer doesn't want in the FPS genre of games. Result is a big negative points.

05-30-2011, 10:55 AM
Thumbs up and down ratings... looks good, maybe not so easy.

google search: thumbs up down script


05-30-2011, 12:32 PM
ok, that's a whole heck of a lot of stuff up there...

have to edit it severely without loosing it's meaning.

Columns will be grouped as follows, from left (2 items) to the middle under each game (2 items) to the right (video or ss example).
1-Rating Potential: 2-Question: 3-Points Awarded: 4-Notes about that item particular to the game. 5-Ideal situation video, comment or screenshot or all.

Each game will have an icon/background and each column will have the toned down version of the background, so that one can easily understand as they're scrolling what item is for what game.

06-05-2011, 12:56 PM
to understand this thread for those just joining the conversation, since I am now posting it in a public area, please read the first post, but here is a brief outline:

WHAT IT IS: First, it is a check list of all the things in games that we love. This could be a great list to have if you are building a game. Second, after the list is completed and can stand on it's own for our first item (a great list), it will be used to rate current game titles based on facts, and some emotional responses like the story line, atmosphere, playability, etc. This will be great in understanding why you love a certain game and perhaps why you might love it but others not so much. The rating system (points) will try to stay fair and reflect the amount of work a company would have to put into making that item a usable thing in the game.

Take a look at the different categories and if you have something you think should be added, for instance, you noticed that helmets can be shot off of a player in a particular game (Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway), which is kind of cool, then suggest adding it to the list by making a post.

I've seen a lot of people who say they're going to make a game but have no idea what they're even suggesting in terms of time and effort. I say, if you can't even read through this list and understand each item, then you should probably scale down your expectations to something more reasonable.

At the same time I've seen a lot of people talk trash about a game, saying it 'stinks.' Oh really? I say to them show me anything you've created and let me be the judge as to whether you're qualified to even make a statement. Based on experience it seems to me those who talk trash have nothing to show.

And finally, we have cheaters, who ruin games for everyone, with little regard to the damage they do and how it affects people who have poured their hearts into a project, let alone their considerable time and finances in the hopes that people will like it. Cheaters are to a game like dogs are to a garden, they piss all over until there is no life left (urine kills plants), and then with their noses to the ground they grovel and smell their 'accomplishment'. hoo rah!