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08-24-2010, 04:08 PM
You've seen their site, EvenBalance (http://www.evenbalance.com) that is. It's old, graphically that is, to put it nicely. It could 'represent' what's happening today in computer gaming rather than represent what happened when it was founded around 2000...

The first beta of PunkBuster was announced on September 21, 2000 for Half-Life. Valve Software was at the time fighting a hard battle against cheating, which had been going on since the release of the game. The first game in which PunkBuster was integrated was id Software's Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

We've taken it upon ourselves to do something about it right here: http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=1823.0

Here's their logo:


what it is, is a PUNK with the cross out symbol. so yeah, like anyone who cheats is a punk, and given that their thing is called Punk Buster well it all fits, but could that logo be better? Post your ideas and solutions here and we'll submit the best along with a new website design HackHunters is going to present to them for consideration.

The symbol basically stands for 'no'... like 'no u-turn', 'no parking', etc.

As far as their website, we are going to propose new graphics, keeping the format so that they can easily substitute images only. Personally I feel that graphically they are stuck in the late 90's. Lets put them back at the top with an image that reflects their importance.



maybe you've got a different idea that could be considered?

Note orientation of PB's symbol.

What's a 'punk' look like? Well you could use the stereo type of a 'punker' complete with mohawk... but isn't it more about the actions of an individual? What that type of person does more than how he/she may look. Lets face it 'punks' in gaming probably look all sorts of way.

So, is there a way to express the actions of a punk in gaming? I've got an idea or two, but would love to hear, or better yet SEE what you think. Sketch something out and post it.


Should you keep the current color scheme, tweak it, or change it completely.

The only thing I could add is if it's too different EvenBalance will be more likely to reject it.


Should the new logo be animated? It's up to you but certainly worth considering. If you do animate it would be wise to also have a non-animated version.


You should make your design about 6" x 6" (about 12cm) at 72 dpi. Logos can always get smaller but it's very hard to make them larger.


Like mentioned above, keeping the new look a variation of the old look will help everyone recognize it as part of EvenBalance.


You do, if we decide to use your logo, we'll tell EvenBalance that the logo was produced by you! Of course it's up to them whether to use it or not, and you can expect no thanks or public acknowledgement from them, except here at HackHunters, or if the PB graphics change goes public we'll do our best to give you acknowledgement there...

But submitting any design you acknowledge free public use and no copyright infringement of such use by any person, party, company or corporation.

What about their website design?

Can you submit ideas for other parts of EvenBalance's website? Sure! Jump in, that's what we want. Lets present to them a whole new identity that can make all AntiCheat peoples proud to be on this team.

Have they asked us to do this. Heck no! lol. But when it's obvious there is a need, sometimes you have to just do it to help that person/group as a way of saying thanks for providing us with what they're good at. Get it? So lets do it.