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06-13-2008, 09:32 PM
What's really going on and how can cheating be curtailed?

Cheaters do stoop to any and all tactics to disrupt what AntiCheat services are trying to accomplish, whether knowingly or unknowingly, by modifying their programs to overcome existing efforts, because many of them fundamentally do not think there is anything wrong with their actions. A victory for them would be for AC services to not cooperate with each other, to not combine forces, to, in effect, divide and conquer them. Why is this a victory for cheaters? It's is easier for someone to play on a server that is only protected by 1 streaming service... banned from one, no problem, just move on... not really an impact on a cheaters life, hence, the problem tends to grow (this might help: GBL (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=44.0).

Using the 'divide and conquer' tactic as an example, it's quite simple to understand what's happening in our current environment:

2 Teams: Team A starts out with say 100 as does Team B [B for Bad guys (cheaters and cheat makers)]. Lets say Team A is made up of 4 equal groups of 25 who all decide to attack Team B 'individually' (in our case, one AC protects one server). So the first group of Team A attacks... 25 A's versus 100 B's... A's are slaughtered (in our case the cheaters modify their software and share their results w/ other cheat services rendering the 25 member AC useless as their credibility as an effective AC has been lost) and Team B looses only 5 (that decide it's too much of a hassle and quit cheating). The second group of Team A attacks.... 25 A's vs 95 B's... A's are slaughtered again. Now Team A is left with only 50 total. The remainder of Team A decides to not attack (or they think they can strengthen themselves to withstand an assault).

As you can see it's effectively all over Team A as Team B can basically ignore Team A because their numbers are now well over 100. But let's see what might happen:

Team B has the momentum and starts to grow even larger. Team A realises it is in trouble as the numbers of Team B keep growing. The first thing Team A decides is that it's foolish to attack as separate groups, but to attack as one unit. Even with this new knowledge there is only one thing they can do, retreat and protect what's left, their information, their tactics. Yet they understand that they must be able to cooperate even if they don't exactly trust each other (like Russia, US, Britain, India, China, etc. did during WWII, hmmm, they made it work, omg!).

Other smaller units come on the scene and are considered 'resistance groups', some are almost pathetic as they are so small. Still, Team A decides it needs anyone and everyone or else they themselves will be doomed (as well as PC gaming) so they invite every faction to come together to 'fight' the growing evil empire.

They all meet to figure out what they're going to do.

One of the groups in Team A states that the only way to defeat Team B is though the use of special tools that only his group makes, while another group states that they have the best tools. There is fear within Team A that they may devide themselves again.

Finally, one little, tiny little group steps up and suggests that, as in WWII, the only way to defeat this growing evil enemy, is to...

[color=green]"Work Together, Coordinate our Effort, Employ mass-production to create an advantage of material (an example is THIS (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=39.0) to get clans using more than one AC), Reinforce the main means of detection while encouraging, strengthening and employing all means (as allowed by the Geneva Convention, lol). Interweave our efforts to throw Team B off balance (MidWay) to create confusion and chaos in their ranks (D-Day)".

"Divide and conquer smaller parts of Team B. Employ better blocking (strength of conventional AC's) and flanking techniques (use of new unknown means of detection) (axe and anvil tactic). Desolve them from within by changing their attitudes (Tina's Madness (http://www.youtube.com/user/HackHunters)). Ambush them by acting one way and doing something else (one example: let them think they're getting away with a cheat to catch more cheaters once the word goes out that's it's PB safe)."

"Encourage alliances with other groups (like game browsers makers, game sellers, game sites, clans) to not only help choke Team B but to send the message of 'resistance is useless'. Encourage 'neutral Teams' to side with Team A (by offering web design, help, whatever) and punish those who support Team B (reduced exposure on server browsers). Give hope to refugees by providing transportation (by strengthening AC browser recognition (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=41.0)) Separate honest teams (highlighted in Browsers) in order to coral bad teams (leaving them to flounder, or to better be able to catch more concentrated cheater groups)."

We need to employ this tactic now. Time is running out. Use our 'one voice' to encourage anyone and everyone to join Team A, but everyone must admit that they are already part of Team A before we can begin to cooperate. For this, we have to put our 'cultural' differences aside and stand on common ground when confronted with the same goals.

A unified voice can stimulate change in all sorts of realms which affect gaming. We can not, nor should we, let division occur through self-absorption. We Anti-Cheat Alliances must be the buttresses of the honest gaming community within the cathedral, it's walls made up of the 3rd party software who themselves are in alliance with us. But it is us, the AC's, each one working individually but together, to form a wall of buttresses, who together resist the gravitational forces of nature that desire to destroy the grand stage of human activity inside. Together, WE ARE STRONG.

06-13-2008, 11:15 PM
(pronounced Case)


AntiCheat Effort Symposium - Code name: ACES

Bringing together and engage AntiCheat Associations and Companies, Game Makers, 3rd Party Applications, Game Sellers, Gamers, Clans, Leagues, etc. in the effort to stop cheating in the online gaming community.

This is what I think is needed to fully engage the cheaters mind and make real changes. Right now, AC services are fighting a up hill battle, they're in the trenches trying to hold the ground as one cheater after another comes within range. The problem is, once vanished, the cheater essentially respawns. And when he does, he is able to convince others of his respawn who decide to go into the trenches with him and repeat the process all over again, allowing the problem to grow exponentially.

We need to not only block them but combine forces to offer the absolute best protection for every server interested in having and using PunkBuster... this is our first step, to strengthen our ranks, in the trenches, at each and every node (clan server).

Then we need to devise ways to separate the cheater servers from the neutral servers and encourage the neutral servers to become AC protected... this should be our second step. This means we have to provide the tools (http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=39.0) to make it easy to activate and use AC tools, all of them. The interweaving of a variety of AC tools will make it more difficult for cheaters to penetrate into a server. While employing this effort, AC's should employ traps to catch as many cheaters as possible, sending a stronger message through the ranks of the cheat world.

While strengthening our front lines, cheaters will begin to become 'corralled', in other words, left with fewer choices of servers to game on. This corralling effect will be further strengthened by cooperation from Game Manufacturers, Game sellers, Game Browser providers, etc. as they will be more likely convinced of their need for action when that call is made by 'one voice'. And if they do not cooperate, a simple 'non-supported' by everyone in unison should get the message across.

Utlimately, the outcome of a Convention of the Anti Cheat Effort will help strengthen everyones tools, increase the membership of every existing service, rebuild the confidence of the gaming community and allow Manufacturers to enjoy more longevity and profits from their hard work, resulting in a better gaming experience for everyone.

"I don't think it'll work, get everyone together, have them cooperate, no way..."

Of course it would work, here's why...

First, a few big boys have to like the idea, lets start with EA or Infinity Ward. Why would they come? They stand to make more money just through the publicity of a Convention... this would be great PR for them. Most others would follow just to see what it's all about, to see what the Game Manufacturers think about it. What might convince them to come, a simple statement that all existing AC services are planning the event.

Second, the convention would/could be in New York City... at least that's my suggestion. There are a lot of new, expensive & inexpensive, close to transportation hotels going up right here in Brooklyn. Why Brooklyn? Well, you never know but HackHunters might have it's first HUNTrBEAN gaming cafe launched by the time a convention is hosted and while New York City makes for a nice place to visit, I think everyone will want to tour our HUNTrBEAN gaming cafe, don't you think? ;)

;D ;D ;D

:-\ okay, maybe new york city is the draw... :'(

now i know some may be shocked by this idea :o but i think 'enough said'

by me

your turn...

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create poll of 'which is the right picture'

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Now this is the crap i love to see. actually moving progress.

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”- Walt Disney

We need to start CACE or ACES and get this stuff moving.

03-28-2009, 12:50 PM
Any Idea when your starting this? I would love to be apart of this effort.