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06-13-2008, 03:55 PM

You've seen this before: "We have Cheat Codes" advertised only many legitimate sites who are actually only promoting 'cheats' for single player mode.

The problem with saying 'Cheat' is that, especially young people, many assume that using cheats is okay, even though it's just for the single player game and, when they get to multiplayer they ask themselves, "why can't I use cheats with multiplayer too? " "After all, now I not only know how to use them but I know what they can do, and, they help me." Sounds innocent enough to me.

What a way to start out selling a game, sites jumping in with exclamations in order to draw in more users, to drive up traffic, to gain more revenue with advertising, offering the use of 'cheats' which essentially becomes: Class 101, An Introduction Into Online Cheating. Because once one starts searching for 'Cheats' for single player, one runs into multiplayer cheat sites... it's not that big of a leap if one can consider it a leap at all!

As I see it, using the term 'Cheat' for single player games is embedding the notion that using the 'Cheat', even in multiplayer games, is okay and acceptable.

Unfortunately for us AC services, the term CHEAT sounds exciting and catchy, i.e., helps generate revenue. So what can be done about the term Cheat, if anything, when it really is just a form of recon for the individual during single player mode? Well, someone could think of another catchy term that captures the spirit of having this ability in single player mode.

This would be hard, but certainly worth a try. If a new term was adopted by Game Manufacturers, it could easily set a new trend.

Here's a few ideas instead of Cheat Codes: SP = Single Player
SP Power Recon
SP Strategic Advantage

Anyone else?

Do you agree it's a problem?

Do you feel it's use in an innocent single player mode engrains the term into our cultural thinking as okay?

Perhaps game manufacturers should stop creating cheat codes for single player altogether? I mean, do they really think offering cheat codes will get more people to buy their game?... "oh, did you see that new game, it offers cheat codes for single player, I'm going to buy that one"... I mean, give me a break.

Here's a quote taken from where I got the above banner:
"Stumped? Then you may need some help, thanks to the cheat codes that are commonly placed in most video games."

Yeah, the more I think about it, this problem is fundamentally emanating from the game manufacturers themselves. The only solution there is to convince the makers, themselves caught up in the excitement of their own product and ask, perhaps plead, with them to change their attitude. Yikes, that is definitely a tough one to achieve.

This is a forum for ideas, do you agree... .then post it. Do you disagree, then post that. Get Involved!

Lil B_F
06-24-2008, 04:02 PM
Wow, I must admit I never thought about this! The thing about SP cheats is you only cheat yourself, out of a learning opportunity. By that I mean learning how to persevere and figure things out. I admit I have looked at SP cheats, used a walkthrough but in the end i felt, cheated! I paid all that money for a game, then i cheated to finish!! Very unsatisfying and i never did it again!

Thanks greenbean for bringing this up!

Lil B_F

07-05-2008, 05:30 PM
Using walkthroughs is not a big deal with single player or even using 'cheats' when playing single player as no one is being abused. I used walkthroughs all the time playing the MYST series (puzzle genre) and a few times to find the computer 'intelligence' items in COD4. The real problem comes when someone comes to think that cheating, done in single player, is an acceptable form of game play and then brings that attitude into multiplayer.

The 'cheating is okay attitude' is typically an attitude accepted by younger players as they do not fully understand the implications of what cheating does, not only to other players but also the longevity of the game, which they love to play. Ironic isn't it that cheaters are supposidely having a great time cheating that eventually kills the game they love, because the masses of honest gamers eventually leave to go to other games sick of all the cheating.

So evolves the terminology of 'punks' denoting the younger generation... therefore, if you ARE over 18, one would expect you not to cheat as now you are an adult and should know better, i.e. understand the consequences of your actions.

BELONGING: Not only are we up against the above, which is an innocent attempt of helping people play and enjoy single player modes, but we are also up against those who sell real multiplayer cheats as they do their best to build a culture of excitement and belonging. After all, they have money they can make. For instance, many younger people think that if they don't have a high score, no matter how it is achieved, they won't get into a clan or won't feel they are popular. Well for those who think this let me say I haven't seen one worthy clan consider high scores important. Why do you think many clans advertise 'mature players only'? They don't want to deal with the immature attitudes that cheaters have....

THE GREATEST PLAYER SYNDROM: And there is also the 'he is the greatest player ever to walk the earth... i.e., the 'pin ball wizzard' (a song made in the 70's about a blind kid who could beat everyone, Elton John song... omg I'm old :-)).... the 'SuperMan of the Gaming World'... woohoo, he's soooo great, yay! ;D :D ;D Here the person wants to be the greatest player ever for sake of respect... just look at athletes who have tested positive for steroids to understand how the public feels about them cheating before you consider doing it yourself. People do have respect for real skill, they have distain for cheaters.

07-06-2008, 05:47 PM

I'm a bit frustrated about myself because seems I'm the kind to not learn from my precedent errors.

It happened to me once in the past here to lose a message because my login time was expired so I was supposed to be very prudent now. Guess what? I wasn't and I lost the post I was working on two days in a row. :D

With that said, are you sure you still trusting me for a tech section? ;D

This time I'll go with only one subject by reply...


Today, let's talk about a few philosophic things.

You know, I heard and read so many things in the past than sometimes I don't know what we should trust and what we shouldn't.

A lot of ppl are convinced online games are not seriously protected against hackers because in a certain way, it's a good thing for the companies who developed the products for three major reasons.

1 - Their first objective is to sell games for making $$$$$, so they don't care that much about who buy the game. (You know some customers wait until hacks are available before buying a game?)

2 - Whatever the different hackers profiles, the most common reason is because they don't want to work hard to have good performances. In a certain way, that means they can switch easily to any game they want because they don't need a big training. For that specific reason, they are good potential customers.

3 - The only way for developpers to make $ is to sell something new every 1-2 years. But who would like to switch for a new version if the actual one was very good and so well protected than it was hackers free?

Now I have a question for you folks.... 8)

When was the last time you've seen or heard about a company working on a serious patch to help prevent hacking or on a serious upgrade that can helps to keep a game version alive for a very long time?


Last thing about that subject. Honestly, why offering stuff like that?


Is it a good idea to put potential cheats for single player mode in a game and have all the informations available to everyone? A lot of ppl feel it's just a way to give clue to potential programmers with bad intentions.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who heard stuff like that so it would be intersting to have more inputs.

CYA, soon

07-20-2008, 03:49 PM
We just sent the following letter to IGN.com (and http://cheats.ign.com/sendcheats.html) and GamesRadar, just 2 of the hundreds of sites that use 'Cheats' as a way to get people into their site... our request: to use the term 'hints'.

Maybe this is actually false advertising to use the term 'cheats'... hmmm, have to think about that. Anyway the letter:

Dear (gamers site),

Most of the time we at HackHunters and all the other AntiCheat organizations here and around the world are fighting an up hill battle when it comes to what people consider acceptable behavior and in our case, the use of Cheats in Multi-Player Online Gaming.

We understand that you do not offer Cheats for Multiplayer Online Gaming, but unfortunately you are making a contribution to its use from those who are easily misguided by using the term 'cheat' when you proudly display it all over your site. Here's the problem, the general use of the term in what amounts to acceptable forums such as yours, in offering 'hints' people can use when playing single player becomes embedded in especially young minds as 'cheating is acceptable'. So what was offered as help turns into something that in online gaming actually destroys the very game that people 'were' enjoying, hence, people stop playing the game as it becomes frustrating to find a fair server to play on, even if the interaction with a cheater is rare.

Our only suggestion to you is to use the term 'Hints" instead of 'Cheats'.

If you make this change, and we hope you do, you will not only show your support for the AC movement but also show all your users that you care enough about this genre of entertainment to do something truly positive for its benefit. Remember that those who cheat in online multiplayer gaming are in the minority. The majority of your users are honest people.

Best regards and thank you for your consideration,

The HackHunters Team

07-20-2008, 09:05 PM
1st reply from IGN:

Dear HackHunters,

We have passed your comments to the appropiate team for review. You can also try to complete the following form to send your feedback to the editors of the site. http://cheats.ign.com/sendcheats.html

Kind Regards,
Julie Lessard Lead Account Specialist,
Customer Service