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06-23-2010, 10:02 AM
Dear HackHunters,
I personally thank you for the comment you posted on my channel. I now realize that i shouldn't hack on online gaming because in the future, I might be in jailed for doing that. I now stop hacking on online games and will try to encourage others as you did to me :). I hope you should know that i didn't make the hack, I downloaded from a website. Why I hacked online games in the first place is when other people started hacking. I was frusturated with other hackers ruining the game that I started searching up hacks and downloaded and used them. So you now why I was driven to hacking. I now thank you for turning my life around.

Best Regards, -

No problem.

We're all in the same boat and whether it floats or not is up to every individual. Making good choices definitely shows maturity.

There are a lot of great servers that not only stream PunkBuster (PB) but also other anti cheat software which means there are servers where you can play fair and feel confident that others are playing fair too.

If you want to find fair clans go to pbbans.com or punksbusted.com and see who is streaming to their programs. there you will find servers that are safe to game on, and will test your skill with the game. If you feel you're getting clobbered, try a different strategy. I often will switch weapon sets or try a different path to gain an advantage.

Best of luck to you.