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Welcome to HackHunters Gaming Tutorials for BattleField Bad Company 2

For those familiar with HackHunters, one of the things we strive to accomplish is to provide information that will help you to enjoy your gaming experience more. Our gaming tutorials are no different. If we can't find on the www solid info to get help you achieve that goal, we will create it ourselves.

Our other goal is to help beginners master the basics quickly to help them get into the flow of things. This is why you'll see that we start out with the very basics in our tutorials, that we outline things in easy step by step ways that are easy to understand... that we're not about the 'flash and pizzazz' of it all, doing a fake DJ sounding thing that, well, trys to impress you instead of delivering the stuff you need.

Take a look at any of the tutorials or guides we create. Simple, easy to understand and direct.

If you master the fundamentals, you'll become a master. Enjoy.

The HackHunters Team.

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So you picked up a copy of BFBC2. Great, you're in for a fantastic multiplayer experience unlike other fps that'll blow your socks off. Why? Because it puts you in the middle of an incredible battle that allows you to influence which side will ultimately win.

Unlike most fps, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a squad based game. This means the success of your side is depandant on how well the squads on your side work together to defeat the enemy. It's that simple. But you have to have the right attitude and knowledge to make this happen.

One of the first things you need to know is on softcore servers (not Hard Core) the enemy will sometimes have orange triangles above their heads. This is because someone on your side has spotted them and pressed the 'Q' key. As a newbie this is exactly what you should learn to do and do it all the time. Each time you spot someone and they're killed, you get points and it pushes your team closer to victory.

Second, this isn't a run-n-gun type game although the action is fast. If you go out running down the middle of the street shooting off grenades you will get killed fast, and then you'll have to wait 10+ seconds to respawn. It's not like the instant respawning of COD series of games. Also, each person on your team who dies moves your side one death closer to defeat... you can keep track of which side is winning when you die... there's a counter for each side near the soldier selection window.

Third, after you die you'll see a mini-map. Those triangles that are in Green are your squad mates. Click on one of them and you'll see a white circle around them. This means you will spawn next to that person (unless they die... it's best to wait until the clock reaches 1 second before selecting a squad mate in case they get shot and you find yourself spawning at the home base). Alternatively you can click on a squad members name or the generic 'home base' names to spawn there. If a name is grayed out that means your squad mate is also dead and awaiting respawn. If you press TAB you'll see the overall scoreboard showing both sides. When you're dead you can not type messages, but you can still chat to your squad. In fact, voice chat is for your squad only.

Fourth, pressing 'Q' at other objects and people on your squad sends your squad automatically generated messages. There's no COD pre-defined list of text messages or voice chats, instead BFBC2 knows what you are trying to communicate. For instance, if you're wounded and you press 'Q' looking at a medic (note the + sign when viewing him at a distance) the voice you hear will be you requesting medical attention. Likewise if you're running low on ammo and press 'Q' while looking at an Assault soldier (noted by lighting bolt symbol) you'll hear yourself request ammunition.

Here's some of the basics: Soldier Types

There are four classes to choose from and each as it's particular function: Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon. Lets get rid of those stereo types right off the bat before you think you know what they mean....

1) Assault Soldier: He's there to resupply everyone else. His weapons allow him to put down smoke to protect advances of his/her squad mates. He has a 'noob tube' designed to quick entry into structures (make your own door) and will be the one to make offensive pushes into enemy territory with the help of his squad. But watch it using the tube, you'll give yourselfs and your squads position away to the enemy who might blast you with a mortar strike.

2) Engineer Soldier: He's there to repair tanks, helicopters and other heavy vehicles if they become damaged. He's there to fire rocket launchers at heavy targets like tanks and helicopters.

3) Medic Soldier: Will yes, he's there to provide health to wounded solders on your side or to revive them if they're dead (after achieving enough points to pick up these two perks). But don't think of the medic as some sort of softy... he's typically packing a heavy MG, or a shotty that can kill at 100 yards.

4) Recon Soldier: Okay you're thinking 'Yay, sniper. I can sit quietly in a corner somewhere and just pick people off'. WRONG. This class is called 'Recon' not 'Sniper'. Get it? It's not that you can't go off somewhere and snipe, it's that your real task is to provide intelligence as to where the enemy is. If you think about it Recon soldiers are typically in front of the troops... not behind them sniping. So, as a Recon you will be able to call in mortar strikes (when you gain enough points), use the tommy gun and other types of weapons... not just sniper rifles and play an important role in helping your squad and side attain victory.

Here's some of the basics: Game Types


What is an MCOM station and how do you blow one up or, diffuse one?

If you're defending, tear down trees and blow holes on your side of buildings at MCom Stations so your side can kill anyone trying to plant... but don't destroy the building or it may collapse and blow up the MCom station without anyone planting. Try not to blow holes in the building on the enemy side, or you'll aid them in gaining access and guarding a planted MCom Station. This is a perfect task for a beginner as it'll help your side win the game... but it very hard to do if only a few people are playing on the server.

If you're a beginner, use the tracer dart pistol and help your team by tagging heavy armor. Just point directly at a stationary target and fire. The bright red marker will make it easy for everyone on your side to see the tank, and, it also shows up on the mini-map so no one accidently runs into the path of the tank.

MCOM Stations: Do you know how to destroy an MCOM Station? Yes, press your Use Key (I've bound 'T' for my Use key but think that 'E' is the default), and then wait 30 seconds for it to explode trying to fend off the other side from disarming it, or, you they can be destroyed by heavy weapons fire, mortars, c4 explosives, or when a structure housing the MCOM is destroyed. The MCOM is highly susceptible to C4 and Tank Fire. Remember the Defenders have unlimited reinforcement tickets and only need to worry about eliminating the enemy’s reinforcement tickets, so watch your tickets and let your side know if they are getting low.


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Recon Motion Sensors are standard issue for the recon/sniper class when you reach a certain level. You don't have to select it with your kit. They pick up enemy motion from ground troops or vehicles that are moving. They are little round balls thrown by a recon trooper that are indestructible.

Here are some things you should know about Motion Sensors:

1) They can be thrown quite far, about 35 meters (about 80 feet distance), with a white dot to help steer the direction of the toss. It lasts for 20 seconds and senses enemy movement within a 20 meter range (about 70 feet radius).

2) They are only available to recon class, which is earned as an unlock after 900 points.

3) There are 3 balls available, unless the recon is resupplied by someone from the assault class. You can request resupply by press 'Q' when looking at an assault class teammate (as well as medic attention to medic personnel if you're injured).

4) You can throw them through glass, but not fencing or other objects. You can't kill and enemy with an impact, but I've tried, lol.

5) Both sides can see any motion sensors on the ground. They can not be destroyed (I've tried that too) or deactivated by anything, including nades, collapsing buildings, smoke... nothing. Both sides can hear the motion sensor beeping.

6) Only one sensor can work at a time... if you throw a seond one in quick succession after the first, the first motion sensor will become deactivated.

7) Motion Sensors only detect movement of enemy troops and vehicles... if you hear the beeping sound of a motion sensor check your radar. If you see orange triangles (the enemy) on the radar map then that means it is a friendly motion sensor and your position won't be revealed on the map. If you don't see orange triangles then it is an enemy motion sensor... STOP MOVING because you have been detected on the map. Within 2 seconds the beeping will stop. Wait for up to 20 seconds (the longest a motion sensor can last) before moving out. It does not put orange triangles over the enemies head in 3D view window, only in the maps.

8 ) To be undetected by an enemy motion sensor, don't move. You can still turn and look around, shoot, drop med and ammo kits... but walking, crouching, running will all get you detected as heard by the beeping sound.

9) You can see the location of a friendly sensor on your radar with a white pulsating halo on both the mini-map and the main map (press M).

10) Think of the beeping like sonar on a submarine... when it beeps it sends out a signal which bounces off anything that moves. Therefore the orange triangle that appears on the radar of an enemy moving only appears when there's a beep sound... other times, during silence, nothing will show on the radar.

11) If you throw a motion sensor and a teammate gets a kill of someone detected by the motion sensor, you will get 20 points.

12) If placed on the first floor of a building it will reveal enemy occupants on the second floor.

13) Sensors can detect mines (to be confirmed)


1) Kill a sniper, pick up his/her kit, toss their motion sensors to see if any enemy are near by, take back your own kit and move in.

2) Motion sensors can show you the direction the enemy is looking, so you can out-flank them.

3) If you throw them over a building it will reveal enemy occupants inside.

4) Stand near a resupply kit dropped by an assault trooper, then just throw an unlimited supply of sensors until you discover where the enemy is. Do so while you have the map open (M) to get a better sense of where they are.

Source for much of the info: http://www.youtube.com/user/BadCompany2Training which is one of HackHunters YouTube Favorites.

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Tracer Darts can be a great way to eliminate enemy armor, helicopters or other battlefield nuisances. They are essentially a laser light that will allow the first 2 rocket launchers in the list of the Engineer's kit, to lock onto the target even if they don't have a clear line of sight to the target. The RPG and the Carl Gustave (CG) rocket launchers work with Tracer Darts.


Here are some things you should know about Tracer Darts:

1) The Tracer Dart Pistol are part of the Standard Recon, Assault, Medic and Engineering Class from the beginning of playing BFBC2. Instead of choosing a pistol, choose a tracer dart weapon on maps with tanks to help your team. The Tracer Dart Pistol (TDP) has the long barrel and is at the end of the pistol list. If you are a Recon Class, it is best to select the tommy gun rather than the bolt action sniper rifle or you'll be a sitting duck if the enemy rushes your position.

2) When shooting a tracer dart, point directly at the target no matter how far away it is. It shoots straight with no gravity effects and can shoot up to 300 meters, the distance of most maps. Use your sniper rifle to zoom in on a target and then switch to the TDP for accuracy.

3) Tracer Darts stick to vehicles and humans. When you shoot you will be notified with points if your shot was successful. You don't have to look to see if it hits (in other words, hide once you fire). Tracer Darts leave a red trail after you fire them which will reveal your position.

4) If you can, aim for the top side of a vehicle so that missiles coming from above make a direct hit.

5) Tracer Darts can be deactivated with the use of smoke (Assault Kit or from a vehicle smoke kit selection).

6) Tanks that have a tracer dart on them will alert the tank crew that they've been tagged or 'Locked On'. If so either the tank driver can deploy smoke (if they selected this option in the last row of kit options) or someone on your team can shoot a smoke grenade at the tank to deactivate the dart.

7) You can shoot an enemy snipers with a tracer dart (as well as UAV's, Helios, Tanks, enemy personel, etc.) with darts. It's a fun way to make a sniper run from their position and then bonk them from above with a Carl Gustav.... and they thought they could hide.

8 ) Another way to knock off a tracer dart from a tank is to damage it, if that part of the tank can be damaged. They TD's, can't be removed with the engineer tool or any other method... smoke is the best method for deactivating tracer darts.

9) If TD's hit a tree, the ground, a building or other object they do not function.

10) There are a limited amount of Tracer Darts... I believe there are 5 (to be verified). You can be resupplied with TD's from an assault class trooper. If you see a dead enemy assault class trooper, pick up their kit, drop a supply box, pick up your kit again and resupply yourself. To get the attention of an Assault Class Trooper, look in their direction and press 'Q' to communicate 'I need resupply...'.

11) When shooting at moving targets, shoot in front of them in order to get a hit. Remember TD's do not drop due to gravity so it can be tricky. Best to wait until a vehicle slows down.

12) It's always better to shoot the side, top or rear of a tank as it only takes 2 hits versus 3 from the front to kill it.


The proper way to use tracer darts:

1) Locking on: Once someone tags a vehicle / person with a tracer dart, use the sights of your RPG-7 or Carl Gustav and keep the crosshairs trained on the 'box' that appears on the target until the distance between you and the target pops up on the screen; note that you can do this behind cover.

2) Firing: once you've got the target locked, if your attacking ground vehicles, I would strongly suggest that you shoot upwards; I can't quite prove this, but it seems that you can get one hit kills if your missile hits your target straight from the top (even tanks).

3) Repeat 1 and 2 as necessary.

Source for 'Tips' portion provided by: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/519803.page

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This is worth a look... and it's worth studing if you want to be good in Bad Company 2.

Tips & Tricks: How Not to be a Noob at Battlefield Bad Company 2


Some really good points.

Especially the communication parts, pressing the 'Q' (for PC versus the 'back button' on console like he refers to) when pointing at a squad mate will ask them for resupply... but it also help coordinate your efforts, like when you point at an objective and press 'Q' it tells them to attack that target (never knew that one).

Despite the style of the video (which is distracting versus informative), it is full of info that the moderate player will find useful. Oh, and this isn't 'basics'... when you're first become a Medic you can't drop med kits or defib someone until you get enough points in that class to achieve those things.

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