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04-06-2010, 11:19 PM
Well basically. I am trying to fill out an essay towards this scholarship for $3000. So I need some help coming up how to write it. I have a few but I want to get multiple perspectives of the question. So please respond please.

The information system known as technology frequently has social implications on educational, business, entertainment and/or political levels. Explain what you feel are the technology community’s social responsibilities in educating and giving back to the general public.

04-08-2010, 01:55 AM
so the question is saying:

Technology provides humanity with quicker dissemination of information which has implications....

this quicker dissemination creates the conditions that more humans will be able to absorb more information, unlike in the historical past where only a select group might have access to higher educational resources, assuming it is delivered accurately and factually, and thus can be relied upon.

Fundamentally speaking, technological development is geared towards commercial rewards...

But the overall effect of technological developement is one in which society as a hole benefits as noted above....

As with any commercial enterprise, not just the technological factions, one can ask what is their social responsibility to society? Fundamentally this is really a question which must be asked to individuals on a personal ethical level in everything we do as humans...

what I'm saying by saying... so the question is saying... is, look closely at the question and break it down to fully understand the different parts, and then try to answer them in an honest way. The above is how i look at that question but you may have a different point of view.

good luck.