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04-02-2010, 01:31 PM
Andrew Moreno
April 2, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2


The Battlefield series of games has been around since 2002 when EA first released Battlefield 1942. There are a total of 7 games in this series, Battlefield Bad Company 2 being the 8th, and a follow up to Battlefield Bad Company. Since you've had 8 years to play the Battlefield games I'm willing to bet you already know if you like the series, or not.

Like me, most of you probably love the series, love the game play, love the action and most of all, I love the fun. Sure! I prefer Delta Force: Black Hawk Down game or Americas Army 3 game for example, but there’s no denying that I love the gaming fun that comes with the Battlefield series.

Main Menu:

Single Player

I can personally say that out of any of the BF series that I have played. Bad Company 2 actually has a real single player with missions, and great maps. The graphics and sound is amazing! It makes me feel like I am in the battle field getting shot at.

Here’s some sweet screenshots I’ve taken:


Keep quiet! Enter red zone now!

Good morning view, wheres the damn coffee!

Look at the smoke! Must be a hell of a fire fight.

Well, back to the story line. You are one of your squad members; you assume the role of Preston Marlow. He was the hero of the storyline in the first Bad Company, so now he is taking on the hero again in Bad Company 2. Most of the game, you approach your mission on foot, in a tank, helicopter, and more! You have to make your way through dense jungle, sand stormed deserts, and cold blizzard mountains shooting through enemies that are just as skilled as you. Assuming you like to play with your difficulty on HARD. It makes sense that you should, because enemies in the online Multiplayer are 5 times harder. As you play through the single player, you will experience the full effect of being rained on, the roofs and walls around you exploding causing that deafening explosion shock that will get your adrenaline running high. You’re just going to have to buy the game to see for yourself!

Now for the multiplayer!

First off, lets get started by explaining the different types of game modes and maps. Multiplayer serves up a few game types: Rush (and Squad Rush), Conquest and Team Deathmatch. Rush mode tasks you with either attacking or defending M-Com stations. After the attacking team has destroyed the first set of stations, another set is opened until all have been taken out. The defending team has an unlimited number of respawn’s, attackers only have so many tickets to be punched until they blow up Com centers. Run out of tickets and your match is over. Conquest is a King of the Hill type mode that will have teams vying for control of 3 points on the map. Both teams have tickets in this mode and the team with fewer capture points held loses more tickets per death. Team Deathmatch is just that, not much more to say about it.
The maps you'll play on in Rush mode are large, but opened in small chunks as M-Com stations are destroyed. In presenting the maps this way, it helps to keep the game play concentrated in more focused areas. Conquest maps are medium to large and either have 3 or 4 points to capture and hold. In Conquest the entire map is opened from the start and teams start on opposite ends. As of this writing, I haven't dabbled much into the Deathmatch aspect of this game because that isn't designed for TDM, it's made for squad based game play.

On every map, you'll find a wide variety of vehicles; tanks, apc’s, helicopters for attack or transport, atv’s and uav’s abound. Vehicles can turn the tide of a battle quickly and a great helicopter pilot/gunner combination can flat out dominate. There is a steep learning curve to flying the choppers, but once you get it down and can make fluid passes around the map, you'll rack up the assist points in no time. As you're given the ability to spawn on your squad, vehicles are a welcome safe-haven to get back into the action quickly without dying straight away.

There are 4 sets of character classes you can play with; Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon. The Assault class is your run of the mill rifle carrying grunt. He'll be on the front lines trying to capture points, but more importantly, resupplying the rest of the team/squad. The Engineer is your best line of defense against enemy vehicles and also your best chance to keep friendly vehicles in working order. He's also pretty adept at taking out enemy snipers with a sub-machine gun. Medics are saviors on the battlefield. They have light machine guns to lay down cover fire and medi-packs that keep your team healthy and happy. Throw in the ability to revive downed friendlies after a few level-ups and you've got the makings of a power class. The Recon class catches the most grief from the community. Donned in a ghilly suit, armed with a sniper rifle and the ability to see enemies from a great distance, this class has the important task of picking out enemy troops to keep those on the front line in the know of enemy positions.

There are 3 leveling systems in the game; individual class leveling, vehicle leveling and overall ranking. You could theoretically play through your entire multiplayer existence as nothing but a single class; at some point, you'll want to try others out to get a better feel for the game. Leveling specific classes will unlock new weapons and gadgets for that class. Overall ranking will open up weapons and abilities that can be used across all classes. Vehicle leveling will give you new vehicle perks.
The ambiance in this game is superb. Bullets zoom past you, explosions boom in the distance and buildings groan as they begin to fall around you. The sound in this game will be music to your ears. There's no other way to describe it but enveloping. The gun and player models may not be as stunning as their Modern Warfare counterparts, but they still look good. The bulk of the graphical prowess of this game went to the environment and vehicle modeling. You will be absolutely blown away once you realize virtually everything can be destroyed. Need a path through some buildings? Throw some C4 onto the wall and open a hole. Sick of snipers in attics? Take a tank and launch a few shells to get rid of his little hiding spot.

The absolute best part of the game is the bullet drop. If you aim across the map, you have to shoot above your target. When your target is moving from side to side, you'll need to lead them. The bar has been set remarkably high for multiplayer experience in shooters moving forward. This game is what we all hoped Modern Warfare to be; realistic and fun.

Greatness withstanding, there are a few flaws that have been a bit irking in some of the matches. Sniper's ghilly suits will pop in from time to time. Randomly, your game may drop its connection to the server.

Now for some maps:

Panama Canal

Description: Units in contact are being rotated out as a result of combat fatigue. Weeks of fighting have left the harbor in ruins and the surrounding area littered with destroyed equipment. Armored movement is hampered and deadly kill zones mare the ground. U.S Forces are staging an assault of the industrial port with the objective to seize, retain and exploit the area. Control of the canal will allow larger-scale Strategic Operations along the South West Pacific coast.

Port Valdez

Description: Russian Forces are posed to attack the harbor in an attempt to seize the Trans Alaskan Pipeline. Without regard to arctic conditions, the area has been probed by Russian Pathfinders indicating an airborne assault is planned. U.S interrogation of captured Russian paras revealed that MBTs will be, or have been, airlifted into the area. All armor assets and attack helicopters are being diverted to the sector. No fallback exists for either side. This engagement will decide the outcome of the war.

Valparaiso Village

Description: The American capture of Valparaiso is the next phase in their strategic plan to repel Russian Forces from Chile. Any U.S. invasion will inevitably consist of a land assault through the outlying jungle areas and an amphibious landing of infantry and armored forces along the coast. The U.S objective is the Power Station on the outskirts of the city. If the installation can be captured and services cut off, the liberation of the city will inevitably follow suit.

Laguna Alta

Description: Several days ago a large Russian counter attack overran U.S. Camp “Christopher” and destroyed a supply train carrying vital equipment. U.S Forces are mustering to recapture the area. They are trying to establish a buffer zone near the woodlands so their Battle Group can move unimpeded across the bridge connecting the opposing high ground. Intelligence reports and Recon patrols have exposed a large number of Russian troops and IFVs that have reinforced the camp since the attack occurred.

Isla Inocentes

Description: U.S. Forces are desperate to open a supply route for an Armored Battle Group engaged in fighting further inland. A Russian Artillery base controls the area and counters any breakout actions launched. The base is well defended and has been successful in repelling previous attacks. Destruction of the base and control of the woodlands will allow U.S Amphibious Forces to land and open a second front, which is critical in their plan to liberate South America.

Atacama Desert

Description: A Russian Naval Group is preparing a massive amphibious assault. Defending the shore are 3 U.S fortifications and a string of artillery defenses. Should the Russians establish a beachhead and overrun U.S. positions, they will be free to advance further inland. With weather deteriorating and sandstorms approaching, U.S. Command has consolidated all available forces to meet the Russian threat. As a result of the open ground, a large-scale armor battle supported by attack helicopters seems likely.

Arica Harbor

Description: Following the results of the armor assault at Atacama, U.S Command insists on a similar action to capture the port of Arica. The assault group will launch a “break through” action directly at the Russian base. If the fight dictates, the Battle Group will cut directly through the town located on the axis of advance. Collateral damage is of no consequence. The Russian base must be destroyed in order to cross the desert and reach the port. Heavy casualties are expected on both sides.

White Pass

Description: As the weather has cleared and snowfall relented, Russian Forces are massing for an assault on White Pass and the satellite relay station located there. The local town has not been attacked, but Russian units have probed defenses in the surrounding woods. The sector has strategic value to U.S Forces as it allows control of inland routes. Should the area fall into Russian hands, a line of advance will present itself directly to Nelson Bay.

Nelson Bay

Description: Winter has hit hard. The river has frozen allowing heavy equipment and personnel to operate throughout the sector. However, the extreme weather and surrounding woods make it unlikely that any assault will consist of heavy armor. Satellite reconnaissance indicates Russian Special Forces and airborne units have been pulled away from South America and are gathering on mass. A nighttime assault is eminent. Nelson Bay harbors an underground U.S submarine base that will be defended at all cost.

Laguna Presa

Description: The valley and surrounding mountains possess a strategic value in the battle for South America. Construction of the nearby Dam was halted when hostilities broke out, but its presence is still a significant factor. Airborne operations are limited but infantry assault supported by light armor vehicles is likely by both armies. U.S Forces are massing all available units to stage a defense and have wired the dam to prevent it from falling into Russian hands.

Overall the total game play and experience in Bad Company 2 is great! Not only are you going to have fun, but you have over 3000 servers to chose from.

04-02-2010, 07:03 PM
Great review Moreno,

I have to agree that there are at least 3 main things that set BFBC2 above the rest, the sounds (realistic and well blended with background sounds, voices, etc), the environments (very nicely detailed and realistic, along with destructibles) and the maps/game modes that like you said will expand when certain areas are captured (like objective in COD4, when a OBJ is captured/destroyed, the map opens into a new area and the attackers must move forward).

There are a few things that are not so great, like no leaning, the games lobby for multiplayer (selecting servers) and the text part (when you're shot it's almost impossible to read who shot you and with what weapon... and, if you die you can't see any typed text anymore). Those and apparently no access to a console, although you can type some commands into the regular chat box.

I also have to agree that there are a lot of servers, and for anyone playing BFBC2 those servers are FULL, almost all of the time. So if you're a clan leader, this might be a game you should consider getting a server for.

Bottom line, the multiplayer game play is a whole lot of fun.

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